Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sun Shine & Sea Side!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you.

What a lovely morning it was, the sun poked it's head above the roof and lit up the office, just after six. OTL was up and paddling his way around the office on the rowing machine. Mr Brambles woke up to greet him then went back to bed, Snowflake didn't even wake up, she stayed asleep all through the noise Old Two Legs makes!

Mind you, instead of the four hundred strokes he normally does, he upped the total and finished at five hundred strokes!

I suppose that he will keep going up until he runs out of time in the morning and then he will increase the 'Drag' on the oars!

Holly and I poked our heads into the office to see him, decided it was too boring, and went back to bed!

Our run along the Sea Wall was different, this time The Missus joined us and while OTL was walking the ferrets, we headed off in the opposite direction for a faster walk than with the ferrets.

We met up a bit later and had a dig on the beach, that is Mr Brambles, Snowflake had a dig while Holly and I sniffed our way along the sea shore.

TM went off for another jog along the Sea Wall and Holly went with her but changed her mind half way along the path and ran back to OTL and me!

Back home we had Lambs Heart for breakfast and a super 'After Breakfast Snooze' in the office!

Lunch time came and we woke up in time for the Monza F1 Race, it was good but Vettel won, as usual!

In fact,we got a little bored so we bullied OTL into taking us out for another walk!

When we got down there we could see some dark clouds across the other side of the Thames!

Rain on the Horizon!
 There were some fisherman waving their rods about and making a lot of noise.

Sunday Afternoon Fishing!
 The tide was right in, so I reckon it was time I had another swim! Well, I think that soon the Autumn will get going proper like and the waves will be too big for me to go swimming!

I worried OTL into finding a bit of wood that I could swim out to and bring back to shore. Holly tried to pinch it a couple of times but there was no way I'm letting that go while the water is so warm!

Super Swimming Weather!
As normal, I got a good rub down with the towel back in the car and again when we got home.

By the way, we got to say 'Get Well Soon' to Michael who is languishing in a hospital bed  with his knee bound up. Seems like he fell over a kerb or step. Holly asked if he was doing OTL's trick of not taking enough water!

OTL and The Missus will be dropping in to see him tomorrow evening, if he hasn't been thrown out, and OTL says he may even get a photo!

We aren't allowed in the hospital so we will have to get TM to give Michael a lick on the ear for us!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.