Monday, 10 November 2014

Holly Sorts Them Out

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We've had a fun day today, it started off with both Holly and me waking Old Two Legs up, just to give him a Licky Kiss to tell we love him, even though it was four thirty in the morning!

The ferrets said that they would do that as well but were scared that if they did, The Missus might tread on them in her rush to get out of bed!

Mind you, when they are out walking in the morning Miss Snowflake does like a cuddle with OTL, just to help get her fur dry after a wash in the wet grass!

Mr Brambles very rarely does that, he is more interested in the new sniffs and trying to find the Weasels!
Mmmm, Weasel Sniffs!
Once Miss Snowflake had been thrown out of the Ferret Bag, she joined in the hunt for Weasels and decided it was really just the sniff from Mr Brambles from yesterday!

Hey! This sniffs just like you!
We met up with Max, Oscar and Bryn, then a bit later there was Barny and a Bozo Labrador, I mean, just so many dogs!

The ferrets had never been carried so much!

Lunch time we were down the beach again and OTL wouldn't let me in swimming, he said it was too cold!

Along the beach we met up with a six month old Rottweiler  who was being a bit cheeky. Holly warned him that he could get a telling of if he didn't show some respect!

Oh Yeah?
Well, that was it, up came Bozo and chased Holly and me about a bit. That was until Holly gave him a good woofing and I jumped up onto OTL's lap so I was above the Bozo , then I gave him a good woofing!

Soppy Bozo didn't know where to look!

Don't tell me off, it was just some fun!
 Well, he was soon put in his place!

Further along the beach we met up with another woofer who was a cross breed like us, but a lot bigger!

Holly, having sorted out the  Bozo Rottweiler said that she would sort out this Bozo as well!

Me, having a bit more sense, legged it up the Sea Wall and was soon sitting next to OTL!

Sorry Sis, You're on your own!
Well, after a sniff, they both parted company and Holly carried on down the beach to where his owner was sitting, you can guess what she said!

OK, that's yer Woofer sorted, now get out the Sarnies!
No luck, the TL hadn't brought any with her!

That's it, back home again for a snooze before dinner. With a bit of luck the Whizz Bangs will have all be let off by now so we should get a peaceful evening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.