Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Short Back and Sides and a new plan for Miss April!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!

Let me tell you the latest developments in the Ferret World!

Last night, after dinner, Old Two Legs decided to go up and let the 'Page Three Girls' out of the cages for a run about in the office.

Out came Miss May first of all and then Miss April was let out of her cage.

April rushed over to Snowy Heights and was rattling the door trying to get in! Finding she was locked out, she then headed straight for Miss May and gave her a nip on the back of her neck!

May, flattened herself on the carpet, frozen to the spot and didn't move. If you looked at her you would have said that someone had pulled the plug out, she was that flat on the ground!

April then shot back to the cage and proceed to climb up the outside, stopping to look inside on every floor. OTL said that she was in 'Hunting Mode'!

Now, when April is like that there is only one outcome!

OTL said he had some thinking to do 'cos even after this short time we can see that as far as ferrets go, April is 'Antisocial'!

Pick her up, and OTL says she is a soft and cuddly ferret, even though she tries to nip him, but as he says, he expects this behaviour with a new ferret, let's face it, Snowflake must have had a pint of blood out of OTL and cost him a fortune in TCP before she settled down!

OTL didn't get Snowflake and Brambles out last night 'cos he says that he doesn't like seeing ferrets fighting and rolling about on the floor doing a 'Crocodile Death Roll' and screaming at each other!  He knows that Miss May is trying to ingratiate herself into the group and has been seen to go up to the sleeping bag and sort of Mew like a baby. The sound is like 'Sssssoup' we think it is either a challenge or  maybe a baby begging call!

So, it looks like we now have two groups, just the thing OTL didn't want!

This morning OTL let April out of her cage while he cleaned it and got rid of the poo, then filled up the food bowl and water bottles. All the time April was running around making a sort of 'Dooking' sound, but she kept on jumping up at Snowy Heights looking for Snowflake and the others. At one time April climbed half way up the cage wall just to see if she could see them but they were tucked up inside a sleeping bag and May was stretched out on the cushion!

OTL took April off the wall and put her back on the floor to explore.

At that point, OTL went off to get some breakfast and some Lactose Free Milk for the ferrets and when he came back he decided to let April have hers first, before getting the others out.

So he called, and called again, nothing. Then he started searching. He searched in all the draws, behind the boxes, then the Adventure Playground, behind the freezer, behind the camera tripods then behind the bags of ferret food and cat litter, nothing, not even a rustle of paper!

OTL started to get 'Concerned'!

It was then he looked up to the top of Snowy Heights and what did we see?

Daddy, I'm Stuck!

So, down she came but she only had a couple of licks of milk, obviously not a milk lover like Brambles!

Next it was Brambles, Snowflake and May's turn for a run around and Brambles was straight into the milk, almost up to his ears, Snowflake has a few licks then goes of inspecting the office and Miss May had a couple of licks and left the milk alone. Seems she is like her sister, only drinks water!

Next it was off to the beach for our walk. We are not taking the new ferrets with us yet 'cos they have got to get their anti distemper injections first. (They are booked in for tomorrow)!

We headed off to the beach, great fun but no water! The ferrets had fun in the grass while Holly and I were searching out all the sniffs to roll in, well, it's the 'Done Thing' to turn up to the Poodle Parlor'  smelling like a Rubbish Tip, it's the only way to get OTL's money's worth!!

Just sniff those sniffs!
We hardly had time to turn around when we got home 'cos we were straight off to the parlour for our 'Shampoo and Set'!

This is a new place 'cos the usual one was full up and I must say, they did a good job on both Holly and me and on top of that we were in and out in two hours instead of the five hours at the other place!

OTL was crying 'cos it cost him twice the amount our usual place charges!

All in all not bad!

Worth every penny?
OTL says that after we have had our haircut, Holly and I look like identical twins, on our faces any way!

Now, back to the ferrets.

OTL has made a decision!

He is going to keep the three 'Non Waring' ferrets in Snowy Heights and Miss April will have her own super cage.

She will get time to spend with her sister at play time and also when they go out for a walk at lunchtime with us woofers!

Brambles, Snowflake and Us Woofers will go out in the morning. There maybe times when Miss May will be allowed out in the mornings as well, we will have to see about that!

April has been let out of the office to have a rampage about the house but so far has stayed up stairs to raid The Missuses Card Room. I suppose in time she will discover downstairs and our food bowl, just like Brambles has done!

When we go away we will travel in separate cages and OTL plans to take two levels of Snowy Heights and the new cage he got at the Doggy Shop. It is much bigger than the travelling cage and has a 'Bedroom' for April to hide in and sleep. Actually, it's a rabbit cage so it's plenty big enough for a tiddly ferret!

That's how things stand at the moment. OTL said he didn't feel happy about him putting both ferrets on the floor knowing there would be a fight, he said it would be a bit like animal baiting and he wasn't going to have anyone hurt in his house!

Tomorrow injections and of course, there is a vet to nip, great fun!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May!