Thursday, 10 September 2015

We have been told!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here!

Now, when we left you last night we were off to a 'Meeting' to discuss the caravan storage and allocation of space.

I don't know what Old Two Legs was expecting but he was told to 'Sit Down and Listen' and, the same went for us as well!

The Missus then told us what was happening and she emphasised each point by smacking the table with her twelve inch ruler!

Scary or Wot!

We were told exactly what space we could have, if we were good, and what space TM had allocated for herself and where we couldn't go 'cos we would disturb TM's stuff!

I think we have ended up with a small cupboard where the toilet rolls are stored and that's for all us Woofers and OTL!

If all meetings are like that I'm glad I don't go to them very often!

OTL says he has 'Plans' but won't tell us just in case we get 'Interrogated' by TM!

OTL says what we don't know we can't tell!

Yeah, but it doesn't stop us getting Interrogated by TM with her twelve inch ruler!

Down on the beach this morning the sun was shining and all the clouds had been blown away!

Both Brambles and Snowflake had fun ferreting around in the rock pools and under the sea weed!

Mmmmm! An 'Interesting Sniff'!
Snowflake was in a good mood and she even offered to lick Holly's ears for her but Holly decided she wasn't that trustful of a ferret nuzzling her ears!

Look on it as a 'Wash and Go'!
Holly never got her ears washed!

Back home it was a good bowl of freshly cooked chicken while OTL was upstairs doing some last minute manufacturing before we shut up the office for a couple of weeks.

We had some fun watching May and April play fighting all around the house and chasing each other!

Now Miss April is a bit smaller than May but she was giving as good as she got! They were rolling around on the floor, grabbing hold of the scruff of each others neck. It was all in play 'cos they weren't screaming like wot they did when they got beaten up by Snowflake!

Then they went off to bed for a snooze before coming out at lunchtime.

The wind had got up and was blowing an Easterly, which is an 'On Shore' wind which makes the waves jump and crash about!

Not ideal for swimming!

Not swimming conditions!
May and April were having fun doing some earth moving by the side of the Sea Wall. OTL says it is good for them to have a dig there 'cos the digging helps keep their claws short so OTL doesn't have to trim them that often. In fact, he has not done their claws since they arrived here, however, he has done Brambles and Snowflake, they are not that into digging in the earth, just the sand on the beach, and that's not so wearing on the claws!

Another Channel Tunnel?
Down on the beach I couldn't resist a little paddle in the surf, it feels so good to get your paws wet!

Just a little paddle!
May, who is fascinated by the sea very nearly got into deep water! She didn't know the wave would come so far up the beach!

That was a near one!
We walked down the Sea Wall and OTL suggested that maybe Holly would fancy a little paddle but as Holly said..............
'In Yer Dreams Sunshine!'
So, back home to sort out our nibbles and try to get them all into a Tesco's Bag!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!