Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Day in The Park

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again.

Us dogs like to sniff and taste most things at least once and some times they bite back! Holly had an upset tummy this morning and has not been feeling as lively as normal.

Still, that didn't stop her from going to the New Park with Me and Old Two Legs.

First of all we met an old crow sitting on a fence post, just watching the world go by. We saw a big Bumble Bee heading his way, both together we shouted 'Duck!' No, he said I'm a Cro--ow! as the Bumble Bee hit him!

A Bee Line for a Crow!
That made us both laugh!

We both got inside the Indian Tee Pee and went Nah! Nah! Nah! at the crow as he flew off!

Nah! Nah! Nah!
We headed on up the path towards The Guardians, they are the ones that keep a watch on the park and make notes on who is being naughty!

Up to The Guardians!
So, we both said 'Hello' as we went past and Holly said that they had a super view of all the park and even as far as the horizon.

A view to the horizon and beyond!
When we got down to the Swimming Hole, there was Micky running and splashing about, pretending he was rescuing his ball from the water.

Micky to The Rescue!
Holly said he was a strong swimmer and very fit, and I said that she fancied him really!

He's so fit!
On the way back to the car we met up with Billy, he started off by going into 'Play' mode and we walked towards him, but all of a sudden he jumped up and started to chase me! 

Wanna Play?

Why do they all want to chase me?

Well, off we went again, around in circles around OTL and around Holly, then around OTL again. I was getting a little fed up with it all. So I turned around and sort of yelped as though he had nipped me.

Then OTL crouched down to say hello to Billy, but I jumped onto his lap and as soon as Billy got near enough, I snapped at him and tried to take a lump out of his nose!

OTL told me off, sort off, then held Billy while his owner put him on a lead. 

That sorted him out for a while, no running off lead for him until I was good and gone!

Aw! I only wanted a game!
Back home for another snooze and some of OTL's lunch!

Holly said she felt a little better this afternoon, her tummy wasn't rumbling so much.

That was good 'cos OTL took us out again but this time we went to the Sea Wall for a run. When we got there we saw an enormous storm over the Essex coast, OTL thought there may even be thunder and lightening there, but we didn't hear anything.

Storm over Essex
We got back home and had our dinner, chicken and biscuits! OTL and The Missus didn't sit down to their meal at the normal time, then we heard a knocking at the door, it was Auntie Karen (one of the cat people), and we made a fuss of her with a few licks in each ear!

Best of all, she had brought us a super chew each!

That is, Holly and me, not OTL & TM!

It was a quick 'Thanks' then a rush up stairs to our Day Bed for a pleasant hour having a chew. It was the super'ist chew we've had for a long time and the best bit is, it will last us for at least five days, a real 'Super Chew'!

Holly says we should sneak it into bed tonight so we can have a gnaw after midnight when we get a little peckish!

Don't tell TM 'cos she always complains if we bring food to bed with us!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly