Monday, 4 March 2013

We are Neglected and Ignored!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

We've got a complaint, all of us, and we want answers!

Or Else!

There we were, all loving and cuddly, that includes Snowflake as well, she hasn't tasted Old Two Legs blood for a whole twenty four hours!

I woke OTL up with a lick on top of his bald head, Holly gave him a cuddle before he got up and Snowflake licked his finger that he pressed it to the bars on Snowy Heights to say 'Good Morning'!

Then it started, phone calls, emails, more phone calls, fiddling about on the computer, more phone calls then more emails!

We got ignored!

When he finally took us out, it was sunny but a bit windy and we had to really shout to get him to throw the ball 'cos he was talking on the mobile phone!

Holly said that we shouldn't shout while he was on the phone but I said that it was to only way we could get through to him!

.......and I say we Shout!
We were making such a noise that a Ringed Plover asked us to 'Keep It Quiet' 'cos we were disturbing her breakfast!

I mean, what's more scary, a loud woofing or a big bird about to eat you?

Quiet please Girls!
So, we only got a little game of 'Chase The Ball' and before long we were back home for some late breakfast and a snooze.

We didn't see OTL all morning and when we went to see what he was doing, Snowflake said that he didn't have his mind on her normal game of 'Hunt The Toy' and it wasn't even going to be fun nipping him!

We managed to get OTL out at lunch time and it made a change to see the sun shining and the blue sky.

We stood guard at the car door looking out for any cats or woofers which is good fun 'cos when we see one we give it some really loud woofing!

'Cos we're safe inside the car!

See any Cats or Big Dopey Woofers?
Out on the mud we spotted a white 'Hard Hat' and told OTL that a Wormy Man had sunk!

Sunken Wormy Man!
Back home it was the same as this morning, OTL working and us snoozing! Snowflake got another run about chasing her squeaky toys but in the end decided to go back to bed!

So, sometimes these Two Legs are just no fun and I wouldn't mind, but too much work only makes them grumpy as well!

I hope it gets better tomorrow 'cos the big car is going in for an MOT and we may just get a run down The Forest, with The Missus as well!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake