Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Seriously Hot Day!

Hello Woofers!

We're here, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a hot day it's been! It was warm when we woke up this morning and in fact it was so hot we didn't bother having our morning cuddle with Old Two Legs, instead we just sort of rolled on the bed and went back to sleep again!

It was the ferrets rattling their cage that woke OTL up and got him out of bed to sort them out!

Down on the beach we looked across to Sheerness to see it glinting in the sun light.

Sunny Sheerness
Miss Snowflake still wanted to sniff Mr Brambles ear but he turned away and next thing he knew was a cold wet nose under his tail.

That woke him up!

Hey! That's not my ear!
We had a laugh about that and Holly called out 'Snowflake Bites Yer Butt!'

I spotted a rabbit on the horizon, well, I thought it was a rabbit and went tearing up the beach and into the bushes. OTL was not happy, I was too busy with the rabbit hunting to bother with his whistling and calling.

In the end he had to tell Holly to find me while he walked behind with the ferrets in his arms.

They were wriggling around and wanted to get down, so, there was OTL surrounded with ferrets and Holly pointing her nose towards me, tail up, in a bush sniffing for rabbits.

That was it, I got put on the lead and Holly got a stroke and a 'Good Girl' from OTL!

Secretly, I wasn't too worried as I was getting a bit hot and could do with a rest! A bit further up the path OTL let me off the lead with a strong warning about running away again!

So, there I was, all worn out and thirsty and collapsed on the ground when suddenly, from behind me, there was the feeling of a ferrets nose on my tail!

Snowflake Bites Yer Butt!
 I did jump!

She has got a strange fascination for sniffing tails and Holly reckons that she has spent too much time living with us and is get some 'Doggy Habits'!

Back home to a brush down and a bowl of chicken for breakfast, at last, real food!

As normal, I crashed out under OTL's desk 'cos it is the coolest place in the house. I tried the garden but it got too hot and there were too many buzzing insects!

The ferrets had a little game with OTL but soon were fast asleep, doing what a ferret does best, dream!

Little Miss Snoozy!
Around one thirty I gave OTL the old 'Shove' on the back of his chair, just to let him know it was 'Walkies' time!

Off we went and on the way we had guesses on how many Two Legs would be on the beach and how much food we could mug!

Nice tickle but no food!
 A bit further on there was a mother with a baby, so we reckon there may be some rusks at least!

It's just Formula Milk and water! Waste of time here!
 Next there was a family! Now there is bound to be food when you got Mini Two Legs 'cos they're always hungry and they may even have an ice cream!

Hello Two Legs I'm a friendly little doggy that loves you!
 They told fibs! All the food had gone and not even an ice cream or lolly! That was it, no strokes for them!

Back home to a cooling drink and a snooze in the shade until the F1 racing starts. OTL has got curry tonight, so there goes the mugging!

We will have to wait until the shortbread comes out!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.