Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sun Shine! Followed by a little Cloud!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

What a super day! We were up good and early this morning and although there was a frost on the cars and the pond was frozen, the sun was shining!

A Sunny Morning and no Wind!
Our run along The Sea Wall was great, Old Two Legs managed to lose the ball again! He threw it, I chased and it bounced into the grass. I picked it up and ran on a bit further into the grass, put it down, (as I do) and he went wandering off to look at the sea shore, forgetting all about the ball!

Wot is he Doing?
 There he was wandering down where the mud starts, looking at the sea shells and other stuff that has been washed up on the shore.

He took a picture of the 'Number 11 Steps' just to show how much of the mud had been washed away 'cos you normally would step off the wall straight onto the mud, just like wot the Wormy Men do!

There's a lot of mud gone from here!
 You know what, we didn't see any Wormy Men either, I wonder if they got washed down the beach when the storm came?

Holly and I had a game of 'Running' along the Sea Wall and Holly called it 'The Wall of Death', I don't know why but it sounded really dangerous, which it wasn't, but we had a lot of fun while OTL was messing about with the camera!'s only Death if you fall in the Mud!
Back home, OTL was having a game with Snowflake, he lets her out of the cage for a run around while he cleans it all out and makes it clean and tidy for her.

They have a game of 'Hunt the Squeaky' and then 'Murder the Cat Tease' (That's a good laugh that one is!). Then OTL gets a box down that has a load of brown paper in the box, Snowflake likes to go 'Ferreting Around' in this paper 'cos it is loud and rustles when she is scrambling around.

Well, after a while it is time for Snowflake to go back into Snowy Heights for a snooze before lunchtime, but this time she wanted to stay out a bit longer and when OTL picker her up, to show she didn't want to go back yet, she raked her teeth over his hand, which tore the skin!

Hey! Says OTL, 'Just look what you have done' he says, showing her the blood dripping from his hand, 'Mmm' says Snowflake and did it again!

She went back into Snowy Towers and straight into the 'Naughty Corner'!

Mind you, OTL was a bit daft putting his hand there again just after she had made it clear she wanted to carry on running around!

Lunch time we went out for another run along the Sea Wall but this time OTL left his camera at home and instead he has been waving the camcorder around.

Steven Spielberg he ain't!

Looking at the results was fun, the camera looked like it was wobbling all over the place and when I saw myself running along I thought it was another dog, so I did my 'Serious Woof' from behind The Missus who was sitting on the sofa!

So, we won't inflict video on you today, but later we may just offer a taste of us 'Stars', when OTL has learnt to stop shaking as he is walking along with the camera!

Must be off now as Snowflake is rattling the door to come out for her evening runabout, so I'm off!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (from the Naughty Corner!)