Sunday, 1 July 2012

Things are growing in our pond!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

We have had a lazy Sunday, we got Old Two Legs up at six this morning, not for any reason, it was just that we were up doing our 'House Inspection' and thought he might like to march around the house with us!

Down on the beach, we had a problem, Holly said she had buried a chew on the beach but couldn't remember where!

I can't remember!
What a Wally!
We stopped at the Thistle Thingy and found the some bugs had set up home in the petals already!

Here be Bugs!
We spent some time in the garden with OTL having a snooze in the sun shine and mugging him for some of his 'Bacon & Mushroom Baguette' !

Then all of a sudden OTL pointed out some wriggling thing in the pond. I could hardly see it, so OTL got out his camera gear and managed the following photo's.

Here comes a floating Mozzy!

We reckon this doesn't count 'cos it had left the water and had been flying about!

A Mozzy Larvae about 9 'o' clock in the picture.
OK, but not too impressive!

Mozzy and Beetle!
We went back to the Mosquito and all of a suddenly this beetle came up to the surface and took a breath, then swam down to the bottom again!

A Butt Breathing Beetle!
Then it did it again!

Now we were amazed by the beetle taking a breath from that end of his body, well I mean, normally you just breath out from that end!

OTL says he is going to get an adaptor ring for the lens so he can fit a Polarising Filter to cut out the glare and then you can see other things that may be growing in our pond!

Well, I'll tell you this, it certainly has got our Holly all excited with anticipation!

Mmmmm Interesting, I suppose!
So, after such an exciting day like that, we are off to have a snooze before dinner!

Almost forgot, OTL took a picture of a couple of rain showers, but the picture is 12 inches long, so click on it and scan along!

Two Showers over Sheerness

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly