Saturday, 28 September 2019

Packing up for tomorrow.

Hello Woofers!

Us again, McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Now, you all know that the view from the front of the caravan is the beach and a vast expanse of water!

Now there are plus and minus to this. If the sun is shining and the sky is blue the view is fantastic but when the rain s pouring down and the wind is blowing a gale, the best place to be is in bed!

This morning was one of those times, it had been pouring down all night and it kept waking us up!

Today is the day we take down the awning and pack up all the card making stuff.

Old Two Legs is good at this and The Missus also has her own ideas on where everything should go!

It’s only the technical bits like taking down the satellite system and DVD player that OTL has the edge on TM!

The ferrets were banned from the caravan while this was going on and spent most of the morning in the back of the car watching the world go by and calling to the birds in the bushes.

Finally all was done and the ferrets came back inside the caravan for a more comfortable snooze!

Now, today is Archie Babes Two Legs birthday, we know that ‘cos TM has told us, in fact she told us last week ‘cos she was making a special card and had to make sue she got it in the post early enough. In fact, OTL was instructed to ‘Get the card down to the post box!’

Which he did!

Now, what we can’t do is to send our birthday song by post, so, on the count of one hundred and twenty six...........5, 7, 126!

Happy Birthday Auntie Massey
Making cards will drive you crazy
Better stick to sniffin’ dog Poo
Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOO!

We’re going to get Archie Babe to give her a big wet sloppy lick on the nose as soon as she has read our song!

We know how to treat the TL’s!

Tomorrow we plan to leave the camp site around six thirty, just so we can get past all the road menders who have been digging the road up over the last two or three weeks.

We are looking forward to the Chinese Take-a-Way and a bottle of bubbly and Plawn Clackers an deep fried Plawns!

We know how to live!

See you tomorrow when we get to Gretna.


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Beach Babes!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret back with you again!

Back home we have a camera out the front of the house to watch over our caravan and cars and not only does it record both day and night, we also have the 'live feed' down loadable on the telephone!

Looking at it today we see that it is raining a little more than it is up here!

In between the showers we have been out on the beach with Old Two Legs and his camera.

Now the sun is shining through the clouds and if he tried to take a picture of the sea there would be loads of very white bits that OTL calls 'Blown'!

So, being all technical he has brought his big collapsible Lens Hood that also holds his 'Graduated Filter' and has been 'Playing with the Light' off!

OTL being all 'Arty'!
holly and I decided that we should get in the picture and so when ever he put the camera to his eye, we were there!

See me, see my Sister!
Of course, being that he was trying to be Arty, I decided that I would join in and look all 'Artisan'!

This HDR photo thingy is all very Marmite, me, I love Marmite!
the Missus has been getting all 'Arty' as well and uploaded a video 'Teaser' on what she plans for the next visit up to the village hall when we get back home!

Seems that everyone is going 'Ooh and Aaah!' already, she is another show off!

OTL says he will give Holly and I another brush today, him and who's army?

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Trust TM to find a ‘Crop’

Hello Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret again!

Well, it’s been a very lazy day today. Old Tow Legs has been trying to brush both of us to get rid of the knots on our coats. In the end we escaped and had a good roll in the sand!

Instead of going into town to shop, The Missus decided to visit the village shop to do the bit of shopping and got into deep discussions with some ladies and found out that today was the day for ‘Crafting’ in the village hall!

That was it, miss a chance of a bit of Gossip and Gas!

So, we had a walk on the beach then headed back to the caravan to have a wrestle with OTL and the brush!

After that we all had a rest and even I had a little snooze.

I’ve  still got my eye on you!  
Well after a snooze we all woke up a little late to pick TM up, soTM was waiting outside the hall and tapping her toes!

OTL was in trouble again!

It’s been raining on and off all day so we have been resting!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Here Pussy, Pussy!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret here!

Well, it's still raining in between the sun shine! We've been out down the beach and this morning Eric de MacFerret came with us for our stroll along the beach.

As we were heading back along the beach Old Two Legs got chatting with another pair of Two Legs who reckon they had seen an otter swimming down the stream not more than ten minutes ago! That was in, we got dumped into the caravan together with Eric and off went OTL with the camera, hunting otter!

Holly and I settled down for a snooze but were awoken by a 'Catish' sound from underneath the caravan. As Holly says, 'we're not having any sniffy cats under our van'!

We set up a super big woofing howl that shook the caravan and woke everyone up!

The Missus stopped her experimenting with manufacturing some gold powder made using dried egg yoke and powdered sand, stormed into the van and told us off!

Holly wasn't happy with us being told off and said that TM should get back to her alchemy and leave us to guard the van against smelly cats!

TM pulled the blinds down and warned us against any more noise!

OTL will sort her out when he gets back!
 OTL came back later, he couldn't find the otter but managed to see some gulls on the beach, a bit boring really!

No Otters here!
You know what? OTL said that he 'aint going to 'sort out' TM, he's not that brave or stupid!

He is just a big scaredecat!

Still if the cats return we could sneak out and chase the tails off the pair of them!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Real Highland Weather

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret again!

Well, we are glad to say that yesterday it poured down, in fact it was real 'Heeland Weather'! The day was spent going out for a wee, (between showers) and diving into town for a little shopping!

Today it has been much of the same. The ferrets are not happy about being kept in the caravan and not being allowed out for a splash in the sea!

Old Two Legs has allowed them out for a rampage around the caravan and Eric has been making the most out of that by tearing around the backs of the seats and racing around the caravan like it was a race track!

Now, OTL had to keep picking him up and plonking him down on the cushions while at the same time clean out the cage and on top of that he had to keep Wendy from attempting to bite his butt!

The pair were racing up and down the caravan with Wendy screaming her tail off and pretending that she was being attacked by Eric but in reality it was her wot was doing all the attacking!

Crafty little lady!

At on point she hid under the doggy towels and had a snooze while Eric took up and invitation to breakfast. OTL said that breakfast would be at nine but Eric was early, about half an hour early and of course when he went looking for the nosh, there was nothing there!

There's nuffin in here either!
Of course, when The Missus sat down to enjoy her Honey and Toast sarnies Holly and I were snuggled right up to her and were giving her the old 'Eye Ball Treatment'!

OTL still hasn't got the Milky Way yet and looking at the forecast he 'aint going to get it this side of Christmas, the forecast says that there is nothing but rain heading our way!

We reckon OTL will have the same problem as he did last visit. Angels!

The Giggle Juice he purchased, at great expense, is disappearing fast and as much as we do to catch these Angels, we haven't yet managed to grab one!

TM reckons that OTL is just too Angelic and it's him wot is doing the vanishing trick with the 'Water of Life'!

See you all tomorrow, providing we have got any good stories for you!

Luv,McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

More Crowded Beaches!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret here again!

We have been having a very lazy time, The Missus has been doing some 'Creating' with her inks and glue! Old Two Legs has been doing some 'Mending' of the caravan, bits that have fallen off or snapped or wot is hanging down from the ceiling!

Finally, OTL managed to get into Campbeltown and into the local distillery for a bottle of 'Giggle Juice'!

One thing we have noticed is that he gets a good nights sleep after a slurp or six!

Holly and I have been looking after the beach, making sure that there are no mucky pups leaving piles of poo for us to tread in!

Hey! Someones left a Poo Here!
One of the good things about this place is that TM & OTL get all sort of lazy after all the jobs are done and can easily be persuaded to go for a wander along the beach and if the tide is in.......I get a chance for a splosh!

Me, River Sploshing!
One of the good things about having a splosh in the sea and then a splosh in the river is that when I come out of the river, I have washed all the salt off my tail!

Now, as you know, Holly Chops just doesn't do wet. in fact dew on the grass is enough to send shivers all up and down her back, but, this beach seems to have an effect on her.

I think I'm stuck!
Of course she wasn't but to see Holly in water is certainly something new!

We wandered up the river and came across some old woodwork where there must have been a dock of some sort in the olden days. Let's face it, Carradale looks like a super place to do some good old fashion smuggling!

Yeah! you could get a skiff up here and unload a few barrels before the Excise Men found you!
Last night OTL was giving the Giggle Juice a good bashing and as he staggered around while Holly and I had a wee, he saw the Milky Way above his head and he reckons that when he stops wobbling about, he will try to get a shot of the Milky Way!

Holly wants to know why would anyone want to take a photo of a choccy bar? I mean, fried marmalade sarnie is strange enough!

See you tomorrow, if the Internetty holds up!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Mcwoofers Here!


Hello Woofers!

McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret here!

Well, we have arrived at Gretna Green for our overnight stay and have had a very entertaining drive up here.

We have been waving at all the Truckers on the motorways and Eric has been blowing raspberries at them as well! Miss Mc Wendy has been blowing them kisses but we think that is just to wind up Eric who is in the cage next door and has been prevented from sharing Wendy's cage!

Already The Missus and Old Two Legs have been down to the chippy and ordered up sausage and chips to go with a bottle of Bollinger that has been chilling in the fridge!

I can see that they both will be having a good sleep tonight!

See you tomorrow when we get up to Carradale and get a good run on the beach!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!


Hi Ho Woofers!

Us again, McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Well now, it is two hundred miles from Gretna to Carradale and to be honest, it has been rather boring. As there was only a little bit of motorway between Gretna and Loch Lomond, we didn't get much of a chance to wave at the truckers!

So, being good woofers, we slept most of the way, right up to when we turned off the road and drove down to the campsite.

We could sniff the sniffs we remember from last time and I insisted that OTL wind down the window so I can get a decent sniff of the trees and the river and the beach!

We were back!

We left OTL to pay the man and plant the caravan while TM, Holly and I headed for the beach!

It was great, I headed straight for the sea and Holly was close behind me but stopped short at the waters edge 'cos she doesn't do water and all she would allow is to get her paws damp!

Me, on the other paw, went straight in and got soaked from my nose to my tail!

You know, TM didn't even try to tell me to get out!

OTL got the caravan planted and put up the small awning that we had brought with us. Now this is a 'Half Awning' that OTL got some time ago for when we go camping in bad weather but we haven't used it for years and OTL says it is a 'Right Pig' to put up!

Well, he always swears when he puts it up and he can never remember which pole goes in what hole, so that means the thing keeps falling onto his head, which makes him swear even more!

Finally he got it up and went in the caravan for a rest, unfortunately, something he has eaten over the last two days has not agreed with him and he has got the 'Grumbly Tum' like wot we get when we eat stuff we find outside rabbit holes and the like.

Mind you, I don't remember him sniffing around and rabbit holes over the last two days!

See you tomorrow and with a bit of luck we will have some photo's for you!


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!


Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret again!

Well, OTL is not a 'Happy Puppy' cos his tum is still grumbling and he is refusing to take us on long walks!

So, we have had what is called a 'Relaxing' day, read a little, snooze a little, dig up the beach a little and play chase with Holly a little!

OTL has been trying to get McWendy and Eric de MacFerret on better terms by taking them both for a run on the beach and by crafty manipulating the leads they are both on, he manages to get them close and butt sniffing but clear of sharp teeth!

So you can imagine, Eric gets close and has a sniff, then Wendy gets close for a sniff and even gets to put her paws on Eric's back.

So, contact but no biting, until Wendy does a double flip somersault, lands on Eric's back and tries to bite Eric's ear!

Back to stage one again!

We cant get the email to work and it is a pain to get the Internetty to work as well, so bear with us and if all fails we will have to find a shop with 'Free Wi-Fi' to up load all this stuff.

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!

Sunday, 15 September 2019

All packed and ready to go!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

We have been working hard today, Old Two Legs and The Missus have been loading up the caravan with all their stuff for the holiday. Loads of clothes cos it is bound to be raining and loads of doggy towels cos us woofers are bound to get wet!

Then there is the booze cupboard cos its bound to rain and stop them from going out so they will need a slurp or two just to keep their spirits up!

The Doggy Cupboard is full of chews and nibbles so that we don't starve!

There is loads of ferret food and treats as well and of course a big bag of Brambles Biscuits!

Holly and I have been putting new words to our 'Traveling Songs' and OTL says they are too rude to put on Daisy's Diary!

So, we plan to sing them and when a rude word comes up we will go silent for just the word.

If anyone objects it will be their fault cos it was them who inserted the word, see?

OTL has said that he thinks the ferrets will end up in two cages. For some reason Wendy objects to Eric and Eric objects to being attacked!

After the holidays we will take Eric to Harrietsham and have a chat with Roy and Chris about finding one or even two ferrets that get on with Eric especially when he wants to play chase and when they are finished, have a ferret cuddle!

Miss Wendy loves a cuddle but on her terms so what we need to do is find a ferret like Freddy who when Wendy tried to show off, he just turned around and went to sleep!

It wasn't long before the pair of them were cuddling!

Eric came out with us this morning and lunchtime it was Wendy's turn but she was just too sleepy to come out! Mind you, it was rather warm and our large harnesses didn't help us either!

OTL got his clippers out and gave his head a very short back and sides in fact it was almost bald all over!

We are planning an early night tonight so that we can get away early tomorrow.

Bye for now and see you again in Gretna!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Naughty Wendy!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

It's been busy, busy, busy day today. The Missus headed off to the village hall for a bit of intensive 'Glue Slapping' while we have been gathering all our holiday stuff ready for Old Two Legs to load up into the caravan.

We managed to get all that we could remember but no matter how much we looked, we couldn't find our rain coats!

OTL says that being Scotland, we will more than likely to need a raincoat at some time or other!

Miss Wendy came out first thing this morning for a run 'cos Eric was fast asleep in his cuddle cup. When we arrived back home, OTL put Wendy back in the cage with Eric who was still half asleep in the cuddle cup.

Wendy, being fully awake and full of energy after her run, stuck her nose into Eric's bed, screamed at him and tried to take a lump out of his ears!

Now, Eric is rather good at waking up quickly when he is about to get beaten up and of course as you know...........that's when the fight started!

OTL had to separate the pair of them and put one on the floor and the other up in the travel cage, until things cooled down!

It was then that OTL said that travelling up to Scotland the ferrets will be in separate cages 'cos he doesn't want things to kick off as he is driving north on the M6!

When we get there we will try getting the pair of them out at the same time for a rampage along the beach and a rampage up and down the caravan, while OTL cleans the cages, then, if they are both tired enough, he will try both in the same cage!

Claws crossed!

Lunchtime we were out with Eric for a run along the beach and of course, there was a Two Legs with her Mini Two Legs who wanted to stroke Eric and finally have a photo taken with the MTL holding Eric!

Why they don't want a picture of Holly or even a picture of me, fresh from a Deep Paddle in the water!

It was the same when we got home. Eric was put in the cage and it was Wendy who got taken up to the village hall to meet up with Rosy for a cuddle!

Wendy gets a cuddle from Rosy!
Holly says that we weren't allowed up there cos it was lunchtime and there was bound to be food on offering for us to snaffle!

Tomorrow it will be the last bits of packing ready for our early morning departure on Monday!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Friday, 13 September 2019

Two More Days!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Old Two Legs has made a list of things that have to be doe before we head off to Scotland. So far he has kept to the list and today is no exception.

On the list was 'Advantix for Woofers' which is that nasty stuff that keep the Ticks away which is a good thing but it still makes my shoulders itch like the devil!

Another job was to fit the 'Tyre Pressure Monitor' to the caravan, which he did and it was dead easy to fit as well!

This thingy monitors the tyre pressure on all four wheels on the caravan and if we get a puncture or there is a loss of pressure for whatever reason, the dashboard monitor will light up like a Christmas Tree and warn us!

Mind you, it won't tell us if the wheel falls off, unless it is fifty yards away cos the link is by Blue Tooth!

Miss Wendy came out with us first thing this morning and had some fun chasing us along the beach!

She also enjoyed charging through the long grass and she even chased Holly when she slowed down for a sniff!

Back home there was a little tussle when both ferrets got behind the fitment and started a war. The Missus couldn't get to them to make them stop so she banged on the fitment and the drumming scared the tails off both ferrets and they shot out both ends of the fitment!

OTL has been packing up some camera gear he wants to take away with him. This time he plans to get a shot of the Milky Way 'cos the skies will be dark and the only thing that will stop him will be clouds, and of course a surfeit of whisky!

Eric came out at lunchtime and had a great time chasing Holly 'cos she wouldn't get a move on along the beach. Holly tried doing to 'Woofer Warning Growl' but Eric didn't take any notice and continued to try to bite Holly's back legs!

Eric just loves running with Holly and I, he reckons he is one of the pack and tries to run in between us as we run along the path!

OTL took delivery of a new pair of boots today 'cos the old ones have had all the sole worn away and when he leans against the kitchen sink he slowly slides across the floor, and it has nothing to do with ferret wee on the floor tiles!

These boots are seriously smart and have a soft pad stuck inside making walking super comfortable!

Mind you 'super comfortable' was not what I felt when I jumped back into the car as I caught my paw on the lock and it hurt!

I stood there looking all sorry for myself and held my paw up and waited until OTL took a look, then slowly examined all my claws and pads to make sure I hadn't done any serious damage.

Holly, on the other paw said it was what I deserved for being such a show off, jumping into the boot of the car instead of waiting for OTL to pick me up like wot he does with Holly!

I said that the only reason she gets picked up is cos she is so fat and wobbly!

.......and that's when the fight started!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

It's Getting Closer!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Old Two Legs is slowly working his way down the 'List of Things' he has to do before the holiday and today it was:-

1. Clear up the foundations of the old green house.
2. Get big car washed and cleaned outside and inside.
3. Introduce both ferrets to the travelling cage, at the same time!

First thing this morning we were off with Eric for our morning walk and young Eric almost wore himself out running along the Sea Wall and the long grass!

When we got him home he had a little rampage around the house then crawled under the sofa and fell asleep!

Miss Wendy didn't even bother to give him a nip!

Lunchtime arrived and it was Miss Wendy's turn for a run and just like Eric, she just wore herself out on the beach and through the long grass.

Back home she got into her bed and didn't even attempt to beat Eric up when he stuck his nose over the edge of her cuddle cup!

Two tired little ferrets!

OTL thought it was a good time to see what happens if he puts them in the cage together, so, very carefully he placed them into the two cuddle cups............... and that's when the fight started!

This afternoon OTL loaded the big car up with three and a half ton of solidified cement and bricks and headed off to the council tip. He didn't take Holly and I 'cos he reckons we would get into to much trouble down the tip, Me? Us? Never!

After the foundations were ejected onto the skip at the tip he headed off for the 'Hand Car Wash'

He paid them a fortune to clean the outside and the inside and polish the seats and do a good job everywhere before the holiday!

Finally he chopped off a load of branches that have been hanging over our side of the front wall.

So, tomorrow he has to brush up the dust and bits of brickwork from the back garden. Then he has to anoint us with that horrid anti Tick stuff that itches like mad!

The next job it to fit a remote tyre pressure monitor to the caravan wheels and fit the readout unit to the dashboard somehow. That way we can monitor the tyre pressure on the four wheels on the caravan and get a warning if we get a puncture!

All very technical you know!

No pictures today 'cos we had the ferrets out with us and OTL can't take pictures and watch out for woofers who might want to chase Wendy or Eric!

Poor Archie Babe, having to get washed and sploshed and shaved, horrid it is! Mind you the sniff that is left gets you loads of cuddles from the TL's but it's not much fun when the other woofers laugh at you!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Grey Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, we had another squeak free night, no fighting at all, until the morning.

The crafty pair waited until Old Two Legs was conveying us down to the Sea Shore before they started.

It seems that Eric stuck his nose into the Lactose Free Milk bowl and was having a slurp when Miss Wendy lunged at him and sank her teeth into his butt. Eric, being the lad he is decided that actions like that deserved a reaction and he grabbed Wendy by the back of the neck and told her off!

Not that she was bothered 'cos she was screaming and howling as though it was Eric's fault!

Trouble with Wendy is she is a sneaky Miss!

OTL has made up the travelling cage for when we head off north. There are two Cuddle Cups in there on two separate shelves with a ladder in between leading up to the food bowl. Miss Wendy has investigated it and so has Eric, but not at the same time, we will try that later but at the moment it is left open for them to get used to it!

Just to be on the safe side, we will be taking the other travelling cage with us, folded down and under the bed, just in case all hell is let loose!

Missy Sue said they were down in Appledore and OTL says he has been there camping, but he's not sue which site Sue is camped in. The one OTL went to had a pond or small lake where he used to go fishing.

Loads of work for OTL, he told some of his customers he is off on holiday and they have all sent orders he has to manufacture before Friday.

It's all work you know!

I don't know what it's been like your end of the world but here is has been Grey, Cloudy and rather Gloomy. Mind you, with all this Manufacturing we have hardly noticed it!

Maybe tomorrow it will be better.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Another early morning!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, |Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Last night we didn't hear a squeak from either of the ferrets, both tucked up in their cuddle cups snoring their tails off!

That was until Old Two Legs got out of the front door and was taking us for a walk.

It seemed that Eric tried to climb in with Miss Wendy and she, being a lady, decided that she didn't want him in bed with her!

She let out a scream and Eric reacted and that's when the fight started!

We got out early enough to see the sun creep up over the horizon. Again, the clouds above the sun were not the best we have seen but it was still colourful!

Mind you, there was some ground mist as well!

If I had long legs I'd be able to see over the mist!
 We hurried around the corner and down to the shore line and managed to get the sun breaking the horizon but the best was just after the whole sun disc cleared the horizon.

Now, how's this for a sunrise?
Lunchtime Old Two Legs took Eric for a run around the football field behind our house 'cos he was getting twitchy and rampaging around the cage!

There was one TL trying to teach the worms to swim but we don't think he was making a good job of it!

...and when I stick this in your tail you start to wriggle, OK?
 We didn't see any more rocks but there were some flowers soaking up the sun.

It's OK in the sunshine but at night it gets chilly!
 OTL has been out with the bathroom scales to check on the amount of gas he has but I think that the last time out we used almost all of it!

I can see OTL will be off to the garage to get two new bottles of gas tomorrow!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, |Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Monday, 9 September 2019

A Wet Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Well, nothing has changed here, at around three thirty Old Two Legs got the 'Elbow' and he fell out of bed and headed towards the office. Yes, Miss Wendy was doing her 'Midnight Scream'!

We were not sure who started it all but OTL had to give both of them a wash to get the poo & wee off the pair of them!

Then the cage got a quick wipe to get rid of the sniffy stuff!

A cuddle and a slurp of Ferretone settled them both and only then was OTL allowed to go back to bed!

OTL got up late this morning!

By the time we got out the rain had started and we did the quickest W&P run possible, well, who wants to get all wet and grubby especially if you have just got a haircut a couple of days ago!

Back home we were left to snooze under the office desk while OTL headed off to pick up his glasses. He had just had put in a new pair of lenses to bring his eyeballs 'up to spec'!

The Optometrist had tried to persuade OTL to have a new pair of frames as well 'cos the frames he has are nineteen years old!

Now OTL wasn't going to fall for that one, his frames are made of Titanium and over the years have been bent and twisted and curved so that they sit perfectly on his ears without moving.

OTL can turn his head upside down and the glasses stay on his head!

So, why does he need a new frame? Knowing his Optometrist the frames would have cost five hundred pounds and more!

Lunchtime it was still raining and it was a repeat of this mornings run and we got back without doing too much damage to our Shampoo & Set!

Providing the rain goes away tomorrow, OTL will be checking the gas bottles and if needed, getting a fresh supply.

After that, the Ferret Cages will be got from the shed and we will then try to arrange the cages to accept two Cuddle Cups, Drinking Water container and Feeding Bowl in such a way as Wendy and Eric can have a drink and a bit to eat without starting a punch up!

I suppose that OTL will get his camera gear ready as well. He reckons that he may even get a shot of the Milky Way this time 'cos the days are getting shorter and the stars are coming out earlier.

Just imagine it if he got the Aurora Borealis as well!
See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Sunday, 8 September 2019

A Relatively Quiet Night!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now I know you are dying to know what went on last night, ferret wise that is!

Just before a quarter to two last night Old Two Legs got the 'Royal Nudge' from The Missus and the words, 'They're at it again!'

By the time OTL got into the office things had quieten down a bit but Wendy had taken over Eric's bed and Eric was down on the lower hammock!

Investigations showed that there was a pile of poo in Wendy's bed together with a gallon of wee!

It looks like Eric had come back from a wee, tried to climb into Wendy's bed, got thrown out and caused Miss Wendy to show off good and proper!

OTL cleared up the poo, lined the cuddle cup with some kitchen towel, put the ferrets back in their proper beds and went back to bed himself!

That's the way it stayed until morning and both ferrets decided they would stay in bed and let Holly and I go for a walk with OTL.

The first thing we spotted was a Navy Type of ship heading up the Thames, no lights, 'Running Dark'!

HMS Dunno!
 Once we got down to the Sea Wall we saw the first sunrise of the Autumn, well, it is the first proper one we have seen!

You can tell it's getting closer to Autumn when we see a sunrise!
 OTL took several shots and although it's not the best one we've seen, it's not too bad!

As we got closer to the Car Park we spotted another Grain Rock but this one was sitting on the notice board. OTL did his thing and moved it up a level and positioned it so it looks like it was waiting for us!

Anyone taken 'Notice' of me?
Back home the ferrets were on their best behaviour and had a rampage around the house while OTL did his cleaning job!

You can always know when the ferrets are getting tired, they head for a sleeping spot and curl up for a snooze before going back into the cage again!

This morning OTL left us in his office, guarding the house while he washed the caravan all over, getting ready for the holiday in a weeks time.

Next week Holly and I will be getting all our holiday stuff out, you know, swimming cozzy, sun glasses, Factor 500, tennis balls and throwing sticks!

Lunchtime we met up with Bob who just loves OTL 'cos OTL is the only one who will pick up and throw Bob's water ball.

The ball is a plastic thing that is full of water so that when you pick it up you get a squirt of water to cool you down. The only problem is, most Two Legs don't like picking it up as it feels like it is covered with loads of dribble!

Of course, OTL doesn't worry and Bob loves chasing the ball when it's thrown and of course he loves OTL for not being squirmy!

I mean, OTL will wipe his paw on the grass to wipe off the dribble!

Got a soggy one for you OTL!
This afternoon it was all sunshine and clouds but later on next week we reckon we may see the tail end of that hurricane that bounced off the East Coast of America although we don't expect it to be anywhere near as destructive!

Make to most of it 'cos it will be rain coats later this week!
 This afternoon we watched the F1 Racing while The Missus was up the village hall playing with the Glue & Glitter again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Back to Twin Beds!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Well, to bring you up to date regarding ferret cuddles.

There ain't any, not nohow, at all!

Last night and early this morning there was all manner of screaming and crashing around the cage.

It would seem that Miss Wendy had taken up residence in the only cuddle cup and Eric was banned to the hammock.

After a while, Eric decided he wanted to curl up in the cuddle cup and have a ferret cuddle. Miss Wendy had other ideas, like, she wanted all the cuddle cup to herself and there was no way Eric was getting a paw inside her bed!

That's when the fight started, several times!

This morning Old Two Legs was doing his inspections on the ferrets, you know, checking for blood, lumps missing from body and grubby bums where the 'Fear Fart' had turned into a 'Flying Poo'!

OTL did notice that Miss Wendy was getting 'Sore' from the ragging Eric had given her when she attacked him!

So, Executive Decision was made and two Cuddle Cups were installed into the cage!

We are still going to keep them together and cross our claws that a small miracle happens and they end up cuddling instead of fighting!

OTL did a sneaky on me this morning, after our walk this morning, he showered and washed and dried me and then I got shaved! Mind you I didn't get shaved back to my skin, this time I got the 9mm head on the shaver and I must admit, I don't look too bad!

Looking good OTL, looking good!
Walking around the sea shore and into the trees we sometimes come across stones that have been painted and a message painted on them. Normally OTL picks them up and re positions them in a tree branch or on another step that leads up the hill. Just to let whoever it is who puts them there that OTL had found it.

Instead of being on the ground, this one was half way up the tree, so OTL put it on an adjacent branch!
Back home most of the day was spent washing, sploshing and getting bald, but, we spotted a pair of eyes in the pong, hiding and keeping an eye on what we were doing!

I'm watching you!
 Just as OTL had finished shaving Holly and I he got a phone call to pick The Missus up from the village hall. Tomorrow, providing it's not pouring with rain, OTL is planning to give the caravan a wash, ready for the holiday.

TM has cleaned most of the inside and all repairs have been done to the heating system, just in case it gets chilly while we are away!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Friday, 6 September 2019

Nothing New!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again.

I know you all want to know if there is any improvement on the ferret front and I'm sorry to say things are at the Status Quo point. Screaming, attack and defence.

Last night The Missus heard the screaming and decided that by the time she got up the excitement would have died down, so she let hem get on with it and as suspected, it all went quiet after ten seconds or so!

Miss Wendy came out with us this  morning for a stroll along the sea front and spent some time cuddled up in OTL's arms, Mind you, she got down on the beach and waddled along the sea wall, up the stairs and straight into the long grass, her favourite bit of the walk!

Back home they had a little tussle and a scream or two but over all remained relatively peaceful. Eric got to bed first of all and when Wendy wanted to get in bed, well, that's when the fight started!

Eric spent the morning on the hammock!

Lunchtime he came out with us and enjoyed a roll and a dig on the beach while Holly went off to sniff at something smelly!

Back home OTL tried putting them in together, in the cuddle cup and as soon as there were signs of Wendy's mouth opening to scream, OTL stuck his hand between the pair of them and kept them apart.

It didn't last long 'cos Eric tried to jump over OTL's hand and give Wendy a little nip but OTL kept them apart.

Best of all, both ferrets refrained from mistakenly biting OTL!

Wendy kept possession of the cuddle cup while Eric was banned to the hammock!

Every so often Eric would poke his nose over the top of the cuddle cup and have a sniff, only to be met by a pair of very sharp teeth and a deafening scream from Miss Wendy!

You know we never had this trouble when we introduced her to Freddy de Ferret or Little Monty, still, we won't give up and the battles are not ferocious, just loud and noisy!

OTL says that is normal with the female of the species.

We're going to tell The Missus what he said, that means he will be in trouble again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

OTL's New Idea!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

We thought we would wake up to some rain but the sky looked like it was going to stay moody all day.

Old Two Legs said that when the Autumn gets going proper like there should be some real colourful sunrises!

Believe it or not, there are two trees here!
Looking out over the water we could see the WWII anti aircraft gun emplacement out in the estuary and the wind powered generators were as plain as could be on the horizon!

It looks very busy out there!
A bit further along the sea wall there were a load of gulls having breakfast but as soon as we arrived they decided to fly off!

They make so much noise when they fly off!
The ferrets stayed at home, mainly cos they were asleep! So, Holly and I had all the beach to ourselves!

Old Two Legs has come up with another idea on how we can get the ferrets together. At the moment they have to option of sleeping in one of two cuddle cups or a couple of hammocks. OTL says that if he took out both cuddle cups and replaced them with one big cuddle cup big enough for them both to sleep in!

Sneaky OTL eh?

So, after cleaning the cage he swapped the beds around and let Eric into the bed first. In marched Wendy and jumped straight into bed, screamed at Eric and kicked him out of bed!

Eric decided to have a snooze in the hammock!

A little later, Eric rushed down to the W&P Place and when he had finished he headed up to the big cuddle cup, slid in and landed on top of Miss Wendy who woke up, looked over her shoulder at Eric, gave him a dirty look and got out of bed!

So, no screaming or punch ups and at the moment they are both asleep, later this evening it will be the testing time.

OTL reckons that when they get tired there may be more of a chance they will forget to fight and instead end up having a snoozy cuddle!

OTL found some Wild Flower Seeds and has decided to sow them in the garden, above the Boggy Bit, however, when he opened up the packets he reckoned there was only half a dozen seeds in the packet!

So, he spread the seeds around, raked them over and got the watering can out and wet the area. So, he reckons that by the time we gets back from our holiday there should be some flowers to greet us!

Now, The Missus wants to put her stamp on the garden and we reckon all the pots will be covered in Glue and Glitter!

OTL says she may even stick some Sweet Poppy Pencils in the pots and call it Art!

See you all tomorrow and cross your claws that the ferrets behave themselves!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Squeaky Chicken to the Rescue!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Now, Old Two Legs has been busy and has now got to the stage where he can't do any more to the garden. Not because he can't think of anything else to do, it's just that The Missus wants to put her stamp on the garden.

That normally means there will be stuff like a knitted frog house or palm tree!

Looking from the North West Corner!
This shows the original pond with the new Boggy Bit over the back. We found frogs hiding under the rocks and in the plants as well!

And this shows the Boggy Bit with plant pots!
 The Boggy Bit is on a slant so the water will run down the ditch that is filled with stones, into the pond.

Well, that's the idea anyway!

Eric is a ferret who has a favourite toy and it is a Squeaky Chicken!

If Eric is lost or is hiding somewhere around the house, we get out the Squeaky Chicken, give it a few squeaks and the next thing you see is Eric at your feet looking up at you!

Today, both ferrets were out rampaging around the house and Eric decided that today he would get his favourite cuddle cup reserved for him and keep Wendy out as well.

To do this he got his chicken and propped it up against the cuddle cup and went of for some more 'Rampaging'!

Unfortunately, Miss Wendy doesn't do any form of reservation, with her it's 'Bums on Beds' so she threw the chicken out and fell asleep!

OTL hung the chicken up on the door to make sure Wendy doesn't chew it to bits!

This is no way to treat a chicken! Just wait until Eric gets back!
I must admit, when Eric got back there was a squeak or two but he didn't get the bed back!

Lunchtime the rain had stopped but  the clouds were heavy and looked like they contained rain, so both ferrets decided to stay in bed!

To be honest, they missed a good walk, it was only a bit windy and the sunshine was good!

OTL was doing his thing, cloud gazing and reckoned he could see a ferret in the clouds

Well, it could be a ferret!
Back home the ferrets were both fast asleep and there were no reports of screaming from Miss Wendy.

OTL is always monitoring the actions of the ferrets and he reckons he has seen a 'Softening' of Miss Wendy's attitude towards Eric and he is not chasing her as much, both of which is a good sign.

Well, they have just two weeks to get it all sorted before Scotland. You know, it is a bit like the Brexit Fiasco, both want to be friendly but on their own terms!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Midnight Squeakers again!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

Now Missy Sarn, we have not been reporting on the love life of our two ferrets 'cos at the moment, there is no loving going on. However, we do get the occasional squeak from Miss Wendy who still doesn't trust young Eric.

Picture this, there is Eric fast asleep in his cuddle cup and next door is Miss Wendy, paws in the air, snoozing gently in her cuddle cup.

Eric suddenly wakes up, dashes down into the Wee & Poo area and when he finishes wanders back up to bed.

As he passes the cuddle cup where Miss Wendy is snoozing, he sticks his head in to make sure she is alright and maybe wants a cuddle.

Miss Wendy, sensing he is there, lets out a big scream and goes to take a lump out of his nose!

Eric is too quick for her and ducks back and heads back to bed, all he wanted was a cuddle!

So, what we have now is a sort of truce where Wendy is making all the noise any time Eric gets near to her and just occasionally Eric retaliates, holds her down and gives Wendy a nip on the back of the neck, just to let her know he is bigger and stronger than her!

So that is how we stand at the moment, not all out hostilities, just the occasional skirmish!

They have two weeks to patch things up cos that's when we will be heading off to Scotland for our Autumn Holiday and it's a long way from here to there and we don't want to be stopping every few miles just to prise the pair apart if they are having a punch up!

Plus the fact that the caravan cage is a lot smaller that the cage in Old Two Legs office!

There will be two sleeping places, one in a big cuddle cup and the other is on a hammock!

Cross you claws that they get something together before then!

Today OTL has spent in the garden mucking about with the pond and the new Boggy Bit and now he reckons he has finished for now.

There are a few pots waiting for some plants to dip their roots in and the rest has been sorted. I will get some pictures tomorrow to show you. Poor lad is hurting all over and on top of that, he had to go to the dentist for a checkup. Open Wallet and say after me, 'Help yourself'!

We hope Archie Babe gets everything sorted at the vets, that's another one of those Open Wallet and say after me, 'Help yourself'!

Sorry, no pictures today. When OTL takes Eric or Wendy out for a walk with us there is no room for the camera in the bag plus he has to keep an eye open for other woofers who might fancy a bit of ferret for breakfast or lunch!

That would never do!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Monday, 2 September 2019

Another day in the garden!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

Well, today has been a day when the ferrets decided to stay in bed rather than come out for a run, morning or lunchtime!

It makes an interesting change for Old Two Legs to take the camera out both times!

A Morning Shot of the Trees, can you spot the sun?
One of the good things about getting out early is you get a clean run all the way along the sea shore and up to the beach.

Come on Holly Chops, I'll race you to the beach!
 Overlooking the beach is this WWII thing that had something to do with the gun emplacement that used to be here. Strangely enough, we thing is has some sort of preservation order on it but what or why we don't know!

Well, graffiti it may be but legible it isn't!
 Makes you wonder what they teach them at school!

Well, OTL saw this and thought that it looked sort of interesting!
 OTL was looking up at the clouds and said that it looked like a flying ferret!

A Fast Flying Ferret?  Are you sure?
 As if OTL needs to be reminded! Mind you, looking at the scale of the woofer and the pile of poo, OTL reckons if we did anything like that we would be down the vet's straight away!

Honest, it weren't me!
OTL has been working on the garden and pond today. The planned boggy bit is suffering from a little mismatch on the levels so he is re planning what to add to the bit he dug up. Latest is a layer of stones and then stick some flower pots on top and plant some water loving plants in the pots. Well, that is the latest from The Missus but that plan could change as well!

A redesigned Boggy Bit!
See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Sunday, 1 September 2019

16 tons and what do you get?

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Sorry about yesterday, full details later!

Now, Eric is in deep poo with The Missus 'cos he had a chew of one of her very expensive Craft Mats!

He is in such deep poo that she is thinking of having another 'Ferret Raffle' however, this time it won't be a bottle of giggle juice as a prize, it will be a ferret called Eric!

She can be soooo Hard sometimes!

We took Eric out with us this morning 'cos the sun was shining and there were some lovely clouds up in the sky and we know that both Old Two Legs and Eric love clouds, well the pair of them stand there with their noses pointing skywards and saying things like .....'Oh! That one looks like a ferret!'

Daft or wot?

That one looks like Wendy!
Now, excuses time.

Yesterday OTL got involved in searching for roots of a nasty plant that has managed to kill off a load of water plants we had in the garden pond. To begin with, OTL dug up enough of this plant roots to half fill a Wheelie Bin and after leaving the ground for a week or two he went back to see  if he could find any more, which he did!

So, yesterday he was digging and sorting and chasing roost all over the place. By the time he got indoors he was moaning about his aching back and burnt neck and sore fingers where he had been digging and poking and pulling stuff out of the ground!

After clearing everything away and eating dinner, he fell asleep until it was time to go to bed!

So, that's the reason I didn't appear yesterday!

It looked like this yesterday!
 So, today he was out there again after walking us Woofers and cleaning the ferret cage.

It was interesting to see just how many insects there were visiting or hiding under the rocks. Plus of course, frogs!

There were small, medium and largish frogs diving into the pond when OTL got too near with the garden fork or rake!

We were also visited by butterfly's from the plants next door!

Eh! Got anything worth eating here?
Now, the pond digging thing is not only to get rid of a marauding plant but also to take out two Water Lilly plants that had got just too big for the pond, plus, OTL wanted a 'Boggy Area' where he could attract water margin type of plants.

Half way through digging out the 'Water Margin' section.
After shovelling a massive amount of earth plus digging out more roots, he managed to create a patch that could take in water from the pond and still remain boggy if the level in the pond dropped.

Using his trusty mallet, he created a gap in the earth lining and slowly the water trickled in and we had a good patch of wet stuff that could be planted with reeds and water type plants!

I declare this dam formally Breached!
Lunchtime he packed up for the day cos the F1 racing was on at ten past two, so, off we went down the sea shore and we spotted the Blackberry Plants just about ripened, well most of them and there they were, Two Legs, plastic boxes in their paws, collecting Blackberries to make jam, tarts or wine!

All of which us woofers do not like!

Well, they look pretty but taste like Yuk!
Tomorrow OTL will be back out again, landscaping the pond and creating a rocky vista around the edge of the Boggy Bit!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.