Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We meet Darcey!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

We thought it would be a sunny day today but it was misty again when we got to the beach, not the most exciting morning run!

Another Misty Morning
After Holly's run along the Sea Wall, I decided to have a race myself. So, I raced along the beach and it was Old Two Legs that called out, 'Look! There goes a Daring Dashing Daisy Dog'!

A Dashing Daisy!
Both ferrets decided to go of hunting the 'Wet Slimy Things' that hides under the sea weed!

It's over here, I saw it!
Mr Brambles tried to get me to go in for a swim, but it was too cold for an early morning swim, even if your swimming partner is a ferret!

Come on Woofer, lets have a swim!
After getting off the beach, both ferrets continued to go hunting. The only problem they had was they didn't know just what it is they were hunting!

It's over here, I heard it sneeze!
We got back to the car and I woofed OTL to 'Get a Move On' 'cos I knew we had chicken waiting for us on our return and you just can't keep a good dog away from a chicken meal!

Come on OTL, breakfast is waiting!
Lunchtime we were on the hill path when we saw a woofer ahead of us with her Two Legs and they were playing 'Chase the Ball'

As OTL got closer they stopped playing and stood there looking at OTL who did his 'I'm a friend face' and then got greeted by the woofer!

She went up to OTL and had a sniff then OTL tickled her tail and then behind her ears and that was it, she was in love with him in twenty seconds flat.

The Tart!

We discovered that her name was Darcey and she hadn't long moved into the area and was just getting out to meet the woofers.

You know it's strange that OTL knows the names of almost all of the woofers we meet but he never bothers to find out their owners name!

You can see where his interest is!

OTL came across another Dragonfly on the bramble bush and he thinks it is a Chaser but not sure which one 'cos it flew away before he could get any closer to have a good look!

I'm a Chaser and you can't catch me!
Back home OTL was clearing up the last bits of paperwork before our holiday. He didn't get out to clean the inside of the car 'cos his back was still hurting, so that will have to wait until tomorrow!

OK, we are off to see what we can mug!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.