Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter is coming!

Hi everyone,

Daisy and Holly here again on a fine and sunny Sunday!

Old Two Legs, flushed with his success at washing the caravan yesterday decided that he would wash the cars today.

After yesterdays fun and games, he told The Missus that he was going down to B&Q to buy a new hose pipe 'cos the old one kept leaking and where he chopped off the end bits it was getting too short to reach our to the cars!

So, being a decisive sort of person, he told TM he was off to buy another one, forgetting it was Sunday and they didn't open until ten in the morning!

We set off at nine, got some fuel for the car then had at least a half hour to kill until the shop opened, so we went down The Woods!

It was great, all the leaves were growing on the branches and the birds were singing and Holly saw two large dogs jumping into a pond in the wood, chasing sticks their owners had thrown in. Holly being a friendly sort went to say 'Hello' but these doggies thought she was after their sticks and they woofed at her and chased her away!

OTL and I laughed at at her and she ran quickly back to us after getting woofed at!

Holly got a little way down the path then turned around and blew a big loud raspberry at the dogs, just to teach them a lesson!

The rest of the day was spent either sitting in the caravan watching OTL wash cars or having a chew on a carrot in the garden, well, the sun was out and what better way to spend a Sunday than resting in the garden and chewing on a carrot?

Tomorrow we are off to see The Boys, TM is doing some more baby sitting, so we will not see OTL all day and he will just have to get on with his work rather than take us for long walks!

Poor old OTL!

See you tomorrow and we will tell you what we got up to!

Bye bye for now,


Daisy & Holly