Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday and it's Sunny again!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a wonderful day today, we were out first thing and Mr Brambles insisted on sitting on Old Two Legs arm all the way down to the beach! There were times when he was looking around and sniffin' the air sniffs and then he tucked his head under OTL's chin and snuggled in to get out of the draft!

Down on the beach we all had fun digging holes and searching for sniffs!

Snowflake found a sniff again in the bush that was on the beach and had a really good roll in it. Holly was fascinated with the enthusiasm in which she showed rolling in it! Holly couldn't work out why it was so good, it sniffed just like any old bit of vegetation on the beach. Maybe it was a sniff that only a ferret could like!

Well, I don't sniff what is so great!
Miss Snowflake went climbing again on the Rock Face and said we should  take home a rock for Snowy Heights so Mr Brambles can kick it around and keep his claws nice and short!

Miss Snowflake picked out the perfect rock but unfortunately it was concreted to the ground!

I just Love this rock!
OTL said he when we got home, he would have a look at the rocks in the front garden to see if there was one suitable.

Back home it was 'Clear Up Day' and Snowy Heights was cleaned from top to bottom! That means the ferrets get let out for a rampage around the office while OTL is inside with his mop and bucket!

Well, as the ferrets were out on their own they visited every nook and cranny in the office. They were on a 'Steal and Stash' expedition.  They found several squeaky balls, a bit of rope, two pens and an old sock that had fallen down the back of the freezer!

Best of all they came upon the bottle of Ferretone, which everyone knows is a 'Ferret Favorite', they knocked it over and the cap came undone and it started to leak, one drip at a time, so, what is a ferret to do? They didn't want all that Ferretone to dribble onto the work top, so they very bravely decided to lick it up as it dripped out!

Steal and Slurp!
OTL said they were big and brave to have sat there for such a long time licking the bottle!

No, I don't believe it either!
True to his word, OTL found a rock in the front garden and after washing off the soil and stuff he put it in the bottom tray of the cage for Mr B to find when he wakes up this evening!

Lunchtime came and we were off again down to the Sea Wall, leaving the ferrets to sleep off their Ferretone Binge!

OTL took his Infrared Thingy and Holly and I chased rabbits! Now, Holly is not the best at hunting rabbits. I will sneak up to a vantage spot where I know I could see what rabbits were above ground, I'd stand there looking for any movement that would indicate there is a rabbit.

Not Holly, I get into my 'Observation Post' and start to scan the hunting ground, Holly just barges past me, knocking me sideways, and goes hammering into the hunting ground. Of course, after her entrance there is guaranteed not to be a rabbit in an area of ten miles!

Another fruitless Rabbit Chase!
 Not that I worried too much, we have never been successful in this part of the Sea Wall!

We decided to have a jog along the wall and we could see that OTL had climbed down onto the beach so he could get a 'Low Level' shot. Holly and I stayed together and let him take the photo!

Us, Doing a Jog!
After we had finished our walk, we got back into the car and headed off for home, but, we didn't get too far 'cos OTL parked up by the side of the road and got out with his camera. What was the Old Boy going to do?

It seems that he has been inspired by Micheal's pictures of churches and thought he'd have a go with the Infrared Thingy, so, here is St James, Isle of Grain.

St James, Isle of Grain
Fired up with enthusiasm, he stopped at our church which is over a thousand years old, that's a bit like OTL!

He tried two versions, the first is Infrared and some adjustment in the Channel Mixer to get the blue sky. It don't look too bad if I say so my self!

All Saints Church Allhallows
Then, flushed with success, he then does the picture in Black and White and touches it up with a bit of Sepia Tint. Not sure which one I prefer, still, it keeps him occupied!

All Saints Church Allhallows in Sepia
Well, after all that we got back home to find our meal had been prepared for us.


This is not good news, after a week of super meals with OTL where we dined on the fineness scoff, The Missus come back and it's back to Doggy Scoff! It really is not on!

Holly and I are going to withdraw our cuddles tonight, no cuddles for TM until she learns that us doggies need to be fed with real food!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (With his own rock!)