Monday, 22 July 2013

The Next Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Please, no loud noises please, you see we had a super party last night and didn't get to bed until late!

Mr Brambles over did it on his 'Home Made Hooch'  and was very late in getting up today!

Snowflake asked if she could be excused the morning jog but Old Two Legs said that if he had to go then Snowflake had to go as well!

When we got back Mr Brambles was still sleeping it off!

Never Again, just leave me alone!
Holly said she had a head ache but after a while in the fresh air it cleared. I was OK, maybe 'cos I stayed off the Hooch!

Mr Brambles got up later and after a slurp of Ferretone, he said he was feeling a lot better!

OTL adjusted an old harness of Snowflakes so it would fit Mr Brambles. He said that it was a bit strange and said that Pink was just not his colour!

There is a blue one on order!

So, fitted out with his harness he had a run around the garden to see if he was bothered by the harness and lead. No problem, he was ducking and diving and ferreting all over the garden and even had a run around the pond edge and got his paws all muddy, that's 'cos he waked across the place where the birds have their bath!

OTL said that he was so pleased with Mr Brambles he would take him with us on our lunchtime walk along the Sea Wall.

Well, as you know, Mr Brambles rear right foot is not all there, one toe missing and it looks like he was born like that. When OTL put him down to have a walk his back end didn't walk like Snowflakes back end. We think he has a problem that he was born with regarding his hip.

As we aren't vets or doctors we are only guessing. However, he waddled along and enjoyed all the sniffs and also did what Snowflake did to begin with, like, walk the opposite way to the way OTL wanted to go!

So OTL had to pick him up and walk to the beach where Snowflake starts her walk.

Mr Brambles walked along the beach a bit, then headed off towards the sea. It was High Tide and all the big waves were splashing on the shore. Mr Brambles got a little damp from walking on the wet sand, sea weed and sea shells but managed to miss the waves, just!

He then headed in the right direction and came across a clump of grass that Snowflake likes to scent mark by rubbing her chin on the grass. Mr Brambles stopped and did the exact same thing!

We are not sure if he could sniff Snowflake or there was some other animal that marks that place but it was interesting to see they both did the same thing!

After that, there was no real sign he was following Snowflakes path, even when OTL pointed him in the right direction, several times!

His progress got slower and we think that he may be getting tired and hot, so OTL carried him the rest of the way back to the car where he had a drink from our bowl, just like Snowflake does, then retired to the traveling cage to drink some more from his water bottle!

So, all in all a successful trip out. Mr Brambles accepted the harness and the lead, he was very interested in all the sniffs along the way. That means he will be joining us again for our walk and if he gets to run a bit and do the whole run back to the car, we may even get Snowflake to join us, but I think Mr Brambles has got a bit of training to do first!

Since his walk, he has crashed out on the mattress and has been snoring his head off!

It's hard work being a ferret around this household!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.