Friday, 1 November 2013

It's Clear Up Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

After we did the blog last night, Old Two Legs got caught out trying to be too clever in the kitchen!

He had decided to have a curry and got the stuff out of storage, the curry's in the freezer, the Boil in the Bag rice is in the cupboard and the Naan Bread was in the fridge.

Now to get everything to come together he had to allow one hour for the curry to heat up in the Slow Cooker, after it had thawed out, and half an hour for the rice to cook and eight minutes for the Naan Bread to be cooked on both sides, four minutes each side.

Well, he was getting there with the rice and curry, the curry was a bit slow in heating but he just extended the rice time a little. Then he made a nice ring of rice on the plate, put the Naan Bread under the grill, and poured the curry from the pot onto the plate. Unfortunately,  either the work surface is on a slope or the plate was uneven 'cos the curry started to cascade over the edge of the plate, a bit like Niagara Falls!

So, quick as a flash, he starts scrapping the curry back towards the centre of the plate whilst at the same time, rotating the plate just in case it's the plate that's wonky!

Finally he had it all balanced on the plate and turned to flip the Naan Bread under the grill.

He opened the door and was greeted with a large burst of smoke! He had managed to cook the Naan Bread the same way that The Missus does, raw and uncooked one side and burnt black the other side!

It was a good job he bought a pack containing Two Bits of Naan Bread!

In the end Holly got a couple of bits of Naan Bread dipped in the curry sauce, I on the other paw decided that curry is not really me unless I'm starving, so I declined his offer and that's why Holly got two bits!

This morning was a bit grim, although it wasn't raining it was damp and cloudy, but that didn't stop us from going out for a walk. Snowflake came as well and although Mr Brambles said he fancied a walk as well OTL decided he should stay in until at least next Tuesday, just to make sure!

Mr Brambles was not happy about that and showed off by kicking his water bowl along the cage bottom and then he heaved his poo pot around the cage as well!

Down on the beach we found a big sheet thingy and reckoned we could dig it up and have a game but OTL said it would take us too long and even Snowflake said she would pass on this game!

Well, if we all dig together!
Snowflake was still intrigued as to why us dogs always chase sticks, so she tried out a twig on the beach and after chewing it for a bit decided that we had no sense of taste 'cos it tasted horrible! 

It's too salty!
 We had a challenge from Snowflake, she reckons she can run faster than we can, which is a bit daft really 'cos she has such short legs! However, she said she could get back to the car before us!

That was it, off we set at a trot, we were so far ahead in the first ten seconds that we stopped for a sniff and a wee. Snowflake just flew up the mountain rocks and got ahead of us, just!

Up the Mountain!
 Then we stopped for a sniff on the grass path, well we could easily catch her up and the sniff was rather good!

Getting ahead!
A bit further on we let her steam ahead 'cos we could see our old mate Barney bounding down the path!
Hello Girlie's!
We had a good chat and caught up with the news and told him some of ours and he asked to be remembered to Mr Brambles and hoped that his War Wound gets better soon. In fact we even let OTL and Snowflake get all the way down the hill before we left Barney to carry on with his walk!

Half way down the hill I caught the sniff of rabbit and did a sharp left hand turn and into the long grass, OTL whistled for us but the sniff was too strong, we just kept hunting!

OTL decided to put Snowflake in the car and come back for us 'cos once we are in 'Hunting Mode' we go sort of 'deaf' to his calling!

Well, back he came to collect us and we asked where Snowflake was, thinking she had got lost or something, 'She's back in the car' he said.

Oh No! That means we got beaten by a ferret on a running race, I don't think we will ever live that one down!

Lunchtime came and we decided to get in some running practise so we went for a jog along the Sea Wall, Holly was leading to begin with but I soon caught her up, well, I'm not going to be beaten twice in a day!

Holly's in The Lead!
It's bad enough when Mr Brambles asks if I want running lessons!

Here I come!
 We didn't see any other dogs but I spotted a Little Egret on the mud having a poke around looking for worms.

A Wormy Egret?
 You can see that it wasn't too bright but at least it wasn't raining!

It's called 'Dull and Over Cast'!
 Back home we all helped clear up the house, it's amazing just how much stuff there was to clear up and pile back in the cupboards! I found a ball I thought was lost and Mr Brambles helped Holly hide a chew for later. OTL was rushing around with the vacuum cleaner in one hand and the carpet sweeper in the other. I won't tell you where he stuck the feather duster but he was able to flick it about as he went along!

So we are almost ready to go and collect TM from 'Up North' tomorrow. The ferrets have decided to stay at home 'cos it will be a bit too far for them to travel in the travelling cage, well it's only really for transporting to and from the vets!

So, off we go now for a bit of mugging and we'll see you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake (Super Fast Flying Ferret!) and Mr Brambles (Knitting together nicely!)