Saturday, 30 July 2011

A day of plans and nothing!

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again!

We got up good and early this morning, woofed Old Two Legs awake and reminded him he had to wash the car and caravan ready for the holiday.

He said that he knew that and unfortunately he could not wash the car unless he can see it and at three thirty in the morning it was still too dark to see the sea gull droppings or the car!

So we let him go back to sleep again!

When he finally woke up again it was eight thirty, nearly midday!

Trouble was, he said he didn't feel too good, it seems he has got a cold, all snotty and headache. So that put paid to the car washing etc.

While OTL was sitting in his office feeling sorry for himself, Auntie Karen arrived with all her card stuff and we ran down to say 'hello'.

She had brought us a present of a chew each and some nibbles, we like Auntie Karen, even if she does keep cats!

We spent the day lounging about and woofing at the neighbours and the birds and Buster who lives next door with his owner.

Holly tried to find a good place to hide her chew, but I always found it!

She was not a happy puppy!

So, she sat down and had a really good chew of it until it was all wet and soggy at both ends, well, even I wouldn't chew on it if it was really soggy!

OTL sort of spent the day doing nothing except drinking tea and blowing his nose!

He has said that he will have a go at the car and caravan tomorrow if he feels better, which we hope he does 'cos we don't want to go away in a dirty car, even if it was us who made it muddy inside!

See you tomorrow and don't forget the F1 racing tomorrow, Brrm Brrm!


Daisy & Holly (and Snotty OTL)!