Thursday, 1 August 2013

In The Poo Again, Naturally!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, back again.

As I said yesterday, Old Two Legs was up and out early this morning, after cleaning out the Ferret House and getting them fresh water and food, plus a slurp of the Ferretone.

Now I've often wondered what was so wonderful about that stuff, so, last night, before going to bed, I went up with OTL to watch him have a little game with them and give them their bedtime slurp.

I sat there with my tongue poking out, indicating I wanted a share as well and after the ferrets, I got a couple of drops on the cap to lick off. You know, it's not too bad, mind you, I wouldn't fancy too much 'cos it makes your tongue stick to the top of your mouth!

I think I'll leave it to the ferrets in future, unless I fancy an oily slurp!

OTL was off and away early, so that left us with The Missus.

Off we went for our morning walk across The Farm, 'cos OTL had taken the car. Now, do I look like the sort of puppy that would go looking for trouble? I mean, Me?

Well TM must think so 'cos I got put on the lead and marched past the place where the horses and Bunny Rabbits were frolicking in the field together, I wasn't even allowed to join in!

It was only when we were well down the path and on the 'Home Straight' as OTL calls it, that I was let off the lead!

It's just not fair!

Well, getting close to lunch time OTL returned! Oh! Wow! Was it good to have him back! Maybe we will get a good run down on the beach and a chase after a bunny or two!

Holly and I gave him a great big 'Welcome Home Lick' and jumped around all over the place!

In turn,, we both got a good brush and some chicken for lunch!

Our afternoon walk was an effort! It was just too hot to run about and even the rabbits had stayed in their burrows!

We saw a couple of Two Legs on the beach trying to catch the rays!

Whatever Turns You On!
 Then we spotted the rubbish bin that had slid down the path and landed on the Sea Wall. Holly said that there must be a load of rubbish in there to make it slide down the hill like that!

OTL said it was just the local kids with nothing better to do than be destructive as a joke!

Holly and just couldn't see what was so funny, but, it takes all sorts!

It Takes All Sorts!
Holly found a shady spot, just under the Sea Wall and suggested that we stay there while OTL does the walking and we would wait for him to come back!

Let's Stay Here And Pretend We Are Asleep!
It was no good, OTL insisted we do our walk and also enjoy a sniff, whether we wanted to or not!

So, off we went sniffin' and snufflin' along. Holly said  it was a good job the ferrets stayed at home 'cos OTL would have had to carry them!

Do You Thing OTL Would Carry Us?
 We had to stop for a rest in the shade of the picnic tables, it was getting too tiring!

Lets wait for him to get down the hill first!
Back at the car our water bowl was full of warm water, so OTL emptied it and refilled it with fresh water.

Unfortunately, that was warm as well, so we had a couple of licks and sat in front of the Air Conditioning Vents, it was super!

Back home the only thing we could do is flop down and have a snooze and wait for the sun to go down. That's what Snowflake and Mr Brambles was doing!

Tomorrows Friday! So it won't be long until the weekend, I wonder what OTL has in mind?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles.