Wednesday, 31 July 2013

It's Holiday Time but OTL is doing More Work!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, back with you again.

Poor Old Two Legs, he is being rushed off his feet and there is more rushing on the horizon!

He was out all day yesterday, he has been working all day today and on top of that, he will be out early tomorrow leaving us with The Missus again!


I bet we will be going over the Farm and I reckon she will stop me chasing rabbits and I'll bet she will have us on the lead so we can't sneak off for a private sniff or a quick 'Rabbit Hunt'!

Not like OTL, he let's us get on with our games, like this morning.

We were down to Sea Wall with Mr Brambles, mainly 'cos Snowflake was still in bed snoozing! You know, we reckon that her and Holly have one thing in common, neither of them 'Does Mornings!'

Mind you, a slurp of Ferretone will get her out of bed but then as soon as the bottle is put away, back she goes for an 'After Ferretone Snooze'!

Mornings can be Fun!
Mr Brambles is more fun on the walk 'cos he takes loads of time for really detailed sniffs, just like us. He also just loves getting wet, just like me!

Just a Little Splash This Morning!
Mind you, he doesn't go as deep as me but I have seen him swimming!

An Early Morning Dip!
 Just like us, he also enjoys a good dig in the sand and we have even seen him trying to dig up the grass!
Just a Little One to Begin With!
 We have noticed that while when walking slowly, sniffing, he still sort of 'Waddles' but when he gets a trot on he moves his back legs just like Snowflake, but no where near the Gallop she does!

We are hoping that is a good sign that a little exercise will get his legs working like they should!

Off We Go to The Next Beach!
When we got to the next beach Mr Brambles ran straight to the waters edge and dipped his claws in the water.

Hey! He called out, 'Do you want to see me climb?'

'No Thanks!' Says Holly, who was digging the biggest hole she had ever seen!

Swim or Climb?
I had found some rotting fish up the beach and while OTL was busy with Mr Brambles and Holly was head down in a sand hole, I did some serious rolling in this fish stuff!

It Really Ponged and felt all squishy across my shoulders and down my back!

It was me rolling in it that released more of the Pong and even OTL got a sniff of it!

Mind you, I was banned to the back of the car and all the windows were wound down and when we got home I got a wash All Over, from my Nose to the Very Last Hair on My Tail!

Tomorrow we will be across the Farm, maybe we can find some Horse Poo to roll in? I haven't had a Horse Poo roll in ages!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.