Monday, 24 October 2011

Off to The Forest Hunting Squirrels!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We have spent today looking after Old Two Legs 'cos he is still not very well. His ear still hurts but he did get at least two hours sleep last night, so we think the pills are working.

The Missus had to go out all day today so we were told to be on our best behaviour and to look after OTL.

Would we do anything else?

Well, as soon as TM left we went tearing up stairs and jumped up and down on the bed to wake him up, too much sleep is not good for a bad ear you know!

Soon we had him in the car and down to the Sea Wall, a good long walk should help to blow the cobwebs away!

Back home where we let him get on with his work for a little while and then some lunch followed by a run into town to do his deliveries and stuff.

As it was a good afternoon we decided that a trip to The Forest would be a good idea, especially as the leaves were all turning that golden colour, very pretty and OTL likes taking pictures of the trees like that.

OTL looking for squirrels!
 While he was wandering around with his eyes in the sky and tripping over the tree roots, I spotted a squirrel!

Look! Squirrels!
It was big and mean and ugly and was threatening to throw nuts at OTL, so, what is a loyal puppy supposed to do?

Protect the Master of course!

So there was Holly and me, dashing through the trees woofing those nasty old squirrels away from OTL. We chased them and Holly even tried running up the tree trunks to make them go away!

Ssh! There's one behind this tree!

The one that got away!
By the time we got back to the car we were all exhausted, us from running and OTL from just walking!

Holly, Super Squirrel Chaser and Tree Climber!
Well, he is getting old and I suppose his ear doesn't help him!

Back home for some chicken dinner and a cuddle before bed.

Now tomorrow we may go to the New Park as we haven't been there for some time and I may even get a swim, if it's not too cold!

But on the other paw, we may just go back to The Forest again for a rematch with the squirrels!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Squirrel Chasers to The Stars!)