Thursday, 24 January 2013

Holly kills a snake and Snowflake gets a new bed!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly and Snowflake back with you!

It has been a terrible day for the weather but a super day for fun and new things!

First of all we went out along The Sea Wall and the wind was blowing in off the sea, so that made it a bit chilly and even the waves were looking decidedly cold as well!

Cold & Bleak again!
Holly and I were running along the beach for a change, and she spotted a plank of wood that had been washed up on the shore. 'Hey' says Holly, 'We could use this as a surf board and you could show us how good you are!'

A Super Slick Speedy Surf Board?
I told her exactly where she could store the surf board! Holly said that I was rude and I said I thought her idea was stupid 'cos it involved me and getting soaking wet and freezing cold!

Holly didn't agree...........and that's when the fight started!

Old Two Legs told us both to behave ourselves and grow up!

Back home there was a present waiting for OTL. It was a birthday present from The Missus and was wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper and a pretty ribbon around it as well!

I was going to say something about OTL and pink wrapping paper but decided that as I hadn't had my breakfast yet, I'd better keep quiet!

It was just as well I said nothing 'cos Auntie Angela had come around to play 'Glue Pots' with TM and they both wanted the pink tissue paper for their cards!

Well, OTL opened it up and inside was a round hammock type of ferret bed that you hang up in their cage and they curl up inside and fall asleep!

When OTL was fitting it in Snowflakes sleeping corner she was climbing inside it before OTL had finished hanging it!

This is Super Cool!
Snowflake was dead chuffed with the bed and said that OTL could take out the cardboard box she had been using up to date and consign it to the rubbish bin!

The bed is round and it is soft material which makes it all cuddly once she got inside. Then she found that the cushion at the bottom could be lifted up and she could sleep under the cushion and make the cushion into a sort of roof to keep out all the drafts and the lights!

Snowflake is one Happy Ferret!

Come lunch time, I got OTL out early 'cos I didn't want another late walk when it was getting dark, it makes it all dismal in the dark!
Now this is a Good Sniff!
Holly and I found some new sniffs and Holly forgot about the surf board as well 'cos just before we got to the plank, there, on the path, staying very still, was the most ginormous snake we had ever seen!

Holly did a 'woof' and when it didn't move, she did a bigger 'WOOF' but still it didn't move!

I said it might be frozen stiff because of the cold but OTL laughed and called us 'Potty Puppies' 'cos it wasn't a snake after all, it was a strip of sealant that had come out of the concrete path.

Well, it looked like a snake to us!

Once OTL told us what it was we both pretended it was a snake and we rushed up to it and grabbed it and ran up the path to throw it into the grass!

... and this is what we would do with a snake!
Back home OTL had some work to do and he was rearranging the office so that he could build an 'Adventure Playground' for Snowflake when she is let loose in the office. He started by moving the  chiller to the top of the filing cabinet and replaced it with a cardboard box with holes so Snowflake could get in and out.

Half way through that he had to stop and do some office work, which he says was 'Boring'!

Snowflake was in and out of her new bed and said it was just what she wanted for OTL's birthday! She kept sticking her nose out from under the cushion and other times just stuck her head over the top to say Sssssh! I'm trying to sleep here!
Sssssh! What does a girl have to do to get some rest?
So that's it, everyone is happy, TM and Angela sloshed the glue pot all day and OTL was busy working!

Just how it should be!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly and Snowflake (Curled up in her new bed!)