Friday, 28 March 2014

OTL's Off and Snowflake gets Sneaky!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Well, today has been a rush, up early and OTL has been trying to cram a whole days work into half a day and not making much success of it!

This morning run was full of fun
Both of the ferrets were down on the sand, digging holes as normal, except... they had a MISSION!
A couple of Bozo dogs had told them that there was some TREASURE buried on the beach, so there they were, going potty, digging for Britain!  Holly and me knew the Bozo dogs were winding them up ... and we woz right!
'ere, you found any treasure yet?
Nope ... 'ave you?
Holly and I just carried on sniffin some new sniffs!
Cor! this is a really strong sniff !

 Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles gave up and went rock climbing instead.
 I heard them chatting about racing to the top of the rocks.
Mr Brambles was hoping to win but Snowflake was first by a 'nose'!
is there a prize?

Yes.. a kiss from me !
'ere rabbits... come to Daisy!
I got bored with the ferrets getting all kissy, kissy and went looking for rabbits.
I didn't find any, even though I woofed and woofed for them to come out and play with us.
Holly said that, because its Friday, they have all gone shopping for the weekend groceries.

Back home to bowls of delicious chicken for us, all lovely and warm from the oven. We love TM!!

Up in OTL's office, that sneaky Miss Snowflake had found the Ferretone and was slurping away, nicking Mr Brambles share as well as her own, cos he was crashed out, fast asleep!

He's snoring.... again!
TM took us out for a walk this afternoon. It was alright but she won't let us look for rabbits like OTL does... and he has gone and LEFT US for a couple of days... he's off on another adventure with Uncle Alun.
We wanted to go too, cos we love adventures.
TM says we can go and play with the glue pots and glitter, in the village hall,with her tomorrow, but its not the same.
Mind you, Aunty Sheila and Aunty Karen (the cat woman) will be there, with lots of other ladies... there might be SANDWICHES and CAKE! That will be worth the trip then!
I'll let you know...

Bye for now.
Daisy, Holly ( hoping for sandwiches) Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles. xx