Friday, 6 November 2015

One of those Horrid Days!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April here!

Well, today has not been one of the best we have known, in fact, it has been horrid!

It started off with us being taken for our morning walk by The Missus 'cos Old Two Legs had places to go and things to do! So, when we got back home, he had gone!

Miss Snowflake missed out on her morning stroll on the beach and had to put up with an early morning Rampage around the house while OTL cleaned her living quarters!

Then it was the Page 3 Girls turn and again they didn't get a long rampage either!

We got presented with Doggy Scoff, which was Horrid!

Then off went TM out to a Master Class and left us to find our own sleeping beds!

Come lunchtime OTL came back and we got a run on the beach but there were no ferrets running with us 'cos it was windy and wet!

Ferrets don't do wet, a bit like Holly Dog!

So you can see why the walk was a bit quicker and shorter than normal!

You know what? He didn't even take his camera with him!

Back home we rushed in doors thinking TM would be back but no, she was still out having fun!

OTL gave us both a cuddle then while we were hunting for our chews, he sneaked out the front door!

That was it, we all felt like unloved woofers left at home on our own!

It wasn't until late afternoon that OTL arrived back and of course, we both made a fuss of him and he gave us a cuddle to show he missed us too!

A short while later, who should turn up? TM!

Yep, back from her day of  Glue Slapping and Glitter Tossing!

So, we are now wondering what the evening will bring 'cos there are bound to be some TL's who still have their Whizz Bangs to set light to and Holly is getting a bit concerned, will they let them off tonight or wait until tomorrow?

Sorry there are no pictures today, we will try to make up for it tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss May and Miss April.