Sunday, 24 July 2011

F1 racing around the garden!

Hello Woofers,

It's us again!

We woke up this morning to some super sun shine and were so pleased we just had to share our happiness with Old Two Legs and The Missus!

Off we went upstairs and jumped onto the bed and gave them both a 'Good Morning' ear lick. OTL mumbled something about it being Sunday and five in the morning!

Funny old OTL, he does like a joke in the morning!

We had a super breakfast, TM cooked us some liver and then grated a carrot on top just to add a little colour!

She has got into this herb stuff and OTL is getting plant stuff on most of his meals now, he says it's OK but some of it starts his hay fever off!

The F1 Race was super, Hamilton won and poor old Jenson had to drop out with hydraulic problems. There were some exciting overtaking and Webber lost out on a place due to a slow wheel change!

Holly and I played at F1 racing and made up a circuit that involved going behind the sofa, through the stairs and around the garden and behind the shed!

After that OTL says 'Walk anyone?', that was it, we were in the car quicker than you could say Stirling Moss!

Off we went to the New Park and straight down to the swimming hole.

 There were loads of other doggies there, just 'cos it was a hot day, everyone wanted to go in for a swim!

A Deep Paddle for Daisy

I did my 'deep paddle' trick and Holly just had a paddle. They were all woofing and fetching balls and splashing about.

Loads of splashing

OTL decided that it was getting too busy, so off we went to the Orchard bit of the park, this is a big long path that goes around in a circle, so Holly and I called it the New Park Ring instead of the Nuremberg Ring and we played at motor racing along the path.

New Park Ring

When we came to a seat we stopped to have a 'pit stop' and catch our breath.

A quick Pit Stop

Then when we got all the way around, OTL took a picture of the winners on the Winners Podium, the only thing we didn't have was a bottle of bubbly water to splash over OTL!

Winners Podium!

Today TM has been playing with her new cooking pot and we heard her telling OTL that she was making something called 'Cockle Van' and he'd better like it or he would be in deep poo!

So we let him eat his dinner without too much mugging and we all said that TM's Cockle Van smelt wonderful and could we have some as well to mix with our doggy biscuits.

She said 'no' 'cos it was too rich to give us doggies, but OTL did manage to scrape some of the gravy into our bowls and it tasted OK mixed with our liver and carrots!

The only thing we couldn't find was the Cockles, maybe OTL finished them off before scraping the gravy into our bowls.

It wasn't until TM did a bit of plate scraping that we got some chicken, that was it, it was some sort of chicken dish.

Well, me and Holly decided that we prefer the real chicken straight from the bone, none of this fancy Cockle Van stuff thanks!

OK, we're off to bed now, got a lot to do tomorrow, you see we're starting to get ready our holiday stuff!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly