Monday, 15 August 2011

Paddling in a Loch or two

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

The sun has been shining today and Old Two Legs and us have been out in the car visiting new places, well new for us but OTL has been there before!

First of all we went up to the forest for a run and a wee before setting off. OTL was playing with his camera, so, while we waited for him we chased some rabbits and a couple of mice we thought we heard rustling in the grass!

Inside looking Out!
We visited a place called Lochbuie, there must be no more than six or seven houses there and a church. The beach was all stony but when the tide went out we managed to have a run along the sand, and a paddle!

Lochbuie  Beach
There were some sheep there as well but OTL wouldn't let us chase them!

Paddling in Lochbuie

We were just about to head back to the car when we spotted a rams horn, just one, all on it's own, on top of a rock. Well we had a sniff, trying to work out why it had dropped off. Holly said that they always drop off if you chase them and did I know that a lizard can drop his tail if you chase him, it makes him lighter and so he can run faster!

Well, it wasn't us!
 I said she was talking through her tail!

Then we had a fight and OTL told us both off!

Our next stop was a place called Groggan, it was at the end of a long road and we woofed at the sheep and a couple of Herons sitting on some rocks.

Then we got out and had another game of 'Chase' and a paddle!

Chase me if you can!
This time we didn't see any sheep, so we were good little puppies and just woofed at the Gulls.

The clouds above the mountains looked good and so did a waterfall under a bridge, so OTL took a picture!

Pretty waterfall!

When we got back to the caravan, there was chicken for dinner and afterwards we had a chase around the field, loads of fun beating each other up!

We are off with The Missus tomorrow, so we will be on our best behaviour.

Not sure just where we are going but we bet it will be fun!

See you tomorrow.


McDaisy & MacHolly