Monday, 23 September 2019

Real Highland Weather

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret again!

Well, we are glad to say that yesterday it poured down, in fact it was real 'Heeland Weather'! The day was spent going out for a wee, (between showers) and diving into town for a little shopping!

Today it has been much of the same. The ferrets are not happy about being kept in the caravan and not being allowed out for a splash in the sea!

Old Two Legs has allowed them out for a rampage around the caravan and Eric has been making the most out of that by tearing around the backs of the seats and racing around the caravan like it was a race track!

Now, OTL had to keep picking him up and plonking him down on the cushions while at the same time clean out the cage and on top of that he had to keep Wendy from attempting to bite his butt!

The pair were racing up and down the caravan with Wendy screaming her tail off and pretending that she was being attacked by Eric but in reality it was her wot was doing all the attacking!

Crafty little lady!

At on point she hid under the doggy towels and had a snooze while Eric took up and invitation to breakfast. OTL said that breakfast would be at nine but Eric was early, about half an hour early and of course when he went looking for the nosh, there was nothing there!

There's nuffin in here either!
Of course, when The Missus sat down to enjoy her Honey and Toast sarnies Holly and I were snuggled right up to her and were giving her the old 'Eye Ball Treatment'!

OTL still hasn't got the Milky Way yet and looking at the forecast he 'aint going to get it this side of Christmas, the forecast says that there is nothing but rain heading our way!

We reckon OTL will have the same problem as he did last visit. Angels!

The Giggle Juice he purchased, at great expense, is disappearing fast and as much as we do to catch these Angels, we haven't yet managed to grab one!

TM reckons that OTL is just too Angelic and it's him wot is doing the vanishing trick with the 'Water of Life'!

See you all tomorrow, providing we have got any good stories for you!

Luv,McDaisy, MacHolly, McWendy and Eric de MacFerret!