Sunday, 18 December 2011

Foxes, Great White Egret and Doggies!

Hi Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you on a cold and wet Sunday!

We have been down to the beach this morning with Old Two Legs, who normally is too slow to catch a cold, compared to our 4X4 puppy speed!

This morning it seemed to have worked in his favour!

We leapt from the car and ran at top speed around the brambles to catch the rabbits out of their holes. Today, there were none above ground and we thought that it was 'cos it was too cold, but no, there was a better reason!

OTL sort of fell out of the car, as normal, staggered across the grass path and spotted a fox hurrying out of the brambles we had run around! It rushed across the open grass and disappeared into the bushes on the other side!

So it looks like we scared the pudding out of this fox and we didn't even know it! As it was early'ish in the morning we had our excuse!

Too early for Foxes!

We met up with Barney, the dog who's ball we stole the other day, OTL gave the ball back and we all had a game of chase.

Yo Barney!
We were having fun, until a couple of big Labradors came bounding down the hill followed by another smaller dog of unknown parentage!

Mixing with the Big Dogs!

After a while we all got on and were chasing each other and doing some 'Hello Sniffin'!

Holly and Barney had a good game of chase and Holly had learn't how to do my 'High Speed Turn' and used it on Barney.
Barney getting out of shape!
Holly did a super turn and Barney got well tangled up with his legs! A seriously out of shape puppy!

Later when we had got home, we had a meeting and decided that we would leave the Great White Egret alone today, mainly 'cos it had not been reported as being seen and on top of that, it was raining!

So, back to bed for some serious Sunday Snoozing!

Our afternoon walk was a bit cold, although the rain had stopped, it was still windy, so, no hanging about!

Holly and I were both racing along the sea wall, and of course, OTL just had to take a picture!

Boo to Holly!
Boo to Daisy!

This evening we have had our chicken dinner and had a go at mugging OTL and The Missus for some of their dinner, as you do!

So, now to settle down for a snooze and some shortbread, if OTL gets it out!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly