Monday, 24 March 2014

We have fun doing more Selfies!

Hi Woofers!

Us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

It was a super walk this morning, loads of fun! First of all we chased a rabbit across the Hunting Ground but it got away, well, actually, we lost it. Old Two Legs said we were going right while the rabbit was going left and by the time we had worked out what was happening, the rabbit had made it back to bed and was snoozing its whiskers off!

Miss Snowflake, flushed with the success of her pictures yesterday decided to get OTL to put on the 18mm lens instead of the 50mm one he had on yesterday. This was so that we could get everything in the frame and in focus!

This is her first attempt but as she said, I want a Selfie, so that means no OTL!
 That's the trouble with these 'Ferret Diva's' They must have everything Just So!

That's better, a Snowflake Selfie!
Down on the beach we all had a sniff around, except OTL, who has a very bad sense of smell and doesn't complain, even when Holly lets one go!

Then Holly said she was going to 'Catch Some Rays' and sat down on the sand and closed her eyes!

Because there was very little wind blowing, it felt really warm. Roll on Summer

Holly, Catching The Rays!
OTL stopped off at the trees on the way back to the car to see if the 18mm lens would do anything for the blossom.

We decided that it was pretty, but nothing to set the world alight! Mind you, it did at least tell us that Spring has arrived!

Yep! Spring is Here!
Talking of Spring Arriving, the nest box we have outside the office window keeps getting visited by a pair of sparrows. Now, this year OTL has been a bit lazy and didn't clear out all the old nesting stuff from last year, so we are not too sure if the sparrows will take up residence or they're scared off by the sniff of the last family from last year.

We will let you know what happens!

Just before the ferrets were put back for their morning snooze, we saw Miss Snowflake busy ferreting about in one of the boxes that make up their Adventure Playground.

When asked what she was doing she replied, 'Making My Own Box Camera!'

Smile and watch the ferret!
The Missus 'Hates Us' 'cos this morning we got Doggy Scoff! It's Horrid! Holly and I think she is going to starve us poor little puppies. We are drafting a letter to the RSPCDH!

(Royal Society for Protection from Cruelty to Daisy & Holly)

We are going to tell them how TM is trying to starve us!

That will teach her to look after us properly!

We need real food not this terrible stuff!

Weak with hunger, we went out for our midday walk with OTL.

First off we went to the carriers to drop off some stuff then, 'cos we were sort of close, we went to The Forrest!

It had been drying out and there were just a few muddy bits but we managed to stay out of them and keep to the dry bits! I had great fun charging through the forest, along the tree trunks and around all the trees!

Daisy on a Charge!
 We ran all over the place looking for Squirrels!

Sniffing for Squirrels!
Then we went searching for Rabbits!

A Rabbit Hunt!
We didn't even see them! They must still be in bed snoozing!

Mine you, we went tearing around a corner and ran straight into a Super Big Bozo! He didn't woof and instead stood there looking all Bozo like! He gave us a sniff then went over to OTL and the pair of them got on a treat! Bozo was doing the 'I Love OTL' bit and OTL was tickling him behind his ear!


Tarts R Us!
 We just couldn't take any more and rushed off to get a Last Sniff before OTL put our leads on!

Last sniff Sis before home!
 OTL spotted some flowers and took a picture, as he does, but he can't remember what they are called. He has been looking in his books but still hasn't identified them yet.

That's what you get when you start playing with Bozo's!

Pretty but what are they?
Back home it was still Doggy Scoff in our bowls and we thought that The Missus was going to order us some Ox Heart!

Oh well, back to serious mugging of OTL tonight, let's hope he gets some decent nosh that we enjoy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.