Thursday, 27 June 2019

More fun and games!

Hello Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret here again!

Last night Old Two Legs decided he would stay up and see if he can photograph the Milky Way. The area we are in is supposed to be goof for viewing the Milky Way, providing you have the conditions.

Well, he sat up until one in the morning and waited but as the stars started to appear, the heat haze settled in and there was little to see, so he went to bed, disturbing everyone in the caravan with all his clumping about!

The other lights are two boats (left) lighthouse and house on land!
 Today has been great, the sun has been burning down and Holly and I have been in and out of the river and sea all day!

This is us in the river.

And Holly has even got her paws wet almost up to her tum!
 Holly enjoyed walking up and down the riverside but didn't get a run on, more of a splosh and a paddle!

This is OK providing I don't walk too fast!
 Me, on the other paw was straight into the river chasing a stick all the way over the other side and swimming back with it!

Look! I'm wet all the way from my nose to the tip of my tail!
Of course, one of the benefits of having a beach to hand is that I can have a really good roll in the sand to dry off!

This is GoooooooooooD!
 This afternoon we headed back down to the sea for another dip and spotted this Two Legs who was all on his own not only in the sea but on the beach as well, well, until we got onto the beach as well!

All on his own having a paddle!
 Holly said he was having a walk in the water just to kick the sand up but I reckon he was just lost!

Is he doing a wee in the sea?
 Back at the caravan OTL decided to catch up on the magazines he has yet to read but it wasn't long before he fell asleep and needed to be woken up again!
You have to keep these TL on their toes!

Hey! Those of you who know Chris and her daughter Caz will be pleased to know that Caz has had her operations and the hospital is pleased with her progress and all looks good for the future!

Keep yer tail up Caz Babe, we are all thinking of you and Chrissie Babe!

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!