Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mid Week Fun

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again, wet and bedraggled!

I thought that Spring had arrived, but the sun has stayed in bed and the rain has just been pouring down all day.

We don't mind the rain, as long as we are in doors dry and warm and looking at the rain through the window.

It is a different thing if you have got to go out in it, just for a wee!

Old Two Legs took us out this morning, across the fields as normal. On the way there I decided I really didn't fancy a walk in the rain, so, I hung back and put on my 'please, let's go back' look. Holly said I was a wimp, OTL said I was silly, and I said I wanted to go home!

No such luck, I got dragged up to the fields, marched across loads of cold wet puddles and abandoned by both of my favourite people. I was not a happy puppy!

I mean, I'd had a wee in the garden and left a little pile for The Missus to find on the kitchen floor this morning. Why did I need to go across a wet cold field?

We got back home, OTL gave us a good rub down with a warm towel, then a brushing to make us look like little puppies again, instead of drown rats!

Breakfast was another bowl of raw lamb mince, rice and grated carrot, you should have seen us.

Straight in, up to our ears and chomping away like we had not been fed for weeks!

All you could hear was our name tags rattling on the bowl!

The morning just slipped away under a super snooze on TM & OTL's bed. You know it can't get much better than that!

OTL had a lot of work to do today, so we never got to go on an adventure, not that it worried us too much. Warm and dry is better than cold and wet!

See you tomorrow, the suns coming back, promise!