Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Two Legged Bozo's and We Go Rabbit Hunting!

Yo Ho Woofers!

We're back with you again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We were all out good and early this morning, Old Two Legs said that it was a little 'Chilly' and said it seemed like the first sign of Autumn!

Holly, who knows about these things said it was just a Low Pressure traversing over South East England and would soon pass!

That told him!

We met up with Bryn and the Gang and he was complaining that he wasn't let out of his owners sight this morning, that'll teach him to go chasing sniffs on his own!

We got down to the beach and OTL was getting the ferrets out of the Ferret Bag and onto the sand. There were three Two Legs on the bench having a rest after doing their morning cycling up and down the Sea Wall.

One of the Two Legs said that OTL aught to put the ferrets down the rabbit holes to kill off the rabbits 'cos there were too many of them and they were eating all the crops!

What a Bozo! As OTL pointed out, the crops grown around here were Grain and Rape and even that was a couple of miles down the road! He said that they 'Enhanced' the area and were a treat to see!

They also provided the fox population with a source of food as well!

Plus of course, a great game of 'Chase The Rabbit' for us Woofers!

We do meet some real Bozo's on our walk!
 Miss Snowflake did point out that the Working Ferrets' job is to chase the rabbits out of the holes so the Two Legs can do the 'dispatching' and she should know 'cos she was a 'Working Ferret', before she arrived in our back garden and decided to become a 'Retired Ferret'!

All this talk of working has made me tired, can I get back in the bag?
We headed back towards the car and Holly and I ran ahead 'cos I wanted to see if the rabbit I nearly caught yesterday was still around and did he want to come out to play?

Well, we hunted about all over the place, in and out of the bushes and down the path a bit but they must have gone back home for their breakfast 'cos we couldn't find any of them at all!

Holly and the ferrets got back in the car but I thought I'd hang about, just in case one popped his head out and wanted to play 'Chase'.

Me, waiting for a Rabbit!
In the end, it was only OTL who popped his head around the bush and told me to 'Get in the Car!'

Never mind, there is always lunch time!

But Lunchtime was different today. We headed off for some deliveries and of course, The Forest!

The notice on the gate said that the Heeland Coo's were in our part of the forest, so Holly and I kept a look out for them!

I Spy Heeland Coo!
 We got past them with no trouble and OTL says that they were brought in to eat all the bracken in the forest and generally tidy it all up!

Did the Coo's do All This?
 OTL explained that the forestry people had been in with a big mowing machine and cut down loads of the brambles and stuff like that. So, we're not seeing these wide open spaces because the Coo's were hungry!

OTL spotted this in the undergrowth and said that he hadn't seen any other place where this was growing. It's called 'Cuckoopint' and while it's not dangerous, it doesn't taste very nice!

OTL reckons someone planted that in the forest 'cos it's 'Not Natural'

We had a great time hunting squirrels, didn't see one at all! As we got closer to the car park Holly said she had spotted a squirrel on the path, being walked by a couple of Two Legs!


You Going Potty Girl?

When we got closer we saw it was a little four month old puppy! It was so very polite and even asked Holly not to eat her!

Please Don't eat me Miss!
Back home for some Lambs Heart and a snooze before this evening fun and games. OTL says that he might let the ferrets out for a run around, providing they wake up of course!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.