Friday, 26 July 2013

FFF & F1

Hi Woofers!

Guess Who? Yes! It's Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night was a bit warm again, so we were wandering about looking for a cool spot. I decided that Old Two Legs bed was a 'Good Place', so I crashed out there. Holly, on the other hand decided the lounge arm chair was 'The Place to Be' and both Mr Brambles and Snowflake crashed out on our old sleeping bed cushion and decided it was the most 'Ferret Friendly' place to be.

OTL stayed in bed, on his back and snored his head off, as normal!

We were up good and early this morning, no real reason but the temperature had dropped and we all felt lively, even the ferrets were chasing each other around!

OTL was still snoring his head off but a cold wet nose in his ear and me licking his bald head soon got him out of bed!

We took Snowflake out first thing for a run with us along the Sea Wall. As you know, Snowflake is not really into digging holes or swimming, but she does enjoy a good jog!

Normally what happens is, OTL gets her all kitted up in her harness and clips the lead on, then he carries her to the beach which is the start of her run. She used the 'Carrying Time' to wake up, have a stretch and enjoy a sniff before the 'Off'.
Wake me up when we get there!
 Mind you, it does take a couple of minutes for her to work out which way to go and make sure no one is in her way!

She says that she is getting faster now and should be called a Fast Flying Ferret! Holly says that she is just showing off 'cos OTL looks after her and picks her up if she gets tired!

Get that Dog Off The Track, FFF about to Set Off!
 She can be a right Fuss Pot sometimes!

Fast Flying Ferret Coming Through!
 Holly and I raced ahead 'cos we know that when Snowflake gets to the 'Rabbit Hunting' place we will have to be put on the lead, so a quick 'Ferret' around just to see in there are any bunnies out to play!

No Bunnies Today!
Back home we got a super bowl of freshly cooked chicken, we know it was freshly cooked 'cos it was still hot and because OTL does it, he leaves the skin on the chicken and that tastes super as well!

We spent the morning with full tummies, snoozing our heads off. OTL did a bit of work in the office then back out to the Little Car to see if he can clean it up where the lettering was. You know, he even tried spraying some WD40 on it to remove the glue!

Of course, we knew that wouldn't work, in the end he was using White Spirit and that removed the glue stuff!

Our lunch time walk was great fun,Mr Brambles came with us, even though it was a bit warm. He is good fun 'cos he loves swimming but today he decided to keep his paws dry!

Unlike me!

Me Cooling My Bits
It was super, just sloshing about in the water and as normal, Holly stayed on the  shore keeping dry!

Mr Brambles said he wouldn't come in swimming today 'cos he fancied some hole digging in the sand!

I'll pass on the swim today!
It wasn't long before we were down on the 'Hole Digging Beach' and after a quick paddle I set to digging a big hole.

Mr Brambles started to dig a hole where all the shells were, he said that his hole was called a 'Shell'ter'! Oh Yes! Very Droll!

Shell'ter from The Storm!
Holly and I were going potty with our own hole and didn't see Mr Brambles creep up on us! Just as we were both 'Tail Up, Nose Down' in the hole he came up behind and gave us both a nip on our rear legs!

That was it, we almost took off!

As soon as we were in the air, Mr Brambles dived into our hole and declared it to be Ferret Territory and told us to find another hole!!

Mr Brambles getting his own back for yesterday!
OTL was sitting on the steps laughing his ears off at the way we got out of the hole. Mr Brambles walked over and said that he was ready to go and 'Didn't he Sort Us Out'!

That's Them Sorted!
 Back home we spent the afternoon watching the F1 Practice on the TV while OTL was doing his office stuff and making phone calls!

I think we got the best idea, I mean, working is so boring!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!