Friday, 12 December 2014

A North Wind and Didn't it Rain!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

We had some wind and rain last night, it even woke Old Two Legs up, which was good 'cos he was in dream mode and he always talks in his sleep when he is dreaming, last night he was chasing delivery of some important stuff and he was not happy 'cos it had been delayed!

He does show off sometimes!

During the night the rain was bashing against the window and the wind was blowing as well. It's a good job OTL had all the trees cut down or they may have fallen on the caravan!

When it was time for our morning walk, it was still raining and OTL decided to bring our rain coats and leave the camera!

We got dressed and headed for the car, it was still raining!

When we got down to the car park, OTL put our leads on us and the ferrets and off we went. The ferrets in their carry bag, all snug and warm and Holly and me dragging our paws trying to decide if we should carry on or go back to the car.

That's why OTL put the leads on us, just so we could be dragged, protesting, behind him!

When we got to the place where we chase rabbits, the rain sort of disappeared and it was just the wind blowing.

OTL let us off the lead and we headed for the beach!

Both ferrets got out of the bag, climbed a rock, had a wee and scampered back to the bag!

They were thrown out again when we got to the grassy bit and then they headed back to the car,  sniffing the sniffs all the way back!

This morning has been spent snoozing and watching the decorator men but after a while it gets a bit boring slapping glue on the walls and sticking bits of paper on the wall as well, Holly said they should try the glitter stuff The Missus uses, at least then she won't have to spend all that time clearing it up after she has been 'Creative'!

Lunchtime it was all damp looking and we weren't sure if it was going to rain or not but when we got to the car park the clouds were flying off out to sea, just like the ship that was zoooming out to sea!

Zoom Zooom!
 The Wormy Man out on the mud was looking around for the worms but they had all gone Zoooming off!

Where's those Zoooming Worms?
 Another sight was the Curlew who was having the same problem, no worms 'cos they seemed to have zooomed off as well

This is a zoooming problem!
 Holly and I were having a game on the beach and were zooming up and down, well, everyone was doing some zooming so we decided to have a zoom as well!

Then, on The Sea Wall, there was a woofer we had seen before but couldn't remember his name! He came down onto the beach and we all had a sniff!

Holly was having a chat with him and telling him all about our coats and how warm the Flying Jackets were and how good the Rain Coats were. Seems he doesn't have a coat and he asked how he could get one.

Come on, how do I get a Coat?
 Holly told him that it was OTL who got our coats so he went over to OTL and said.......

Gissa Coat Mister?
 OTL said he should write a letter to Santa Paws and ask him to leave one under the Christmas Tree!

We all had a game on the beach and then headed back home. The wind was still blowing but the rain had gone so we didn't mind being out without our coats!

Not sure what OTL has for dinner tonight but we've got Doggy Scoff, the Classy stuff and what ever we can mug off OTL or The Missus!

Tomorrow we have got a visitor, young Maisie will be visiting so there is going to be fun on the beach while her Two Legs is at TM's Master Class slapping the Glue & Glitter about!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.