Wednesday, 30 November 2011

December Tomorrow!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

It has been a warmish type of day today, we were out early with The Missus across The Fields and the weather seemed quite balmy!

Back for breakfast and a brush before our 'After Breakfast Snoozette', only problem was, Old Two Legs was bashing about all over the place.

He had some orders to get manufactured and was getting into a right state what with all the wire and stuff.

Then, having finished that he was crashing and bashing about in all the cupboards and drawers looking for his Remote Shutter Release!

It appears that he has lost this vital piece of equipment and can't take pictures of fungi and insects and other beautiful stuff, like us!

So, poor old thing will have to buy another one!

We went with OTL to the carriers and afterwards guided him to the New Park. We went on a long route march all over the park, keeping off the made up paths and sticking to the grass paths amongst the trees and bushes.

At one spot we saw a big cave where OTL said that a 'Big Bad Badger' lived and at night he would come out and chase the horses in the fields!

Badgers Place
We didn't hang about!

 OTL said he liked the plant life and the way the sun shone on the young trees, so he took another picture!

Afternoon Sun.
OTL took some pictures and even found a couple of mangy looking fungi that were past their 'sell by' date!

 So he didn't take their picture!

Instead of going around in a big loop as we normally do, OTL crossed the 'Green Lane' and we we crossed the field and suddenly we were in The Forest!

What! This is a seriously long walk! I did notice that OTL was looking around the sites he was photographing fungi, but he didn't find his gizmo thingy.

No Shutter Release Gizmo Here!
We went by the 'Dog Training Area' and OTL said that as it wasn't being used, we could go in and he would teach us how to behave.

Well, we couldn't stop laughing, us, doing all that Stand, Sit, Come By, Away, and best of all 'Stay'!

We told OTL what he could do with all that rubbish!

Don't make us laugh, it hurts so much!
By the time we got back to the car we were worn out little puppies and you could tell that 'cos we slept all the way back home!

Tonight's dinner was Chicken, but we did notice that OTL has got one of TM's home made curries. OTL loves them and we get to have a small bit of Nan Bread dipped into the curry juice, just as a treat, mmmm! Super!

Hey, Tomorrow is December, so that means it is not long until Christmas and you know what that means?

Yes! A whooping great big Turkey and loads of turkey dinners for us! Holly says that we will also get other special stuff like Christmas Pud and Rawhide Chews and Doggy Treats and stuff like that.

Now TM has made us an Advent Calender and behind every door is a treat! We sneaked a sniff the other night when they were asleep and worked out that there is a small biscuit behind every door. Not the most exciting thing to offer a cute puppy like wot we are, but it's better than nothing!

At least we got an Advent Calender!

See you tomorrow, we're off to mug some shortbread from OTL!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

We're in Trouble Again!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

While we think of it, Max, pay attention, your paws are for digging holes, the other end is for attaching your tail to!

Not so cold this morning but it has been raining over night. We found out when I fancied a wee, around one thirty this morning. I jumped up and woofed at The Missus with our 'I Wanna Wee' woof.

Good old TM, she gets up and staggers down stairs, all grumbly and mumbling under her breath, then she opened the back door for me.

Hey! What? Shock, Horror!       It's raining!

Well if the sky is having a wee on the garden then I'm not going out!

Holly just barges past and has a wee on the grass, no shame that dog!

I turn around and go back to bed, I'll hang on 'till the morning thanks!

TM goes back to bed, all grumbly, that means we're in trouble again!

Old Two Legs slept all the way through it all!

After our 'early morning run' over The Fields we got back to a Lambs Heart Breakfast and Biscuits, one of our most favourite breakfasts!

Lunch time we got OTL to take us to the New Park and boy was it windy! It blew our ears inside out and our fur was pointing the wrong way!

Windy or Wot!
We were not allowed to go for a paddle in the swimming hole 'cos there were some big Labrador dogs splashing about and we didn't have our ball with us either, so we stayed good and dry!

Watching the Watchers!
We said 'Hello' to The Watchers and an old Alsatian who was passing by, but most of all we just tried beating each other up!

When we got home, Holly decided to wrap up in TM jumper thingy which was good and warm and smelt sort of comforting!

In Our Place, Warm and Safe
I just sat on the blanket!

OTL was busy for the rest of the afternoon, so we enjoyed some TV and a gentle snooze!

Dinner is almost ready, Chicken & Biscuits by the smell of it, followed by a bit of shortbread mugged from OTL!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 28 November 2011

Frosty or What!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here.

We have been doing our job (Guarding) all last night. We did our normal hourly inspection of the perimeters, keeping an eye open for possible intruders. It is a little difficult to keep in step marching up and down the stairs, so we call out numbers to help, you know, hup, two, three, four, Hup! Two, Three, Four and so on.

Holly gets all Sargent Major when we need to stop and turn around. 'Puppy Patrol, Halt! About Face, Turn! One, Two, Three, Four. Forward March, Hup, Two, Three, Four!

It's great fun but sometimes it wakes The Missus up and she has a little grumble to Old Two Legs about 'They're at it Again!'

OTL just turns over and continues sleeping, he knows the security is in good paws!

TM was up early, playing about with her cards and the glue pot, so we stopped the Guarding and went back to bed, until TM called us for our morning walk. You know, it was frosty on the cars this morning, it's the first time we've seen that this autumn, Brrrrrr, winter is on it's way!

The fields were all white with frost and the ground was a little cold on our pads but at least the mud didn't stick to our fur!

It had warmed up a little by the time we went out at lunch time, to the Sea Wall, and we nearly had a rabbit by the tail, but he just got down the rabbit hole before I could grab him. It's the closest I got in a long time!

Holly spotted a Monster swimming just off shore, it was bobbing up and down and Holly reckons it was growling as well!

OTL took a photo and when we zoomed in, we saw it was an old log!

A Real Log & Roll Monster!
Late this afternoon we decided that it was time for a run down the New Park, so a little bullying and a customer who needed shipment today meant that we got OTL moving and a run in the park, in the dark!

Now, a run at night is no bother to us bold puppies and we know just what to do, stick close to OTL!

This time we tried to be big and brave!

Along the path we saw, coming in our direction, was a flashing red light, walking slowly and stopping every so often. Holly started to grumble, then I joined in and we both had a good grumble. The light still kept coming in our direction

I started to walk towards OTL but Holly just stood there, 'Dopey Dog', I thought, what happens if it is a monster?

OTL was calling us, Holly stayed there woofing at the flashing red light, I decided to get OTL between me and the flashing light.

I reckon I'm big and brave, but not stupid!

Holly was woofing big time by now, and even had her tail sticking up straight, (That is 'Serious Holly').

Then out of the dark walked this big Old Labrador with his tongue hanging out and a silly grin on his face!

'Hello Girls!' he said ' Shall I show you the way out?'

Holly laughed, I laughed and OTL laughed and the man holding the dog lead laughed as well!

OTL says that is a good idea to have a light on us at night and said he might get us a bicycle lamp to hang on our collars and a red hurricane light tied to our tails when we go out at night!

Holly and I were not amused!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Hunting the Great White Egret!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We have been playing the Big Hunters today!

If you remember, Old Two Legs said that we were going to get up early and go off hunting the Great White Egret, we didn't get in until late last night, so, we had a little bit of a lay in and didn't get going until mid morning!

First of all we started with our normal run down on the Sea Wall which was OK 'cos it allowed us some time to hunt a rabbit or two! Then, OTL pointed out a 'Little Egret' flying past, just to show us what an Egret looked like.

This is a Little Egret!

Yes, Holly did ask the question!

As the sun was low in the sky, OTL was playing about with some 'into the sun' type of photos that were half way to a silhouette, but not quite, if you know what I mean!

Sheerness Docks
 The Puff Ball had still not got ready to 'Puff' so we left it alone and went home for some breakfast.

That gave OTL time to load the car up with all the photo gear and our bed and our chews and our water bowl full of clean water. Then we were ready to go.

Off we went to Oare, near Faversham, 'cos OTL had read on the Internet that the Great White Egret had been seen down there for the last two days. So, there was a good chance that it would still be hanging about.

OTL had to keep us on our lead as we walked all the way around the reserve because of all those 'Anti Dog' notices. I wish they would put up some 'Anti People' notices about all the paper and junk they leave on the ground!

We did our 'Sneaking Around' hunting bit, sniffing the air and sniffing at the reeds. Then looking carefully at the islands where there was a Little Egret having a snooze, but no Great White Egret!

OTL said that it was possible that the bird had gone over to Elmley RSPB site on the Isle of Sheppy, so off we went!

When we got there we remembered it was one of those 'No Dogs' sites, so we crept slowly along in the car looking out the windows. We saw Lapwings, Swans, Starlings, Redwings, Marsh Harrier and Curlew, but no Great White Egret!

Holly and I were having fun woofing at the cows by the side of the road, that was until OTL wound down the window and stopped next to a big cow who looked at us as said 'YES?'

 We didn't woof, but I did have a little growl and went back to sit next to OTL!

Disappointed, we headed back home, until we got near the Riverside Park, we could sniff it on the air, so we jumped up and down and told OTL to pull in 'cos we wanted a wee!

In we went but OTL could not find a place to park! Holly and me were distraught! We both whimpered and gave OTL a seriously sad look, then we sat down and showed off a bit. Collapsing down and pretending we were crying!

OTL said he was sorry and told us we can go to the Sea Wall before going home. Which wasn't too bad really, even if we did have to wait a bit longer!

Back home again, just in time to see the F1 racing, Jenson came third but Lewis had to stop when his car broke.

So, dinner here we come, and then maybe an early night, just to catch up with last night!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Stopped Showing Off Now)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

F1 Qualifying and OTL's Bacon & Mushroom Baguette

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly again!

What a Super Saturday! We were out with The Missus first thing for a run around The Fields, chasing each other 'cos there are no rabbits on these fields, foxes and pigeons and other doggies, but no rabbits!

It really was a little boring going around The Field, especially after our runs down at the Sea Wall, so, later this morning we had a word with OTL and let him know where we want to go next!

We got back home and had a super 'Chicken & Biscuit Breakfast', freshly cooked!

Then up to Old Two Legs office for our  'after breakfast snoozette' while OTL played around on the computer!

Our run along the Sea Wall was a bit of fun 'cos we went a different way around the bushes and there was loads of rabbit sniffs to be had and Holly said she could smell a fox as well!

I sort of half believed that 'cos I had seen a fox by the side of the road on the way down and both Holly and me had woofed at it, not that it took any notice 'cos we were in the car and the fox was creeping along the hedgerow!

When we got down to the Sea Wall the tide was right in and almost covering the Dragons Teeth, so no climbing for me!

Dragons Teeth!
Holly said that the sea was making funny gurgling sounds but it was really the sea bashing into a big pipe, so I told her it was a Sea Monster who was going to at her!

Here be Monsters!

Holly worked out what it was in the end and that's when the punch up started!

OTL found a Puff Ball fungi and was having a close look, trouble was, it was not ready to go 'Puff'

It was a 'Ball' but not old enough to go 'Puff' yet, so we will come back tomorrow and see what has happened.

It was growing by the side of the pathway and we think it may get kicked or trodden on, which will be a pity 'cos OTL really wants a Puff Ball photo!

All Ball & No Puff!
 The F1 Qualifying was fun and Button got third position on the grid for tomorrow, so, fingers crossed for some fun!

While we were watching the F1 Qualifying, OTL had a couple of Bacon & Mushroom rolls, well, he started off with two but Holly and me helped him a little bit.

He is so easy to mug!

I'm off to bed now 'cos we have got to be up early in the morning as OTL wants to go and photograph a Great White Egret at Faversham, so claws crossed for some good weather tomorrow.

Hello to Max, good to see you got another key board, or did they just run the other one under the tap!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Monster Muncher!)

Friday, 25 November 2011

Squirrel Hunting!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back again!

Friday means the food man calls, so it is one of our favourite days! Other than days when we go down to the beach to dig in the sand or maybe climb mountains or chase rabbits and foxes!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, so as normal, we went down to the Sea Wall. We started off by chasing a couple of rabbits who were having a feast on the sandwiches left by the picnickers, so we chased after them but they dived into the brambles and we didn't even get close to them!

Rabbits Gone!

The tide was out, so the fishermen were out looking for their worms, as normal.

Got any worms Mr?

 Holly and me stopped for a while watching them, just to see if they found any!

Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, came this big gangly looking doggy who came bounding up just like a Tigger!

Yahoo! It's ME Again!

Yahoo! Do yer wanna play chase? He shouted and proceeded to jump all over the place.

His owner tried calling him back but the doggy turned a deaf ear, until he heard the word 'Biscuit'! Then he was off to his owner like a shot!

When we bumped into him again, his owner said that there were some people she meets, who think the dogs name is Biscuit 'cos she keeps shouting that to get to him to come back to her!

We had a good laugh about that and Holly said that we would be called Chicken or Carrot or even Cookie!

After lunch we gave OTL a good 'Bully' so he would take us out again and we ended up at The Forest, super!

We dashed about chasing squirrels and sniffin for foxes. I chased a couple of squirrels up a tree and they sat on a branch and shouted at us in 'Squirrel language', we didn't understand what they were saying but you could tell they weren't happy!

OTL was ferreting around on the ground and found a 'blushing fungi' which makes a change from the creamy pasty ones he normally finds!

Blushing Fungi
We had a whole lambs heart each tonight, did it taste good or what! Super, super super!

Now we're off to watch Autumn Watch, last one tonight!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Snoozy Day Today!

Hi Woofers!

D&H here again.

It has been one of those lazy days today, I don't suppose the fact that we were up several times during the night for a game of 'chase' and 'hunt the chew' helped at all!

Then of course, there is our hourly 'Guard Patrol', that's when we march around the house, in line, checking everything is safe from burglars and sneaky squirrels!

Holly didn't want to get out of bed this morning and Old Two Legs had to carry her bed, with her inside it, to the office where we normally relax during the day!

She was just awake when OTL said the magic word 'Walkies'!  She staggered down the stairs yawning and bumped into the wall at the bottom of the stairs!

We went to the Sea Wall and as the tide was in, I went for a sniff around the Dragons Teeth.

The Dragons Teeth were still wet with water on the sea weed and as I went over the edge I slipped, it seemed like my legs went in different directions and I landed on my bottom! Not very dignified for a little girl like me!

I wasn't hurt and it did make OTL and Holly laugh, so I grumbled at them, but they didn't take any notice and carried on laughing!

We saw that someone had put some more flowers on the railings, don't know why they do it but it looks pretty in the early morning light!

Flowers on the railings.
A bit further on we met up with the Westie we saw yesterday, this time he was on his own and came bounding up to us and said 'Wanna Game of Chase?'

Wanna game of Chase?
 Well, I reckon I could out run him with no trouble especially on the turns, so, off we went!

A Flying Scotsman!

We ran all along the sea wall, but his owners were walking the other way and he was soon called away from us.

We ever did find out who was quickest, still, we thought we may meet him again at lunch time.

Holly and me walked off after OTL, who was still looking for fairies!

Lunch time came and after a quick mug of a bit of buttered toast we were bullying OTL for a run along the Sea Wall again!

No Rabbits, no Fairies, no other Doggies! What has happened?

We saw an old rook sitting on the breakwater and he just ignored us when we asked if he had seen anyone!

A Rook ignoring us!
I reckon he is a bit like Holly, only takes notice if he can eat it!

Then, all of a sudden there was a face we recognised, it was one of the lads from yesterday!

I had a good look first by doing my meerkat impersonation!

Here! Wanna Buy Some Car Insurance?
I spotted Maisy, who was in the long grass looking at OTL and asking about the Fairies!

Seen any Fairies Mr?
As OTL hadn't seen any Fairies she lost interest and ran after her mates!

Back home for another snooze and then look forward to some dinner, first some of OTL's dinner, then some of The Missus's dinner, then we eat ours!

We've got this food thing sorted you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I can see the Sun Shine!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a change in the weather, the fog has gone, almost, and the sun has come out again!

We went out with The Missus this morning and had a good chase across The Fields, woofing at a Bichon Frise as we passed and running away when he woofed back!

I spent most of the morning up with Old Two Legs and Holly stayed with TM 'cos she had food and Holly is not one to miss out on the chance of a nibble of someone else's food, even mine if I'm not careful!

Every so often I would wake up and climb onto OTL's lap for a cuddle or even climb up to the back of his chair and sit on his shoulders and lick his ear!

After lunch it was a run down to the Sea Wall to chase the rabbits while OTL looks for toadstools and fairies!

Well, OTL didn't find any fairies and we missed out on the rabbits but we did meet up with a few doggies we have met before.

First of there was the Westie that was a little unsure and we ended up chasing him, for a change!


Then along came his mates and they ended up chasing us!

They're after me!

That was all OK and we took it in good heart. All of a sudden, there was the young lad who told us he was going to get 'Done'

We said 'Hello' and Holly asked 'How's it Hanging?'

'It ain't', was all we got, then he turned around and said to the Westie, 'They took away my favourite toys!'

They've taken me toys way!
That's the trouble with the young, they won't listen to good advice!

OTL did suggest that he should look hard amongst the toadstools for a Fairy and if he was a good dog, he might get three wishes, well we know what two wishes would be but he couldn't think of a third!

So, we left them to it and headed for home!

When we got back home it was a case of 'wipe your feet, turn around and off we go again.' Leaving OTL at home we were off to The Boys and to say Happy Birthday to Boss Man.

It was great fun charging around the house and having a dig in the garden. Holly showed me where she had buried an old toy, it smelt super, all muddy and damp, just like a toy should be. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring it into the house 'cos TM said it 'smelt rotten', that's her problem, no taste!

We then had a game of football with the boys and I was getting good at dribbling the ball with my front legs but it was the goal kick I couldn't get right. Holly had to spoil it, she sat on the ball and grumbled at anyone who came close!

TM has just called us for dinner, so off we go!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's Another Foggy, Foggy, Foggy, Foggy, Foggy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

What is the matter with the weather? I know it's Autumn and getting close to Winter and Christmas is five weeks away, but come on, you can have enough of fog!

We went out with The Missus this morning for our 'early walk' and for a change she took us down the Sea Wall. Holly and I were out of the car like rockets when we got there, just to chase a rabbit you understand, and we couldn't even see the brambles let alone see a rabbit!

I went off to have a sniff around, as you do, but Holly kept close to TM in case she got lost, Holly that is, not TM!

It was a good run and we spotted a Green Woodpecker on the ground having a peck at the ants nest. There was the fog horn moaning away in the fog and Holly still believes it's the ghost of the pirate ship that got wrecked hundreds of years ago, well, that's what I told her, she'll believe anything. There are times when she's a right Dimbo!

After breakfast of chicken and a good brush down by Old Two Legs, we settled down for our 'after breakfast snooze', waking only to woof at the postman!

Lunch time came and we mugged OTL for a bit of his lunch then bullied him into taking us down The Farm. We had so much fun last time that we wanted a longer walk this time.

So, off we went and as OTL was looking for fungi, we were of looking for squirrels and foxes!

Coo-eee! Foxy Foxy!
We didn't see any foxes but I did get to chase a squirrel up a tree!

It's no fun when they get away!
Trouble was, it just flew up the tree and not even Holly could climb up after it! Sneaky squirrel!

It seemed that the fog was getting thicker and Holly was getting worried about finding her way back to the car!

 Which ways home?
While we were wondering which way to go, OTL suddenly dived off the path and into the trees. I thought, 'That's My Trick'! so, Holly and I dived in after him to see what was happening!

As normal, he had found some toadstools to take a picture of, so we left him to it and had a sniff for a rabbit or a fox.

When we got back, OTL was nattering to himself, sort of, well he seemed to be talking to someone rather than to himself. We thought he had finally gone potty and Holly said we should lead him back to the car and get him home A.S.A.P. or even better, as soon as possible!

It wasn't until he got home that we took a close look at the toadstool he was photographing.

OTLs  new friend!
Now we have a problem, do we tell TM that OTL is talking to the Fairies?

Will they lock him up?

Will we be allowed out with him again!

Will he be 'away with the Fairies' on a permanent basis?

Watch this blog!

Now we're off for some dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 21 November 2011

Serious Fog!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you on a very foggy day!

When we went out this morning first thing, it was straight around to the football field. Holly decided to play a game on The Missus. She started off by sitting down in the middle of the field, watching me have a chase of the ball. When TM finally got fed up and was heading for home, Holly still sat in the middle of the field. TM called her to come and have her lead put on, Holly still sat in the middle of the field. So, TM marched over to Holly, mumbling under her breath, showing Holly the lead and indicating that we were going home.

Holly got up off her bottom, and walked away!

TM walked a little quicker after Holly, Holly walked a little quicker in the opposite direction to TM!

TM and Holly ended up getting some running exercise!

Holly thought it was great fun and said she will try it again tomorrow morning!

TM said if she does it again she can stay in the field all day and get a cold in her bottom by sitting on the wet grass!

Back for a brush and some lambs heart for breakfast, absolutely fabulous!

It was still foggy when we went out at lunch time so Old Two Legs took us down The Farm for a change. Great fun looking for foxes and squirrels and rabbits while OTL was looking for fungi and spiders webs with mist drops!

Was that a Fox?
 Normally I disappear into the forest  to hunt for stuff but this time OTL did the 'disappearing' trick and Holly and I were rushing around trying to find him!

He finally came out of a bush he had stuck his head into and asked us what we thought of his picture?

Holly said it wouldn't taste like chicken 'cos she had tried one some time back and it was pretty bland and the bones didn't even crunch!

A Tidily Tasty Spider!
In the forest, Holly was trying to spot the Wood Mice that live there, she had worked out that if she got up high enough she could pounce on them like Kestrel or a Owl!

So she started to go Whoo Whoo just like a Tawny Owl. I said that she forgot the Too-Wit and she said that I was the Twit, and that was when the fight started!

Whoo Whoo!

Whoo's a Twit then?
I left her to play owls and went off to sort out a fox I had smelt earlier.

Then she found a big fungi and OTL asked her to sit behind it, just to show how big it was, at least twelve inches across, the toadstool that is, not Holly, she is a bit bigger across the tummy!

Not Mushroom left!

It seems that OTL's messing about with a pinhole camera has caused some interest! He only did it for a laugh 'cos it was foggy out and he couldn't find any fungi to photograph. He was doing some reading about pinhole cameras and found out the first photo taken using the accepted design was back in 1850 and that pinhole cameras are still used, on satellites to photograph the sun!

OK, boring bit over, we only put that in to keep OTL happy!

Now, where is my chew?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Twit) & Holly (Whoo, Whoo!)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Foggy Foggy Day!

Hello my Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

What a surprise this morning, first of all The Missus was up and stomping about at four thirty, woke everyone up and even Old Two Legs was grumbling!

When the sun got up it could not get through the fog and we had to have our walk in the fog. Holly didn't fancy wandering around the fields 'cos she might get lost, so, Holly did what Holly does best, she sat down and refused to go any further!

TM got fed up with trying to get Holly to move, so, agreed to go back, which was what Holly wanted and we pulled TM off to the Football Field where we had a run, did our business and had a game of 'chase' before getting back for breakfast and a brush.

OTL said that we should try some experiments with the camera! Now, we thought it would be crashing about with lights and tripods and flash lights, but no! He got out the tools and drills and bits of sticky silver paper!

Well, after loads of experimenting we finally managed to make a Digital Single Lens Reflex Pin Hole Camera!

Now, this is a bit of a step backwards but OTL reckons it would work!

So here are the results:-

Camera Body Nikon D3 fitted with a Body Cap with 5mm hole drilled in the centre. Then a bit of aluminium paper stick to the inside and a small hole in the aluminium made with a small sewing needle!

10 sec .5mm hole!
We used a desk light to illuminate the batteries and scissors.

25 sec .2mm hole!
This is one of me posing in a way only I know how!

The size of the hole is a guess but is close enough!

So with this success we set off for the Sea Wall together with a tripod, we were off to photograph the Fishermen hunting worms!

We didn't find any fishermen but OTL did stop a couple walking along and told them to stay still while he took the photo!

Watch the Birdy!
Well, that seemed to impress them so we decided that he should take one of us, trouble was, we just couldn't sit still, that was until we saw a dog walking towards us, so we stayed still for a while but in the wrong direction!

Don't move!
OTL thought it would be fun trying the camera just hand held but as he got down on his knees, we thought we heard a rabbit moving in the grass, well, I was off and Holly just watched!

Was that a Rabbit?
I reckon that if he spent long enough messing about with the pinhole he might get it to focus.

We were thankful that he didn't find any fungi!

Mind you when you think about it he may save some money, camera body £3,500.00, lens £1.50 from ebay!

Now, we are off to get some dinner and maybe mug OTL for some shortbread if he gets it out, or maybe he will get the Twiglet bag out!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sunshine Saturday!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Today The Missus went off early to her 'Crop Thingy Wotsit' where they all sit around gassing and chopping bits of paper up and make a big mess all over the place!

So, off we go with Old Two Legs, he knows how to have a good time!

First of all we went down to the Sea Wall where we charged all over the Sand Hills looking for Rabbits or Pirates. Unfortunately there were none around and even the fungi had gone back to bed!

That didn't matter, we still ran up and down the hills chasing each other!

Which way now?
That was good fun and we then went onto the beach for a run along the cockle shells that have piled up on the beach.

Here's a good sniff!
We were trotting along minding our own business when we spotted the Fishermen we saw yesterday, but this time they were walking across the mud looking for their worms, so OTL took another silhouette picture, not as good as yesterdays but not too bad!

Here, Wormy Wormy!
Next we met up with a couple of Spaniel type of woofers who wanted to play but were too scared, they kept running up to us then turning around and running away saying 'Please don't eat us'!

What a pair of cowards!

Promise you won't eat us?
Holly called them a pair of softies and said that we would only eat one leg at a time, providing it was cooked properly!

That scared them and they ran off, Holly and I almost laughed our tails off!

After lunch time we decided that OTL should go out again 'cos if he stayed in he would fall asleep and bang goes our afternoon run. So, we jumped up at his chair and woofed and grumbled and generally made his life impossible.

He got the message!

Off we went to the New Park!

As soon as we got in we met up with Arthur, a 'Tea Cup' Yorkshire Terrier, he was smaller than us! That made a change!

He jumped up at OTL's leg and made a fuss of him and he tickled Arthur behind his ears and they became friends at once!

Arthur and Us!
We all had a sniff of each other so we would remember each other next time we meet.

OTL walked us along the Horse Bridle Way and suddenly fell to knees and started to fiddle with some grass and leaves, we knew exactly what he found, another blooming Toadstool!

Small and Yellow!
He had to take the picture, holding the camera in his hand as he left his tripod at home. At least he is now finding coloured ones, we're waiting for the time he finds a purple one!

As we got to the end of our walk we stopped to say 'Hello' to the 'Not Not's', not that they said hello, just the normal whistle and foot stamp!

Hello Not Not!
When we got back home we had a snooze while OTL did some work in the office. There is nothing like an afternoon snooze, except an after get up snooze, or better an after breakfast snooze and there is the after lunch snoozette or the after dinner snooze, let's face it, snoozing is just super!

Tonight we expect to have an relaxing time, cuddled up to OTL and robbing him of some shortbread!

Life is indeed good!

See you tomorrow and we may get out with OTL and his camera!


Daisy & Holly