Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Little Splash In The Medway!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

It has been a super sunny day today down here in North Kent! A bit cloudy to start off with but it soon warmed up and do you know, there were even a couple of Two Legs on the beach sun bathing!

First thing this morning we headed down to the beach and Miss Snowflake decided she want to ride down in Old Two Legs hand, well, half in his hand and the back half on his arm!

OK, now just stroke me under my chin please!
Down on the beach it was another one of those Ethereal Things on the sea, so OTL took another photo. You know, as hard as I looked I couldn't see any Ethereals anywhere!

An Ethereal Thingy that only OTL can see!
Miss Snowflake didn't hang about, as soon as OTL put her down on the sand she was off to Mug Holly's new hole!

OK, I'll have this one thank you!
 Mr Brambles was more interested in the sea weed and stuff at the High Tide Mark.

This is Really Sniffy!
 The man with the mower had been around the area and the cut grass was now drying up and providing some super sniffing. Both the ferrets and us had a great time chasing the sniffs!

Oh Wot! This is Super Sniffing!
 Lunchtime we went down the beach and as the tide was in I went for a swim. OTL had found a couple of sticks and tossed them in the water for me!

It was so good to be wet all over, including my tail but I did keep it in the vertical position when swimming!

Up Periscope!
 Of course, I had fun when OTL went to pick up the stick, I waited for him to get close then had a good shake from nose to tail!

I managed to soak him a couple of times!

Start at the nose then work back to the tail!
 Further on along The Sea Wall we came across a Sprinting Spider called 'Super Sid'. He said he was in training for the Olympics and couldn't stop to chat!

Super Sid the Sprinting Spider!
 OTL spotted a fly on a flower head and the fly was covered in pollen. We didn't know flies fed on pollen, we thought it was just bees!

Licking the pollen!
Holly tried to make friends with a fisherman but he totally ignored her, even when she stood by his arm and woofed!

Oi! I'm Woofin' at You!
In the end she gave up and went of sniffing for rabbits but they had gone back to bed!

We spotted a 'Worker Bee' gathering pollen so we stopped and said 'Hello' but he didn't hang around and was soon heading off to the next tree singing his 'Buzzing Song'!

Buzz Buzz, Busy Bee, What about The Workers!
We had our Gas and Electricity meters replaced today and OTL has got a gizmo that tell him how much electricity the house is using.

He is going to be hell to live with until the novelty wears off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Daisy Has Been Suffering Today!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

You know what? We were expecting a warm sunny day today and what did we get? Clouds, Wind and I got a bad leg!

This morning we were up late 'cos Old Two Legs overslept. He kept on being woken up during the night, it was a combination of me walking over the top of him to find a soft bit of the bed to sleep on, Holly woofing to be picked up so she could find a soft bit of the bed to sleep on, Holly and I growling and snapping at each other 'cos we both wanted the same soft bit of the bed to sleep on and The Missus was snoring her head off all night long!

Of course, his ever blackening eye and the ache and the stab of pain every time it is touched, didn't help either!

We headed down to the beach and Holly and I were planning on digging a big hole for the ferrets to hide in!

Wot about over there then?
As soon as OTL saw what we were doing he said that the ferrets wanted to hunt monsters in the sea weed!

That was it! If they don't want a hole then we're off to hunt some rabbit and they can do what they want in the wet sea weed!

Mr Brambles started off by climbing up onto a big rock that was covered in sea weed. That was OK getting up 'cos he could stick his claws into the weed and climb up as if he was climbing a rope!

Look at ME! I'm at the very top!
 The problem arrived when he wanted to go down. His claws were pointing the wrong way and instead of climbing down, he started to slip down! That was it, he was back up again as quick as a flash and just sat there.

Then he had a brilliant idea!

OTL! Lift me down Pleeease?
 Miss Snowflake said that she was going to be 'Creative, just like the 'Fabulous Eileen Godwin'!

 So she set about stamping on the mud to leave her paw prints all over the place and make a pretty pattern!

I'm going to be the 'Fabulous Miss Snowflake'!
OTL told her that unless she washed off all the mud, 'The Fabulous Miss Snowflake' wouldn't get a lift back home in the car!

Mr Brambles was a bit late getting off the beach 'cos he was trying to leave his paw prints in the sand. Not so messy but the sand still got between his toes!

Hey! Wait for me!
 Back we went to the car and headed home.

When we got back my back leg, the left one, was hurting. It's a thing I get if I twist or sprain it when doing too much exercise chasing rabbits or Holly!

That was it! I crawled into OTL's arm and he gave my legs and backside a good massage which helped to ease the ache and the pain!

Then he put me on the bed, on one of our beds and TM put her Fleece over me like a blanket to keep me warm.

I had a little snooze while OTL went off delivering some stuff and Holly joined me on the bed as well, so we both had a snooze together!

When OTL got back it was lunch time and he suggested a walk was in order, I wasn't too sure, but he gave me another massage and carried me to the car. We we got out at the beach I tried a few steps and my leg seemed better, so, I very gently had a walk and a wee around our normal route!

Back home to a bowl of Doggy Scoff!

I mean, there I am with a damaged leg, hobbling along, being all big and brave, and what do I get?


I decided to go back to bed again for some more snoozing until dinner time, maybe I'll get some sympathy from OTL and a bit of his dinner

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy,  Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Another Estuary Morning!

Greetings Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

You know, sometimes The Missus and Old Two Legs leave us behind, and it's not right! Like today, they just upped and disappeared in the car, but I'll tell you more later!

First thing OTL, the ferrets and us went off to The Beach for our bit of exercise on the sand. It was a little dark to begin with but the sun was shining on the sea and OTL said it looked 'Ethereal' , what ever that is!

Ethereal? Wossat?
Mr Brambles had asked me to teach him how to Line Dance and you know me, being an expert, I was only too pleased to help!

One thing I have found out, a ferret doesn't know his left paw from his right paw!

There was I trying to teach a simple 'Step & Kick' with the right paw.

I gave up counting the number of times I showed him, look, this is your right paw!

Right Paw, Lift And Kick!
No, no, No, This is the Right Paw, Step & Kick!

This is the Right Paw!
Mr Brambles just couldn't get the fact that he was kicking with his Left Paw 'cos he was kicking the same side as me, but in mirror!

Holly started off laughing but even she got bored in the end and said that we should sing out 'Step & Kick' and not mention left or right!

Come on, Forget Left and Right, just Kick!
I must admit, in the end I was glad when OTL said we should be heading back home, it gave me a good excuse to stop teaching!

We had some fun sharing sniffs with the ferrets on the way back to the car and we introduced Mr Brambles to the 'Rat Wee' and the Vole Wee and he showed us some Grass Snake Poo!

Yep! That's Snake Poo alright!
Back home we had hardly got our noses into the food bowl when TM and OTL headed out the door, taking Both Cars with them!

About an hour later they returned with just the small car, the big car was having it's MOT!

OTL had a big bag of Bird Seed over his shoulder and a big bag of Peanuts in his hand, also for the birds!

Holly and I stood guard by the back door to make sure that no other Peregrine landed in our garden to scare the birds or attack OTL!

Lunch time we were out again and we found the Two Legs who cuts the grass charging about on a small tractor with some grass cutters on the back, Scary!

Mind your Claws Girls!
 The wind was getting up and although it wasn't cold, it was blowing the waves about a bit!

Is there a Storm Coming?
OTL stopped to have a chat with a couple of Two Legs who had a Bearded Collie on a lead. We couldn't see his eyes, so we weren't too sure if it was friendly or not, but OTL said 'Hello' and tickled it behind his ears and soon he stopped woofing at us. Mind you, Holly and I stayed well away from him, just in case!

You know it takes two hours to brush me!
He had such long hair, Holly said that she wouldn't like hair like that especially as you couldn't see where you were going!

OTL got the Ferret Travelling Cage out and set it up so the ferrets can have some time inside playing with it so they are used to it by the time we go on holiday!

Once again, off TM & OTL went and picked up the big car without us! We had to sit by the window and wait for them to come back, it was Soooo Booooring!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight but we plan to have some from each of them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Peregrine Falcon visits our garden!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We have had an exciting day today, loads of stuff going on!

First of all, last night Old Two Legs had a dream and it involved jungle and trees and Big Monsters and Small Monsters and they were all chasing OTL! He was managing to escape their murderous teeth when he ran around a corner and had to duck under tail of a Monster looking the other way!

Trouble was, OTL was still in bed and as he ducked his head, he didn't see the bedside cabinet and managed to collide with the corner of the cabinet with his eye brow!

Well, there was blood everywhere! I'd never seen anyone bleed so much! OTL had to wake The Missus up from her dreams of  'Fabulous Eileen Godwin's Fame & Fortune'  to inspect the damage, just in case he needed some stitches in it!

Luckily enough it was a 'Straight in Cut' rather than a 'Slice' and with the application of cold water and a little pressure from his hand, the blood stopped and after clearing up the mess he went back to bed!

We cuddled up to him to make him feel better and Holly even licked his hand in sympathy!

After all that, we were up late, it was half past seven before we got up, terribly late for a Sunday!

Soon we were down The Beach and when we got to the steps, there was a family already there with an English Bull Terrier who we hadn't met before, so it was 'Gently, Gently' until we decided she was just after a game!

Lilly and her Family.
 Mr Brambles just couldn't wait to get out for a run and a dig in the sand and kept on asking.........'are we there yet?'

It's getting a bit 'close' in this bag I think Snowflake needs a run!
Soon we were dashing around and Holly even found some old egg sacks and pretended it was a ball!

Back home TM was catching up with the house work, well, even the 'Fabulous Eileen Godwin' has to get back to reality sometimes!

There we were having a snooze on the sofa when there was a big 'Thump' on the door window and we all looked to see what it was all about. OTL spotted a female Peregrine Falcon perched on the rocks in the garden with a little bird in her claws! She was only there for a brief moment before flying off with the little bird.

We then saw where the impact had happened and you can see the mark where the bird had crashed into the window when the Peregrine attacked and had emptied it's bowels at the moment of impact!

You can see the mark of the feathers of the little bird and just above that you can see the mark of Peregrines feathers as well!

Pow! The End of a Bird!
Holly said that when we are in Scotland OTL has to keep a watch out for Eagles and Buzzards who may attack us and now he has to add Peregrine Falcon to the list 'cos the ferrets would make a tasty meal!

Scary or Wot!

Lunch time came and we were out again with OTL. Holly and I went off Hunting Rabbit while OTL ran around like a Headless Chicken chasing a Peacock Butterfly!

It settled for just a second!
The wind had got up a little since this morning and Holly said that if she stood in a certain direction the wind blew her whiskers up in the air!

Just look, it's done it again!
We went looking for more rabbits but as normal they had retired to bed for their afternoon snooze!

It was still a good run and we both were glad when we got back to the car, you could see it on Holly's face!

That was a good walk, now I need a snooze!
OTL has been shoving pain killer tablets down his throat 'cos his eye still hurts, but, we will give him a cuddle and try to make it better!

See you all tomorrow, we're off to take the big car for its MOT so we have got some car riding tomorrow!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Wet Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

It's us here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We were up early this morning, not that we needed to be up early but The Missus had been snoring all night long and finally the noise even woke her up!

Once she is awake she fidgets and turns over in the bed waking everyone else up and after that's done, she gets up and stomps around downstairs 'Tidying' all her card making stuff!

Today we have to take her up to the Village Hall for the 'Crop' and then we can  go off for our walk. Then we have to take the car back up to the hall and hand it over to TM so she can go off and do some demonstrations. We had a look at the web site and spotted the advert, laugh, we could hardly breath!

And last but not least the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin will be Demostrating from 1.00pm -3.00pm Memory box Stencils, inks,Blending etc....
Plus 10% off many Products..
Bargain Buckets.
Prize Draws.

It was a pity that they spelt her name wrongly, still, it's only twenty five bob to talk to her nowadays!

Holly wanted to know why there wasn't any 'Glue Slapping' in the advert!

While we could, we had some fun on the beach.

It started with Miss Snowflake complaining that some one had pinched her hole!

OK, Who's Pinched Me Hole!
Holly and I said we would dig her a new one providing she didn't try to take it over before we finished!

OK Sis, Start Digging and I'll stand guard!
Of course Miss Snowflake was getting all 'Twitchy' wanting to get into the hole to try it out for size!

Holly did her 'Guarding' and managed to keep Snowflake out of the hole, for a little while!

No! You can't have it yet!
When we finished the hole, she inspected it and was about to settle down when the rain started! That was it, she was out and heading back to the car at 'Ferret Fast' speed!

Obviously, it was Mr Brambles that held us up 'cos he is not so fast as Snowflake and as she says....

Your Brake Lights Are Broken!
Back home we had a super chicken breakfast followed by a snooze. We couldn't go out in the garden to woof at the birds 'cos it was raining, we weren't looking forward to our lunchtime walk!

Then OTL spotted a break in the weather and said that we could get a walk but it would mean we have to go at eleven fifteen and of course, we have to be back by twelve for the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin to take the car!

You would have thought that they'd sent a chauffeur driven limousine car to pick her up!

We got back in time and had to walk the last bit home through the village. OTL noticed that the church was going to be open for a 'St Georges Day' event, so he said he may come back with his camera but it means we would be left at home, not much fun there then!

While we were out on our walk OTL spotted what he thinks is an early St Marks Fly, it is supposed to arrive on St Marks Day (28th April) so this one is two days early!

Looks like a St Marks Fly.
Not satisfied with that, he spotted a snail racing along the Sea Wall and got down on his knees, well ahead and waited for it to fly past!

An English Racing Snail!
Then we found a Dandelion that had all of its seed head intact, so that just had to be photographed!

Waiting for the wind!

Back home for a snooze and a brush down with the Doggy Hair Brush!

Here we are, up at the bedroom window waiting for the Fabulous Eileen Goodwin to arrive back in the small car!

By the way, OTL fell asleep and missed the St Georges Day thing at the village church, maybe next year!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Friday, 25 April 2014

What happened to the week?

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night The Missus announced that she needed the small car to get her and all her stuff over to Maidstone to do a 'Master Class' on 'Glue Slapping' and 'Glitter Spreading'!

Not only did she want the car but she wanted it by ten to eight!

Well, that means a very early start for Old Two Legs, The Ferrets and us Doggies!

In fact, it was so early that my body clock didn't recognise it was poo'ing time  and I had to visit the garden half way through the morning, but that's another story!

We half expected the rabbits to be out chomping away on some 'Early Morning Grass' but when we arrived at the Rabbit Ground, there were no rabbits to be seen!

Obviously it was too early for them!

OK, Where are they?
Down on the beach the tide was out but also the Sea Mist was still in and we couldn't even see Sheerness Docks!

Misty or Wot?
We all had a sniff along the beach and there was a moment when Holly said 'Where is Miss Snowflake? We all had a look around but couldn't see her anywhere!

Where is she?
We started calling out to her and we heard a little voice call out 'I'm Behind Yoooo!'

It was then that Mr Brambles spotted her tail waving above the sand, but he couldn't see the rest of her!

We all ran over to where she was and discovered her down the bottom of a big hole. She tried to claim she had dug it but we knew it would have taken ages for her to dig that deep!

You Know, It ain't Too Bad!
Mr Brambles jumped in and they had a little snuggle out of the wind, until OTL called them both to 'Get a Move On' 'cos TM would be at the front door with her arms crossed and tapping her foot and scowling!

We waved 'Good Bye' to TM and went off to get some breakfast of Ox Heart. OTL started doing his work and I decided to have a snooze and let Holly woof at the Dustbin Men as they collected all the rubbish!

I had to woof at OTL half way through the morning to be let out into the garden 'cos my body clock had caught up with me!

I made sure I went where the 'Wild Flower' patch is 'cos I reckon that if we are going to have a 'Natural Wild Flower' garden then it ought to be able to survive a Doggy Poo or two!

Come lunch time we realised that we would have to go over The Farm for a walk 'cos the little car had gone and the big car was 'Too Clean' to let a couple of mucky puppies sit on the clean seats!

That was OK, it was fun sniffing the sniffs of so many of the local dogs who walk across the field!

Then, when we came back OTL found he had to go delivering and we passed the New Park on the way out and of course, we didn't pass it on the way back, we stopped!

This time we had brought a ball with us!

OTL was throwing down the path and I was running after it while Holly was looking for something to roll in!

Down at the Swimming Hole I was running in and out of the water and OTL was throwing the ball in just where I could get it, then he overdid it a bit and I got all worried and refused to go off the shelf and into deep water!

I tried and I tried to get off the shelf and all the time the ball was floating further and further away!

In the end we had to give up and let it float away!

Oh No! It's going too far away!
 While I was trying to get the ball a Wire Haired Fox Terrier arrived at the Swimming Hole and said his name was Baggins and sorry, he didn't do water!

I just don't do water at all!

I was not a Happy Puppy and it didn't help to have my sister walking behind me asking 'Have You Got The Ball?'

Got The Ball Sis?
 We would have had some fun chasing it on the way back to the car and I could have got dry as well but it ended up with me getting a towel down from OTL in the back of the car!

No Ball and now she has to have a rub down with the Doggy Towel if Mr B hasn't poo'ed on it!
Back home and TM still not back, she must  be having fun with the Glue Pot!

She is off again tomorrow for another Glue & Glitter Master Class, so we will be looking forward to some more fun with OTL, providing it doesn't rain!

Bye Bye For Now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

OTL gets a new lens & Mr Brambles leaves his mark!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Yesterday we had two parcels delivered for Old Two Legs, one was to do with work and the other was a new lens for his camera!

When we go out walking with the ferrets OTL has to take pictures without looking through the view finder, so it is more a case of 'Point and Hope'!

He has tried his other lenses and although the 12-24mm lens was good, it was heavy, and too big to handle one handed. So, he reckons that a 35mm lens will give him the magnification he needs for close'ish shots of the ferrets, more distance shots of Holly and me and the 'Landscape' shots of the sea and the shore.

Well that's the plan and this morning was his first outing with it on the little Nikon D200 camera.

Wassup 'ere?
His first shot was of Miss Snowflake doing some exploration after her breakfast of Kibble and Lactose Free Milk. She had already tried jumping up twice and twice she had fallen off!

We headed off to The Beach and OTL tried a Landscape picture of Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppy.

Good Morning Sheppy!
We got onto the beach and as OTL was getting the ferrets out of the Ferret Bag, this load of Bozo's walked past and one of them just had to ask.........Are those Ferrets?

One day OTL is going to answer back............No, they are Ninja Hedgehogs!

Bozo's R Us!
Miss Snowflake was the first out of the Ferret Bag and stood very still sniffing the sniffs on the air. 'Mmm' says Snowflake, 'I can sniff Kebab!'

Mmmm! Donna Kebab!
OTL showed Miss Snowflake the picture and she asked for another, but from the other side, just to see what is her best side.

Is this my better side?
Holly said that that Snowflakes best side was her backside 'cos it means she is going away so we are safe from being bitten!

Before  Miss Snowflake could answer, Holly found a stick and we had a good game of 'Chase The Stick' along the Sea Wall!

My Stick!
Miss Snowflake went back to sniffing the shells and said that she would 'Sort Holly Out' later!

Mmm! Sniffy Shells!

Back home OTL was hard at work so we left him to play while we had our morning snooze.

We heard him call out that he had seen a baby sparrow in the nest box, just one. It is difficult to see 'cos the nest is a real ball of mess and the camera can't show the whole nest 'cos the grass goes over the top of the nest, so all we see is a very out of focus blur with just a little bit of sparrow in between the bits of grass!

Lunchtime OTL tried to sneak out without us, fat chance!

Off we went to the town where he had some stuff to drop off, then afterwards, The New Park!

We hadn't been there for ages, they had built a Cafe with seats outside so the Two Legs can have a drink or something to eat and still keep the woofers by their sides!

We didn't stop for any food, it was the swimming hole that interested us! There was however, one small problem. We had forgotten the ball! We couldn't find a stick on the way down and there were no sticks or lost balls around the Swimming Hole!

OK, So Now What Do We Chase?
There we all were, wondering what to do when this Spaniel type just happened by with his own ball! Do you think he would share it with us?

No Way!

He went splashing in the water, and fetching it back and splashing out again and bringing it back, well it almost made us dizzy!

What was worse was the smirk on his face as he headed off back to the Cafe!

Well, if there is nothing for us to chase then we might as well have a run to dry off!

Off we went and had a run and then it was sniffs all the way back to the car!

A Super Place for Sniffing!
 Back home to have a snooze, via The Doggy Shop!!!!!!!

OTL got some Chicken Fillets and Holly and I had one each! It was super, chewing away in the back of the car, having a slurp of water from our travelling bowl, then back to the chicken fillet!

While OTL did the chauffeuring bit while we looked out the back window!

We know how to live!

So, we are looking forward to mugging OTL tonight, providing he has something we like!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

P.S. It was Mr Bramble who poo'd on OTL's towel, seems like it's called a 'Marker Poo' a bit like an Otter doing Spraints, well, they are all of the same family!