Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Today is a 'Maintenance Day'!

See Yooo Woofers!

It's McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, Mac Freddy and Eric de MacFerret again!

Well, we were going out to some small island today but the clouds rolled in this morning so we have put the visit off for another day.

Mind you, that was a good thing 'cos we have found a leak in the water system right under our bed!

The 'Spare' and 'For Washing' towels were put to good use to soak up all the water that had flowed into the carpet!

While that was all happening, we got Old Two Legs to take us out for a walk!

Now, last night when we went out we went Two Leg Spotting, this is always a good game 'cos we look out for any TL that looks like OTL and The Missus, but older!

Holly was the first to go and spotted these two wondering where the ice cream van is!

I think I'll make a card!
 Holly reckons he is a dead ringer for OTL, except that he isn't tall enough!

Mind you TM wouldn't be seen dead in those shorts, no pockets for paint brushes and pots of glitter!

Holly decided to do her famous Nose Dive into the sand while OTL and I wandered along the sea shore.

Look! It's Meeee.......Super Holly's!
 I spotted another of the Woofer Fishes, OTL calls them the Rock Salmon or Dog Fish! 

A Dead Dog Rock Salmon Fish!
 I mean, it looks nothing like a dog, for starters it has no legs!

It was a bit further on that OTL pointed out a Stone Fish and after a good sniff, Holly said it was a Rock Fish, well, if OTL can have Rock Salmon then Holly can have Rock Fish!

Rock on Bro!
 We told the ferrets about the Rock Fish and when they went out, it was their turn to hunt it, only they didn't find it 'cos most of the time they were hiding behind the logs on the beach!

No Rocker Fish Here!
Back in the caravan, OTL was taking the water pump apart together with the piping and at the same time May and Eric were ducking and diving all over the place. Miss May's favourite
is to get under the bed by squeezing in between the mattress and the wall and finally fall into the space under the bed then she rushed down to the bottom of the bed space and back out onto the carpet, around the bathroom twice, knocking over the shower gel and back up onto the bed, ready to start again!!

OTL called her several names when she dived under the towels that he was using to soak up the leaked water!

Not that she cared, she even showed Eric how to do it and they had a fine time racing around the new 'Commando Course'!

This afternoon we had a whacking great thunderstorm with big flashes of lightening and great big bags as the rain came down in bucket loads!

I was a bit nervous but Holly, who just hates big bangs cuddled up to OTL on the seat and refused to move until the storm had passed!

There was the storm, banging and crashing and what were the ferrets doing?

Snoring their little tails off!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McWendy, Mac Freddy and Eric de MacFerret again!

HEY! I've just been around the corner to where the Wi-Fi signal is better only to find the Internetty connection has failed! I mean, this is just too bad! Oh well, I think I'll go and have some dinner and wait until it all comes back again!

Look at this! It's gone nine and the Internetty has come back, do you think we would get a reduction 'cos it has been gone for so long?

No, neither do we!

See Ya Tomorrow!

Kissy Kissy!