Friday, 11 October 2013

Windy Ole Weather, Stormy Ole Weather!

Hello Woofers!

It's The Daisy, Holly, Snowflake & Mr Brambles Show!

Old Two Legs has been fiddling around with the Daisy Cam and is not doing too well! First he tried it with a bit of string around my chest to stop it wobbling but that was no good whatsoever!

Then he tried wrapping me in a towel around my neck and that was worse than useless!

Then he got all fed up and set about mounting it in the Ferret cage (Snowy Heights) but the lens wasn't wide enough to get all the cage in, so all you got was Snowflakes Tail and Butt wobbling about while she had a chew of her Ferret Nuggets!

So, back to the drawing board for OTL!

Last night we were swapping stories about our holidays, we told the ferrets all about our rabbit hunting on the beach and Mr Brambles told us how he kept telling the rabbit in the next cage just how good at rabbit hunting Snowflake is and how she used to be a 'Professional Hunting Ferret' before running away from home and landing up in OTL's garden.

Mr Brambles said it took four days before the rabbit would come out of his bedroom 'cos he thought Snowflake would be waiting for him!

We all had a laugh about that and Holly and I showed them our Tick Scars and Mr Brambles showed us his wart!

This morning it looked just as bad out there as it did yesterday but OTL decided that we should get Snowflake and Mr Brambles out for a breath of fresh air and a run 'cos they haven't had any exercise for almost three weeks!

If they don't get some workouts done they will end up with a gut like OTL!

Off we headed, down to the Sea Wall, you could tell it was going to be windy 'cos OTL had his big coat on, the one with Velcro Cuffs and a tight fitting hood and water proof pockets!

As you would expect, Mr Brambles was all for getting down and running and digging and sniffing while Snowflake stayed tucked up in OTL's arms trying to keep warm and go back to sleep again!

She had to wake up in the end 'cos OTL put her down on the damp beach where the sand was still wet from the tide!

Mr Brambles started to dig a hole, so did Holly and just to join in the fun, so did I!

Snowflake took some time to get moving 'cos she kept going up to OTL's leg and doing her 'Pick Me Up Daddy' trick but OTL said she should get some exercise, so get moving!

In the end she did and we all enjoyed a jog back to the car, Snowflake was first in, followed by Mr Brambles, then Holly and me.

Back home to a big bowl of Chicken and Biscuits and the chicken had the skin on which is a treat normally only done by OTL but The Missus decided that she would treat us, just this once!

We both had a big full tummy and fell asleep watching the F1 program!

Lunch time we really fancied a long walk but when we looked out of the window it was raining in fact it was more than rain, it was a Deluge!!

The ferrets said they would pass on a walk.

Pass, but thank you for asking!
Both Holly and I decided that we could possibly do without a walk until later this afternoon, if it stops raining!

I'll pass on that as well, but thank you for asking!
OTL has been telling us that he will be entering Snowflake into the Harrietsham Ferret Show, which is to be held on 30th November at the Harrietsham Village Hall. It's being run by The Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre, that's where we got Mr Brambles from.

Now we have never been to a Ferret Show before and neither has Snowflake or Mr Brambles, so we are wondering what sort of things OTL will be entering them into.

Holly said that there must be something Mr Brambles would be good at, say, Best Looking Ferret? or Most Cuddly Ferret? or Fastest Ferret? or Most Snoozy Ferret?

I reckon he should enter the Lactose Free Milk Drinking Contest 'cos he would win that Paws Down!

OTL has looked on the British Ferret Club web site and seen that they will be judged on what they are, like, Best Polecat Hob or Best Albino Jill and there was even one section for British Ferret Club Disabled but we don't know if the ferret or the owner has to be disabled or even both! If there is a disabled ferret section we reckon Mr Brambles could stand a chance with his two missing toes and if it is the owner Snowflake has offered to bite OTL's leg so he will have to limp!

More news when hear what is happening closer to the day.

This weekend TM has her Master Classes, so we shall be at home with our paws up watching the F1 Racing. We will have loads of nibbles to eat and pop to drink and Mr Brambles has promised to wear his 'Red Bull' Baseball Cap as well!

See you tomorrow, Brrrm, Brrrm!


Daisy, Holly,Snowflake and Mr Brambles