Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter is a Coming!

HI Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles are back with you again!

We had Chicken this morning! We are wondering if The Missus has finally got the message!

Mr Brambles was absolutely full of it this morning,  he was jumping all around the office chasing Snowflake and Old Two Legs, then he escaped from the office and went scurrying around the bedroom looking for Holly so she could have a nibble of her tail!

It was just the same when we went out for our walk, Holly and I were having a sniff and suddenly Mr Brambles dashed out from behind the hill of shells and chased after us!

Here's Mr B!
We of course have got used to him trying to play his 'Nipping Game' and of course we had our eyes open and managed to escape!

He even had a go at Snowflake but she got all 'Uppity' and chased him away! By the time she had got rid of him her tail was all up like a Bottle Brush!

Bottle Brush Butt!
Now that was fun to see!

Back home OTL started to get all his tools out and explained that he had to go out on a 'job', more Dustbin Lorries!

Now, you know OTL is a sucker for anything that looks like a Gizmo or a 'Different' way of playing with his cameras, well, he has been reading up on Infrared Photography!

So we know what's coming! Today he started 'Doing his Thing'!

Out the back window!
Now, you may not be impressed with this sort of photography but there is a plan here!

This is how the picture comes out of the camera!

Me in IR!
 So, from the picture above we can see that the sea doesn't emit infrared light but the grass looks interesting!

Holly and I had a run in the grass to show off the funny colour the plants but he was playing with the compensation setting which in the end really confused him!

You look like Mr Brambles colour!
 Next he tried a 'Sky and Grass' shot which looked like it could have some interesting tweaking on the computer!

Now, where is the Photoshop Instruction Manual?
 We will have to let him get into 'Play Mode' over the next few days and see what he can produce!

While OTL was out working, Sue and Michael dropped into see us and TM and they brought us a present, Holly and Me that is, we each had a crisp crunchy carrot!

Of course, as soon as Holly got hers I wanted to have a taste but Holly didn't like that idea and grumbled at me!

I'll get it later on tonight, when she gets up on OTL's seat for a cuddle and a snooze!

So, be prepared for OTL playing with the camera and putting up some really strange pictures!

Come on, it makes a change from Fungi!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles