Sunday, 16 April 2017

He's Back! He's Back! He's Back! He's Back! He's Back! He's Back! He's Back!

Yo Woofers!

Here we are, back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Well, wot a time we have had over the last few days! Remember that Old Two Legs and Cousin Alun headed off to Scotland to visit the Culloden Battle Field just a couple of days before the 'Real Anniversary'. Well the had an eventful trip up to begin with. When they got to Stafford the car decided to break one of the ABS sensors which, as you all know, has something to do with the brakes and with no brakes, serious things can happen!

So, they pulled into Stafford and found a Mercedes centre and managed to get the car in for an emergency repair. It took about four hours to get it all done and soon they were back on the road again, with OTL's credit card a little deeper in debt!

Alun was thinking of using his credit card, but Auntie Glynis told him off, so he didn't!

She has said I can't have it!
Instead of getting to the B&B at four in the afternoon, they didn't get there until eight!

OTL and Alun decided to visit Fort George, which was just down the road and this has often been seen on the TV, so a visit was a rare treat!

It's a long walk to the Guard House!
 OTL was looking around and decided he would one day, like to return either at sunrise or sun set to capture the light against the fort walls

Now, what we need is a sunset!
 The whole fort was in very good condition 'cos it is still in use as the home of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland.

We can almost hear the Bag Pipes!
After Fort George they headed of to Culloden and had three trips around the battle field and one guided tour of the visitors centre. Two of the trips around the battle field were guided trips with the first describing the actual battle and the last telling the build up to the battle.

One of the markers where the bodies of the Jacobite's were buried.
OTL had visited the battle field about thirty years ago and had told us of the strange feeling there was as he and The Missus had walked around. However, now they have a big posh visitors centre, some of the feeling had gone and it seemed to be more of a tourist site than a War Grave, which it is.

In the battle there were only fifty of the Loyalist killed.
It was only when they had walked down to the Jacobite battle line did some of the hairs on the back of OTL's neck begin to stand up!

Jacobite battle losses were over one thousand five hundred, many more were hunted down and killed after the battle.
This is the last battle on British soil.
While all this battle field visiting and history lessons was going on, Holly and I couldn't play on the computer 'cos there was no password on the laptop. We thought that OTL had forgotten but no, it was because he was changing ISP and chose the time when he was away for it to change over and get all sorted. So, now he is back, ISP has settled in and 'POW' it's all working and even the email is there!

Yesterday OTL told us he had spent twelve hours driving, nearly seven hundred miles to get back home.

Of course, when he got in we gave him the 'Woofers Welcome' and dived into his bags to see what presents he had brought us! TM got some special 'Celtic Knot Steel Stencils' for TM and for Holly and I, we got some Smackeroos Beef strips which tasted great!

You know, even the ferrets enjoyed them as well! Well, we had to share them 'cos there wasn't too many ferret type presents in Scotland!

On the way back they came down the A1 road 'cos there was terrible traffic hold ups on the M1 and M6 which held them up but coming back the road was busy but no traffic jams!

Today we had the children and grand children visit and to collect their Easter Eggs!

Now, I'm not too much into small Two Legs, especially ones that want to chase me or keep pulling my fur. I get sort of scared and tend to woof at them, so OTL had both Holly and me under his 'Protection' and cuddled us. I must admit, I did have one 'woof' when little Megan made me jump, but, no damage, to me or Megan!

So, now OTL is back, all he wants to do is sleep! It will be an early night tonight, after a small slurp of Single Malt from the new whisky glass he purchased from Culloden Visitor Centre!

See you all tomorrow and OTL says that chocolate is not good for woofers, so we have got to stay away from the choccy eggs!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.