Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Wow! What a night, there we were all getting ready for the 'Magic Hour', Old Two Legs was doing damage to his bottle of Finest Single Malt, The Missus was slurping away on her bottle of Champagne, Holly and I were well into the 'Nibbles Tray' and the Ferrets were stuffing their faces with Ferret Nibbles!

About nine thirty some Dozy Bozo Two Legs started letting off some very loud Whizz Bangs!

Of course, that set Holly off and pretty soon she was quivering and shaking and pacing up and down, not able to settle at all!

Well, we know what to expect now and by ten we were in bed cuddling up to TM while OTL had his 'Good Night Cuddle' with the ferrets before coming to bed.

So, there we all were just like the Babes in The Wood, all cuddled up with our heads under the duvet!

This morning all the Whizz Bangs had gone and OTL was up early, for the first time since he went down with the cold!

Next thing we heard was the Rowing Machine being worked by OTL. Looks like he is back on the Keep Fit and Loose Weight plan, this will be fun, especially after all the chocolate he has been stuffing down his throat over Christmas!

The ferrets woke up and saw what he was doing, both raised their eyes to the ceiling and went back to bed!

That all means we were up early and out down to the Sea Wall. Before we left home OTL said it was windy and a bit of rain in the air so he said we could wear our new coats!

Us in our Waggle Coats, looking dead cool!
 They were very warm and covered our chest as well so the wet grass landed on our coats instead of soaking our fur!

We met up with Max and Oscar who were seriously impressed and said we both looked wonderful!

You two look Good!
You know what? Even Max and Oscars owner stopped and gave us a stroke and said how smart we looked! Holly said that we must be the best looking dogs on the Sea Wall!

Just look at us getting all the attention!
The ferrets had stayed at home 'cos it's too wet out on the beach so we could have a run around and that threw up a bit of hitch with our coats!

The elastic is a bit tight under the legs innit?
 When we got back home we stayed down stairs for a woof at the birds while OTL went up stairs to do some work on the computer. The ferrets woke up and demanded they were let out of the cage for another run around the office! In the end they were whacked out and fell asleep on my sleeping cushion!

Cheeky Ferrets!

Shall we keep this bed?
 The rest of the day was horrid, it was wet and windy and not very nice. Our lunchtime walk was delayed 'cos we thought it may stop raining but in the end Holly and I couldn't hang on any longer, so, OTL took us over the field behind the houses and we did a quick wee then legged it back home as fast as we could!

So, here we are all snug and warm and ready for a snooze before dinner! Not sure what is happening tomorrow, it all depends on the rain, if it keeps raining then we will stay tucked up at home!

We must say a big thanks for all the emails and comments about our little blog and we are ticked all the way through to our tail tips that you all enjoy reading about our world!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles