Thursday, 14 August 2014

I nearly get a Rabbit and Miss Snowflake gets caught out!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We had some fun first thing this morning. Holly and I got out of the car and headed off to the Rabbit Hunting Ground, and, while we waited for Old Two Legs to arrive, we did a bit of mooching around in the long grass.

All of a sudden a rabbit made a bolt for the rabbit hole on the other side of the path, we were both after it in a flash. It headed down the path, weaving from side to side, just trying to put us off but we're too clever for that!

Ahead was OTL and the ferrets, who were both on the grass, about to have a wee. The ferrets, not OTL!

OTL spotted us and the rabbit heading his way and started to wave his arms about to warn us all that the ferrets were on the ground. Well the rabbit didn't know anything about the ferrets but did a sharp left hand turn when he saw OTL jumping up and down like a Bozo!

That was it, rabbit went left, we went straight ahead, rabbit got away and ferrets escaped being run over, just!

Down on the beach Mr Brambles decided to have a game with Miss Snowflake. However she had managed to sneak back into the bag again!

Didn't see me get in did you?
Mr Brambles went off to find that plastic cup and of course, stuck his head inside and started to shout that the sun had gone!

Hey! Where's the Sun gone?
He knew he would get Miss Snowflake out of the bag to help him and in no time, there she was giving him instructions!

Hold Still! I'll get OTL to help!
When he got out he told Snowflake that you could hear the waves crashing on the shore when you stick your head in the cup. As the tide was well out, Miss Snowflake said she would try it providing Mr Brambles would stayed with her to help if she got stuck in the cup!

Yes, I can hear the sea!
Mr Brambles caught a sniff and was off, leaving Snowflake there, calling out for Brambles to take the cup  off her head.

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me or have I lost my voice?
OTL came to the rescue and soon had the cup off her head and when she found out that Mr Brambles was half way down the beach, she chased after him and told him off for leaving her!

Not that he took any notice!

We looked out to sea and OTL noticed a sort of mound in the sand with what looks like a river or stream running around it. Holly, who watches 'Time Team' says it is a Medieval Hill Fort with a moat around the outside and the whole lot had sunk into the mud.

Medieval Hill Fort, on the marshes?
OTL said that if we wanted, we had three days to sort it out!

Yeah! On yer bike OTL!

Back home we had Doggy Scoff waiting for us, YUK!

Lunch time arrived and we set off again but when we got down to the car park it had started to rain, then it got very dark and there was lightening and then thunder.

We all stayed in the car, waiting for the rain to pass.

Very Wet!
The rain came down, and then it came down some more and it got wetter and wetter!

Holly and I were up at the windscreen watching it pour down and we kept asking OTL.

Is it going to finish soon?
After a while, it went across the Thames and into Essex where Holly said that they would appreciate a bit of rain!

As we watched it go it seemed to completely cover Southend on Sea and Holly said it might be enough to wash Southend into the Sea!

Bye bye rain!
That was the last we saw of the rain and off we went for our walk along the Sea Wall.

Holly and I are making plans to give OTL a serious mugging tonight and try to get out of having to eat Doggy Scoff!

Mind you, if he gets Ham Salad then we're out of luck and he's on his own!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.