Sunday, 29 January 2017

An Overload of Cute!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back on a rather mild Sunday, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.

Down here in North Kent the temperature has got to the dizzy height of ten degrees!

Not exactly sun bathing weather but well on the way!

There was the normal quota of visitors wandering up and down the Sea Wall and we even got chased along the wall by a family who had stroked the ferrets before and wanted another stroke!

We met up with Barney II who was just Tickled Pink to say hello to Old Two Legs and get his tailed tickled!

Yo! OTL!
We got some pictures from little Izzy of her new family, she has named two of them, Major Tom and Lady Stardust. We are still waiting for the third name, wot about 'Jean Genie'?

Dead posh those names are but we didn't know Izzy was a David Bowie fan, you Little Rocker you!

This weaning lark can get complicated!

OK, Who's got the Doggy Scoff?
This is how to do cute!
Ooops! This cushion is slippy!

It's hard being super cute!

OK, let's try that again!
Well, that's it for today, super lazy, super cute and dinner is on it's way!

Now, before we go, Archie Babe has just got to stop sticking his nose and tongue into yukky stuff even if they sniff super!

That way you won't get grumbly tums!

If it carries on like this you will have to wear that muzzle every time you go out the front door, remember, that's not good for your street cred!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.