Saturday, 3 March 2012

Not a Squirrel To Be Seen!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy & Holly, doing what we do best!

Being Saturday, we decided to have a lie in,  until seven, instead of getting up at five thirty, as we do during the week! Old Two Legs appreciated that, you could tell by the snoring sounds he was making!

After getting OTL all showered and dressed we went out to the Sea Wall for our morning walk. Just wandering along, minding our own business, sniffin the sniffs and leaving a few of our own, when over the hill came Barney!

Yahooooooo Girlies!

Look at Meeee! I can do the Two Legs Walk!

Look! Me doing a Two Legs!
We had a bit of a chase around and he told us he had lost his ball. So we said we would keep our eyes open for it and get OTL to look after it until we see him again.

Then he turned around and shouted, 'They've left me behind!' and in a moment he was off looking for his owners, calling back 'See you Soooon Girlies!'

Oi! They've left me behind!
That was it, he was off like a rocket chasing after them!

We carried on a bit further down the Sea Wall and had a run on the beach, well, really it's just a load of crushed shells, but we call it The Beach!

When we got home, there was Auntie Karen, (The Cat Woman), she had come around for the day to splash the glue pot around and spend all day gassing with The Missus, as they do!

You know what? Just before she was about to go home, she showed us what she had made, a box thingy for some Easter Chocs!

That was it, all day, and just one paper bag to show for it!

Is that all!
 Sorry the photo is blurred but OTL was laughing so much!

TM made a load, not cards or stuff, just mess, loads of it all over the floor, glitter, bits of paper from die punches, bits of ribbon and more glitter.

You know, she even managed to over heat the vacuum cleaner when she tried to clear it all up!

For our afternoon walk we went down to The Forest, the sunshine was great and all the squirrels were hiding! OTL saw one but we didn't, not even one!

I did some hard looking but they just seemed to be hiding where I couldn't find them!

I Looked.

Me, Looking!
......and then I Sniffed!

Me, Sniffin!
Then Holly joined in, doing her Spotting Thingy!

I spy with my eye.........nothing!
OTL was wandering around with his nose in the air looking for birds but they seemed as rare as the Squirrels! That was until he spotted four Jay's chasing each other around, so, OTL stood in front of a tree and waited, and waited, and waited some more. Of course, the birds didn't come back!

Poor OTL, he has been looking for a good shot of a Jay for years and never got near enough. He took a shot but the bird was too far away and looking the other way!

OTL's Jay
Poor OTL, he does try, maybe soon he will get a decent shot soon!

Back home to a chicken dinner and a cuddle with OTL while mugging him for his shortbread. It's a hard life being a puppy!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly