Saturday, 2 June 2018

OTL is getting close to paying for the hair clipping equipment!

His Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here!

You know, it has been quite muggy today, it was like that first thing this morning even though the clouds were overhead. As the day progressed the sun came out and the temperature went up as well!

We have spotted a good crop of Taddly Poles wiggling their tails all over the pond and The Missus has spotted a load of dragonfly nymph as well. I must admit, they look rather ugly!

We have loads of snails and water boatmen plus a lot of stuff we can't identify!

Last year we had a plant take root and as it grew, all the other plants in the pond got swamped out and look like they were not going to make it over winter!

Old Two Legs wasn't sure what it was but decided to do something about it. earlier this year he dug up all of the root he could find and chopped the tops of the plant where he couldn't get to the root. Of course, doing that only encouraged the plant to grow and we had new shoots poking up all over the place. So, he purchased a strong weed killer called Glyphosate Commercial Strength Weed Killer. Now this stuff is diluted the sprayed onto the leaves of the weed you are trying to get rid of.

OTL couldn't do that 'cos there were loads of other plants close, so, he purchased a bottle of this stuff  and a pack of syringes with 'Unsharp' needles. The plan is to inject the weed killer directly into the stem of the shoot and then add a squirt onto the leaves.

Well, after a week it looks like it is having effect, the weed is wilting and the leaves are turning black! 

Claws crossed we have beaten the weed this year!

Today we noticed a note in OTL's diary, 'Hair Cut and Advantix' That means that our holiday is getting close and we need our second squirt of Anti Tick stuff on our shoulders! The haircut is so that we  look super good as well when we go!

Now, when OTL decided to buy the gear so that he could cut out hair himself, he said that it wouldn't be too long before it paid for it's self considering just how much the Poodle Parlour was charging and also they were increasing the price every time we went there!

Today as he was shaving us to within a millimetre of our skin we reckoned he was actually making a profit now!

One good thing is that Holly and I will get to help OTL get a haircut and trim his beard the day before we go!

That will be fun!

We must say a big thanks to all of you who left kind messages on TM's Face Ache Page and the kind words and prayers left in the comments of our Blog. It means a lot to us that so many of you read the blog, even if you don't always make a comment.

We have been making a fuss of little Wendy and she has been out walking with us and OTL at lunchtime. OTL has been saying that because she has Freddy as a mate and they cuddled up to each other every night she should think about a trip to Harrietsham to see if there are any cuddly ferrets in need of a good home!

Wendy said she would think about it and let us know.

We are going to visit Harrietsham on Monday to drop off the donation from the Allhallows Croppers and will discuss it with Roy and Chris who run the rescue.

This morning we spotted OTL tidying up the garden close to the Grecian Urn where all the ferrets are buried and we were sure he was talking to them! Mind you, I always say hello as I pass on my way to have a wee first thing in the morning!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.