Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rain Rain and More Rain!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What a day today! Every time we stick our noses out of the door, it is raining!

We went out for our early morning wee in the garden, yes, it was raining. So it was a quick trip, out and back again as soon as possible!

When Old Two Legs took us down to the Sea Wall, guess what? Yep! It was raining!

We reckon it was so bad the ships were parked up 'cos their windscreen wipers couldn't keep all the rain off the screen!

There was one parked up, called Norman Flower and it had a deck where a helicopter could land. It also had a very big Hiab type of crane at the back, so it couldn't have been a fishing boat!

Hello Flower!
We had a run on the beach and Holly spotted some gulls having breakfast of some bread that had been thrown on the beach. Holly took one look and went steaming off to see if it was fresh. The gulls called out to each other, 'Watch Out, There is Holly!'

Watch Out! There's Holly Dog!
Seems our sister is known all over the place for her eating habits!

Beside the ships parked up on the horizon, there was one hurrying into the Medway to off load his containers, OTL reckons they may have had a Pilot on board.

Low Flying Boat!
Holly just couldn't work out why the ship wasn't flying if it had a pilot.

We were heading back to the car when this very large poodle dog came jumping all over the place. Holly got a little scared and yelped, I ran behind OTL for protection!

Behave Yourself!

Holly had a woof at it but we don't think he was having a go at us, just lacking in the social graces of saying 'Hello'!

He said that he had come from a Rescue Centre and had not been allowed out with his other owners, just a wander around the garden and he had never seen other dogs since he left his Mum and brothers.

So we gave him some tips about sniffin dogs you meet for the first time and where it is not good manners to stick your nose until you have been properly introduced!

Manners Holly!
Not that it stopped Holly if she thought she could get away with it!

The rest of the day was rain and more rain.

We went out in the afternoon and started a walk around The Forest but it got so wet we had to go back to the car.

OTL took us back to The Sea Wall but again, half way through the walk, it rained, again!

In the end we went back home, had some chicken, left over from breakfast, and went to sleep in OTL's office, well, it's nice and warm in there!

Holly has seen the tin of 'Doggy Dins' on the work surface in the kitchen, so we know what we've got for dinner tonight, YUK!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly