Friday, 15 July 2011

He left us alone with The Missus!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here.

We wish to register a complaint with whoever we can. First of all, Old Two Legs didn't give us a brush this morning. Second, he went off with his camera stuff and left us alone ALL DAY LONG!

We only had TM to look after us, and it was just not the same, no adventures, no New Park, no swimming, no chasing balls.

Where did he go? Kent County Show!

He took loads of pictures of horses and stuff, feasted on Bambi Burgers and Pear Juice and played with his camera!


On a Mission!

Over that one!
Then he even had a snooze in the car before going over to see The Boys and take pictures of Tom going out on a spree with his mates, all dressed up in Dinner Suit and Cummerbund!

OTL says Tom looked dead smart and so did his mates, and they all climbed into the Stretched Hummer Limo.

Skools out for Summer!

On The Road Again!
Still, as TM is off tomorrow to her carding making, cropy thingy wottsit, we are going with OTL to the Kent County Show to eat Bambi Burgers and stuff, OR ELSE!

So, now we have that sorted out, we're off to bed!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly