Friday, 18 November 2011

Blue skys and sun shine!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We have been out first thing with Old Two Legs, having our run down at the Sea Wall again. When the weather is good it's a super place for a sniff and you can get sniffs coming in from all over the area!

We saw some fishermen with their buckets and forks going off to look for worms again and OTL took a picture he calls 'Early Morning', it wasn't really, but it could be!

'Early Morning'

There were a couple of big black Labrador dogs walking along the wall and one shoved Holly off the path onto the beach. It was no big deal, Holly and me do it to each other all the time but it got the owner all apologetic and one of the dogs got a smack on the back legs!

OTL never smacks us at all 'cos we're good little girls! When we do something naughty he barks at us in a deep and loud bark he does when he is cross. So we know not to do it again.

It only seems to work with us, The Missus takes no notice of him at all!

A bit further on a five month old Labrador cross breed came bounding down the path and OTL bent down and said 'Hello' but as soon as he bent over, the Labrador stopped, turned around and ran back to its owner!

Come on, Lets Play a Game!
 It only wanted to play but it was all bouncy and jumping about, he even jumped up at OTL!

Well that was it, no one jumps up at our OTL when we're around, so both Holly and me woofed at him and I even jumped up on OTL's lap and woofed at him some more!

That sorted him out, off he went, no one messes with us!

Back home and a super snooze for most of the morning, until lunch time, then it was bully OTL to hurry up and finish his Marmite sandwich and mug of tea, so we can go down the Sea Wall again!

This time there were no doggy's except us, so, no fun and games, just a good walk full of sniffs and a chase with Holly!

After our lunch of chicken and Doggy Food, TM has started to mix it all up together, we went up to OTL's office and had an 'After Lunch Snooze'

Expert Snoozing by Experts!
This afternoon, late, around three thirty we bullied OTL into going for a walk along the Sea Wall and as we rummaged and sniffed our way up and down the beach, the sun went to bed! It got all dark half way through the sniffs!

A good excuse to stay close to OTL and get home in time for some nibbles before bed!

We are going to have an early night tonight 'cos we may be woken up by that noisy fox again! You know, last night around four in the morning we had to woof him away from the dustbins and we were so good at it that TM joined in as well, then stayed up 'cos she couldn't go back to sleep again!

We didn't mind that at all 'cos that means there's more room on the bed to have a cuddle with OTL!

Sneaky or wot!

Bye bye for now and don't forget, tomorrow is the weekend!

Happy Days!


Daisy & Holly (Fox Terrors!)