Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sun Shine and April goes Walkies!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

We were up early today,we had to, The Missus was snoring her tail off!

You know, I didn't think that Double Glazing windows weren't supposed to rattle!

They obviously haven't come across TM before!

Old Two Legs has even got a man to visit to re-hang the doors and windows to see if that will stop them rattling when TM is in 'Full Song'!

April decided that she was well enough to come on the walk this morning and it may have something to do with OTL increasing slightly, her dose of Diuretic as suggested by the vet. What ever it was, she has a little more sparkle to her tail now!

I love making a mess!
 While we were down there we met up with Bailey, Max and Oscar. Then we spotted Barney II coming up from the beach and he had to show us just how much sand he had got in his coat by rolling in the dry sand!

Hey Girls! Get a Load of This!
 On our way back from the beach we bumped into Bert and of course Holly did what she normally does and wound up Bert something rotten!

Come On! Catch me if you can!
 It was then that April, from the safety of the ferret bag, suggested we change Holly's name to .........

Holly de Tart!

Back home we got given some 'Free Sample' Doggy Scoff that came through the post. No, I don't know how they know where we live or how many woofers there are here but these two packets landed on the mat.

Now, just when are you Two Legs going to get it? I mean, Doggy Scoff is Doggy Scoff and it doesn't matter what packet of tin you put it in, it's still DOGGY SCOFF and IT TASTES YUK!

I didn't eat mine and Holly has only had a couple of nibbles.

Lunchtime arrived and off we went again. Holly said that the TL's would be gathering around the cafe so with a bit of luck we might get a nibble or two!

However, just in case, can she take her chew with her?

Pleeeese, Can I take it with me?
No such luck, and what is worse, everyone was sitting in their cars eating and wouldn't answer the woof at the door, no matter how loudly Holly woofed!

It was low tide and there was no one on the beach, which means fun for us all!

Freddy went in for some digging while Holly and I set about the sniffs. Little Wendy was diving in and out of the Sea Kale and calling out 'Look At Me'!

Look! Hide a Ferret!
 Back home Freddy and Wendy finished off the Doggy Teeth Cleaning Chew OTL had slipped them this morning while Holly and I weren't looking!

Sneaky OTL!

Holly and I went off to find a window where the sun was shining through so we could have a snooze before diner time!

That Doggy Scoff is still there, Holly has decided it is horrid and The Missus is trying to poison us!

I think we will just waste away!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!