Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Another Paperwork Day!

Hello Woofers!

Back again! Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Hey! Wot a cheek some Two Legs and Bozo Woofers are really cheeky, we got down to our sandy beach this morning and there was Andy and his owner racing all about chasing a ball, well Andy was, not his owner, she just threw the ball!

I mean, wot a cheek! Still, when we got onto the beach he was put on a lead so he cold 'Have a Sniff' of Snowflake who was still waking up and not likely to take a lump out of his nose!

Mr Brambles was awake and racing about and when he spotted Andy the Bozo, he just flew over to him, ready to say 'Hello' by nipping him, as Mr B does!

Old Two Legs had tight hold of his lead and held him back (Mr B) 'cos he didn't want a 'Diplomatic Incident' especially as OTL was talking about Mr Brambles fourth place on Saturday!

In the end they got the message and left the beach to us!

Snowflake started off running along the Wall of Death and all her fur stood up, Holly called her Miss Fluffy!

Miss Fluffy On A Mission!
 Snowflake said that as she was warm she was going to ignore Holly's remark! Instead she went for a run over the rocks and she said she was being 'Spider Ferret'!

Miss Spider Ferret!
Back home OTL was planning a day of 'Paperwork', something he is always trying to put off 'cos he hates it! But, when the pile of paper starts touching the ceiling then he has to do something about it, so, busy busy OTL has been moving bits of paper from one pile to another and in and out of the filing cabinet as well!

I decided the warm spot under the desk was the best place while Holly stayed down in the lounge woofing at the birds. Both ferrets stretched out on their cushion and fell into a deep snooze that only ferrets can.

You know, when they are in a deep sleep, OTL can open the cage, pick them up and put them on the desk without them waking up! They are all floppy and fast asleep and when they do wake up they blink and mumble 'Where am I?'

I can't see that ever happening to us dogs!

It was good to read yesterdays comment from PeterC, Peccadillo all fluffy like Snowflake? Mr Brambles said that the operation on Cocoa's leg might have delayed Cocoa moulting, just like Mr B's operation did to him. Mind you, his tail fur has grown back and his shaved patch is showing signs of fur regrowth, so it won't be long and we'll all have Furry Ferrets!

I wonder if living inside the house instead of in a hutch in the garden has anything to do with it? I mean, it's always nice and warm in the house, day or night, so if you never got out in the fresh air how would your fur know when to fall out or grow again? Just think, if you got all mixed up you could have all the fur drop out and nothing grow again for ages, wot a terrible thought!

Lunch time we were down the Sea Wall again and the tide was right in, it was up to where the earth mover was playing yesterday.

Wot a Load of Wubble!
It covered all the breakwater as well, so OTL wouldn't let me go in swimming!

We came across some fishermen who hadn't caught any fish and they had even lost some of their worms they were teaching to swim!

No Fish, No Worms and No Sandwiches? Not very good are you?

A bit further along we came across one of the rubbish bins that the council have planted for these Two Legs to use. One of them was set on fire by the local idiots but the others seem to have survived.

OTL said that they were a good idea and it saved him carrying our poo bags back to the car park.

Bin There, Dun It!
By the end of the afternoon OTL had got most of the paperwork sorted and he had time to have a game with the ferrets before heading down for dinner.

It's a good job the ferrets don't mug him for his dinner 'cos between the four of us poor OTL wouldn't eat!

See you tomorrow, well we will but OTL has to go out working, again, poor lad!

Bye bye!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.