Thursday, 17 September 2015

RSPB and all that!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay again!

It has been another sunny day with blue sky's and little cloud!

Down on the beach we had some fun playing 'Find the.....'

Holly and I started it off by finding the ferrets. Now those ferrets can be really sneaky 'cos they dive into the grass, then run underneath the grass so you don't know where they are! 

Find de Ferret!
 After a bit we found both of the Page Three Girls curled up and pretending to be asleep! They said that it took us so long to find them that they just couldn't stay awake!

Next we played, 'Find the Woofer'

They just won't stay still!
 Holly and I dived into the grass then did like wot the ferrets did! We crawled along on our tummy until we got half way down the beach!

Those Woofers are cheating , Again!
 In the end it was Holly who got found first and to be honest, she got fed up waiting for the ferrets to reach her!

It's their legs you see, they just can't cover the ground at our speed!
 Late morning we headed off to the RSPB site on the Mull of Galloway, it's right at the very end of Scotland and surrounded by very steep cliffs!

No, I'm not going any further thank you!
 There is the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse next to the RSPB site but as Woofers were not allowed inside, we decided the Gallie Craig Coffee House was the place to be, and off we went, hop, skip and a jump and we were mugging Old Two Legs for some of his Bacon and Sausage Baguette!

No Doggy's Allowed!
After a cup of tea we went to see if we could see any Dolphins or Porpoises or Whales splashing about but we think they might have gone home for some lunch!

Us and OTL 'Whale Watching'!
 Back at the caravan the ferrets got a treat, Chicken Fillets, not the ones we get but some soft strips and it was only Brambles who didn't eat his bit on account of his poor teeth, it is enough that he can still crunch a Ferret Kibble but to chomp away at a chicken strip is a bit of a chew too far! Well, look it like this, we went to Wales earlier in the year and a young Two Legs gave him a stroke without OTL seeing and Brambles didn't like it for some reason and bit the TL.

There was no blood but he gave him a couple of small bruises!

OK, we are off for a sniff around the beach before dinner.

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Mr MacBrambles, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay