Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday with Old Two Legs

Good Morning All,

Daisy and Holly back again.

We had a good nights sleep last night, no OTL crashing about looking after Holly or me, just a good old fashion, get into bed and zonked out 'til morning type of sleep!

Holly was up early to supervise The Missus in cooking a chicken and some boiled rice.

OTL was woken up with a good 'ear licking' from both Holly and me.

He said 'Hello Girls', then rolled over and went back to sleep!

TM has gone off to baby sit The Boys, Half Term and all that, so we don't expect to see her all day.

That means there is always a possibility of an Adventure with OTL.

After our breakfast of which Holly tried to gobble it down too quickly and got indigestion, we had our normal 'After Breakfast Snoozett' in OTL's office while he got on with some work.

Around eleven he went down stairs and got a carrot out of the kitchen. Now, carrots have never featured on our list of 'Good Fun Food' so we were not too sure what they tasted like.

OTL made a game of not letting us have the carrot, so we mugged him good and proper until we got a carrot each. It was good fun, the carrot was all crunchy and tasted sort of OK, so we started to eat it.

Holly kept on trying to get my carrot and grumbling even when I didn't try to get it back! So, OTL chopped some smaller bits off and we had a crunch of those, then set about the larger bits.

Holly has really taken to the carrot, she keeps taking a small piece with her on her wandering around the house, so she can crunch is as she wanders!

I'm not sure if we would like these every day but once in a while they would go down a treat!

Carrot Crunching!
It got to midday and we just fancied a stroll, so, we started our, 'we wanna walk' bark and ran around the house woofing and growling, OTL got the idea!

Off we went, first of all through the football field, then the golf course and onto the Flood Defence Sea Wall. We went through the field with the Heifers in.

Holly got all big and brave and woofed at a couple of Heifers, I joined in with a helpful woof or two, then we ran away 'cos they turned around and looked at us!

It was fun running up and down the grass bank of the sea wall and OTL took us to a small sandy beach where we just raced up and down the beach at top speed, at least twenty times, it was, GREAT!

Sort of reminds me of the beach we run on when we go away on holiday. Loads of sand, loads of beach and OTL don't mind us digging holes!

Holly says she is feeling better, her tummy is not giving her so much trouble and she is feeling brighter. She is certainly gave the carrot a good mullering!

So, fingers crossed, everything is going OK!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly